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SodaStream Spirit Sparkling Water Maker (White) $92 + Shipping @ Heathcotes ($72.80 via Pricematch at Mitre 10)


Mitre 10 price matched me the SodaStream Spirit. I had to haggle a bit as first they thought it was a parallel import. The price of &72.80 is less than cost so they are losing money.


If you don't have Heathcotes then Noel Leeming is selling it for $94.


Included: 1 SodaStream SPIRIT Machine, 1 Reusable Soda Bottle and 1 60L CO2 cylinder.

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  • Wakrak's spidey senses are tingling.

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    Soda stream is right up there with Nutribullet, doesn't take long before they are given away or left on a back shelf.

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      Unless you're one of the people that uses them every day. So, no.

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        Breakfast smoothie for most days last few years, had to replace blade as mounting worn down, otherwise still going strong

  • Now $119

  • Does anyone have any thoughts on oh bubble?

    $90 at some PNS stores.

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