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Tenda MW6 AC1200 Mesh Wi-Fi Twin Pack $89 + Shipping / $0 CC @ Computer Lounge


Not a big name brand but a good price for a basic gigabit capable mesh network. I've been running these for a while as access points off my supplied router instead of using the router functionality and they are getting the job done well for the price.

Only dual band so no dedicated wireless backhaul channel but they can be set up with wired backhaul if you have the cabking between the locations.

Generally they seem good enough to use as a cheap access points with quick handoffs between nodes for anyone after improving their wifi from a single stock router.

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  • Does anyone know if these would work with Sky Broadband (using the Sky supplied router) by chance?
    Just looking to be able to have a better internet connection out to the sleepout.
    Thanks for your time 😁

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      Are you able to share the model name or some model number off the Sky router?

      Usually these things, long as you plug an ethernet cable from the LAN1/2/3/4 port (or so) on the sky router, into one of the mesh pack twin wifis. It will be mostly plug and play.

      If you have to use Wireless Bridge mode or so, then it would get complicated and no guarantee this Tenda one can do the job.

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      I have mine plugged in to a skinny router with the tendas in access point mode. If you want to keep your existing router using this mode is much easier and avoid complications with double handling the routing.

      I lose some router functionality these offer like the guest network but it's not anything my stock router doesn't also do. It just means my 5ghz network performs well all over the house instead of starting to lose signal at the farm ends from the router.

      I definitely recommend cabling between the two of you can though, it makes them work better than when I did have a wireless node hanging off the end, nit that's the Dame for all mesh networks.

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      These dont support VLAN Tagging https://help.sky.co.nz/s/article/How-do-I-set-up-my-own-non-…
      You can bridge off your normal modem but i would reccommend waiting and getting a system that can most do except for Google Nest.

      • Thanks heaps for your help 🙂

  • Tenda aren't too bad overall. Actually did away with my own modem/router and been using the Vodafone supplied mesh units instead for the last 2 years instead..

  • Only dual band so no dedicated wireless backhaul channel but they can be set up with wired backhaul if you have the cabking between the locations.

    Isn't a wireless backhaul key to a proper performing mesh? Or is this just a manufacturer capitalising on the market demand by selling single radio repeater equipment as mesh equipment? (ignoring wired backhaul because that works with any access point)

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      Wireless backhauls not a prerequisite but is definitely a nice to have feature. Any mesh without will still work but see reduced speeds as it's just sharing the capacity to relay the data on to the primary node. They are still "mesh" as it still does the hand off between nodes and functions exactly like one with a dedicated ackhaul channel would. The term mesh seems more to be related to a collection of nodes that form a controlled wifi environment, there no stipulations on how they have to perform to be deemed a mesh. The difference between a standard repeater and this is it will only repeat the signals from it's network and hand off to another node much sooner than your phone would move to a repeater when moving about.

      Generally form a user standpoint I'd just say mesh refers to a controlled system and is much more user friendly than access points and repeaters tend to be. I would never recommend access points to the non tech savvy user but I'd absolutely recommend a mesh with a single app to interact with it.

  • For what it's worth if you switch to Orcon using this deal you can get two Google Nest mesh routers for the price of postage ($14.95): https://www.cheapies.nz/node/38086

  • Now $179

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