Any thoughts on a Good TV? (65" and around $2000)

Hey Team

Just wondering what your thoughts on are in relation to the above? (New TV)

I am REALLY tempted to the Samsung S95B.. but not sure I can justify $3300 on a TV ><

Any thoughts would be great (Especially with the deals on at the moment)

For reference, we currently have a 65" Warehouse JVC one.



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    This here is a good deal and JVC seem to last 5+ years JVC 65 inch 4K Ultra HD QLED Google Smart TV $949.00…

    We own the 55inch JVC and have had that for atleast 5 years and still works perfectly the audio is so much better compared to the Veon tvs and picture quality is really good.

    or if you want a bigger tv for under 2k is go thi 1: JVC 75 inch 4K Ultra HD QLED Google Smart TV $1,399.00…

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    I haven't seen one in person but the Metz oled sounds like great value for their size to price, as long as you don't want fancy things like gaming features.

    Mini led is another option, I think 65 inch for that price will be hard to find something great. I can vouch for the TCL c835 but inky the 55 is under $2000.

    • Important to note that these two TVs are not necessarily the same, Hisense has been using similar/ the same model numbers in Oz and here for TVs with different specs to the northern hemisphere market.

      • Really? Has this been documented anywhere?

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          It's mentioned in the rtings review you linked (in the 'Cons' list in the 'Our Verdict' section) and it's been discussed previously here and on ozbargains. It might well be exactly the same TV as the rtings-reviewed model, but I'd recommend potential buyers compare published spec sheets to confirm.

          • @ABCDEFG: Thanks! I must have glossed over that. I don't know how :)


          Though the 65” version might be alright?

  • There are some discounts at Costco if you are in Auckland.…

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      So… We all get it. The s95b is a great TV, but he's already told you that the s95b is out the question. So why are you going on about it?

      He's specifically asked for recommendations around $2000, not $3000.

      Saying that the recommendations here are 'trash' is a trash mindset. Some have given options at the low end, myself at the more expensive end of $2000 (along with the rtings data and personal experience), but they're all reasonable suggestions.

      Try chilling out a little bit.

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            @moxpearl: Probably better with the x90k if you can stretch the budget a bit for it. It’s a good improvement over the x85k with the local dimming feature that Sony implements pretty well, plus you get their image processing which is the best for movies. It only has two hdmi 2.1 ports but if you’re not an avid gamer that should be all good.

            An Oled will be pretty bad in a bright room as they have poor reflection handling. The expedition is the s95b/a95k/g2 which can get bright enough to fight it, but if any windows are directly opposite or shine light on an Oled it’s pretty hard to watch during the day.

            Let me know if you don’t want to stretch the budget that much and I can short list some other options, but I highly recommend getting something that is fit for purpose and future proof so you don’t get fomo or feel the need to upgrade in a year or two unnecessarily.

            • @Vish: What sort of screen is better suited to a bright room?
              Would you recommend LCD? Qled?

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                @Telemachus: Hey, so basically qled/nanocell/random fancy sounding term that is used a lot by TV companies is a marketing gimmick. All these tvs are still LCD/LED tvs with the only difference being certain layers or filters added which impact brightness/color performance etc. There is a bit more to it, but this is a simplistic explanation.

                For bright room watching you want a TV that can get bright enough to fight reflections from light on the screen. This is where a LCD/LED will generally beat an OLED as most of them can’t get bright enough to fight reflections properly. I’ve also heard that burn in is more likely with direct light which is another issue.

                Other considerations for a bright room will also be viewing angles which differs based on the panel type - VA or IPS

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              @Vish: Thanks for that, went and had a look today at a few.

              My favorites around the $2000 mark were…

              Sony X90K (Around $2200-$2300 with the price match)
              Panasonic TH-65 LX900Z (Around $2200) - Not much online about this one.

              It's a bit shit knowing how much they go for in Aussie >< (Can get the X90K for around $1400)

              The LG QNED MiniLED looked the best, but was around the $2900 mark :( (And less than $2000 in Aussie ><)

              Would also note that there did not seem to be that many great deals at the moment, eg can get the same price on most shit when there is a 10% market coupon etc.

              • @moxpearl: Annoyingly since Panasonic isn't sold in the states a lot of reviewers completely skip their products (which is fair), but they actually make some great TV's. In saying that, I'd probably still get the Sony over the Panasonic, but that's my bias on owning many Sony TV's in the past, The LG QNED always looks great in the shops because it's so bright, real world viewing in your home will be different as it's a cheaper implementation of MiniLED so it does fall short in certain aspects (compared to the QN90B).

                Definitely agree that it's annoying that the Aussie prices are so much lower! But there isn't any way to get those prices as you can't easily import a TV and the fees will add up if you did, so I wouldn't get hung up on that.

                Hard to say when the next big discount period would be, but the market seems to issue 10% coupons during holidays, so you could check the forum history for when the next 10% coupon was available looking at last year around this time as it'll probably be the same again.

              • @moxpearl: Careful about seeing TVs in person, I've heard about the staff in shops setting the TVs that yields lower commission "look"" not as good as TVs with higher commissions, not sure how true it is…

                • @aih-lun: Hi. I worked for noel leeming.

                  If this is true it's the brand doing it not the staff. All of the TV's showing a demo reel (not a movie or the noel leeming ads for example) are set automatically and reset about 5 minutes after you play with them.

                  The demos really do show the strengths of each more than the flaws.

                  … Specifically Sony kinda downsell themselves from x85k to x80k because of how poor their full array lighting looks on the Tokyo (? Can't remember) night scape reel… The dimmer and cheaper tv actually looks better.

                  The simple truth is, yeah more expensive ones do pay more.

                  The way their stores are fitted is pretty obvious to the keen public. You walk around the brand stand going down in price until the customer is okay with the price / picture mix. It's not actually a bad way to do it and you can see the difference stuff like qled and full array make.

                  And honestly they all look about the same. It's the darks that sell swanky tvs now, not the brightness so that would be difficult to pull off

  • I haven't researched this TV, but I think an lg oled should be good…

    • Well he is after 65" so I don't think this LG counts, but it's a nice tv on it's own.

      • Whoops my mistake sorry, I did search 65, in my haste I didn't double check when clicking the link. Thanks for that

  • Look, I'm no TV expert but we have a Sony and it's amazing. We have the X90K and it was a shock to the system when we first turned it on after so many years with old tech.

    I've narrowed down the 65s on the Sony website for you. Most of them are within your price range although the X90 is a bit over 2k. But Costco is selling the X90K for $2299 and Sony does price match.

    They price match it too if you find it cheaper somewhere else.

    You can find some YouTube reviews on these models if you're that way inclined.

    I'm sorry if this wasn't helpful as the others, but absolutely agree that if you're going to be investing money, then you want to be happy with your choice. 👍🏼

  • I researched for a friend a while ago and I suggested the sony x90k, full array, so will be a great picture.
    In the end he got an oled on clearance for just a little more

  • Having had a Samsung 65 qled smart tv for about three years. I recommend the visual quality, but not the software. Since it runs tizen and not android , there a lot fewer apps, so I have to run a small computer to watch other services.

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