Suggestions for Monitor Shelves, Monitor Risers etc


Looking for cheaper alternatives to this sort of desk stand

There are a few options out there but they seem expensive for what they are. Id like to get my monitor up a bit and plop my laptop under it


  • You could DIY your own:

    Floating Shelf + Furniture legs

    These aluminium ones also look pretty good imo.

  • I DIY'd my own using some wood offcuts and used a L bracket from bunnings to attach the legs.

    These brackets

  • Dual monitor arms are also a good investment, and can be found quite cheaply on special or second hand. It frees up a lot of desk space and allows you to easily adjust the monitors to the correct ergonomic height - which is where your eye level is about 1/3 the way down the monitor. Most people have their monitors too low.

    • Yeah. Back in uni I had a dual arm with 1x 4k and 1x vertical 1920x1200.

      That was a few moons ago and nowadays im using a 32" 4k that I picked up super cheap from noel leeming…

      4k was an unnecessary expense back then but it was absolutely worth it… Especially at crunch time when you'd spend 14+ hours looking at it.

      • Especially at crunch time when you'd spend 14+ hours looking at it.

        Damn, that's a mad gaming session. Respect!


        • I wish it was that fun!

    • Sorry to jump on the topic but any recommendation on dual monitor arm? I suppose the one that hangs on the edge of the table is better than the stand?

      • Clamps are fine but it depends what your desk setup is like, some desks/benchtops are fixed to the wall so you can't use a clamp, and some clamps can make the desk stick out too far from the wall. For these, yes you can use a stand but that kind of defeats the purpose as it still takes up desk space. The other option is to use one that lets you bolt through a hole in the table. This can be an existing cable hole, or you can drill a new hole where you want it.

        Personally I prefer the flexibility of gas lift models like this one, although I haven't tried this specific model. Mine are a few years old now and I can't see them for sale:…

        • Thanks for the recommendation. It will likely be a same size monitor then a third (smaller) one on its stand.
          Do you recommend the Gas spring one over the standard hinge type as I see there's price difference on the gas spring type

      • Are they identically sized? If yes, then the options from PB tech are pretty good.
        If they are 2 different sizes I suggest going for independent arms.

      • I have similar one with single arm, but highly recommend it. It has been well reviewed as well.……

        • thanks. Those looks good.
          I've never bought from Amazon AU before. the North Bayou one have $28 shipping fee?
          Also what about customs, do they handle them if there are extra charges?

          • @spam: No customs under $600 I think. Not sure what the max is. Have bought lots of stuff under $500 from amazon no issues. Rather they are even faster than local shipping in some cases.

            I bought this single arm which had free shipping

            Edit: One of the dual arm has free shipping

            • +1

              @ace310: Neat. Looks good and reasonable price. On my way to order one then.


              • @spam: Just make sure the max weight for each screen is within the spec for monitors you have and they support whichever vesa mount.

                • @ace310: Thanks. Yeah, will figure out the spec on the monitor from office. Looking what's available they should all fit. .

                  Looks like they charge 15% GST instead. I got a price of AUD 60.58 delivered instead of AUD 57.95.

                  Would it be better to pay using NZ credit card or Wise card in your opinion? I'm guessing it's charged in AUD so depends on bank/Wise exchange rate?

                  • @spam: Depends on the exchange rate. Yes. GST is applied at checkout. I mostly use wise, but it really depends on what balance I have on either. As I don't get any cashback on wise, but bank card do but with higher exchange rate.

                    • @ace310: Cheers. based on my estimate my cashback if I use bank card is a whooping 53c! :)

        • They arrived last night. Assembled it and I'm pleasantly surprised with the quality. Minor pet peeve is the plastic cover for the hinge is a bit loose but it's cosmetic and not functional so not a major issue.

          • @spam: Thanks for the update. Good you liked it. Cheers.

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