Has anyone brought a Massage Chair?

Has anyone brought a massage Chair, which one and with their high prices are they worth it?
Any thoughts?


  • I've bought an Ogawa genix before from irelax. Whether one is worth it is subjective.

  • Typically massage chairs are a little on the heavy side to bring with you anywhere. I suggest a camping chair if you're after portability 😉

    But no, I've never bought one, sorry. I find them a little too repetitive. You can get a much better and personalised massage from a physical therapist, and you can get a lot of massages for the price of a good massage chair.

  • I personally got the Ogawa Master Drive. It's over 3 years old. You can get one at irelax for 9150. No issues at all. I also got Osim back massagers. I also tried the Osim massage chairs in Singapore and they are great. You can't go wrong with Ogawa and Osim, they are the well known brands for reliability and quality massages.

  • I havent heard of those brands, will do some investigating. The Tebo look good, tried one at a home show but they are expensive. No shops here to go and have a proper look

    • The google reviews are egregious. They do not look like a well-established company and any of those 1am-6am infomercial products are trash.

      The easiest option for a safe purchase would be a local retailer. Irelax is NZ's largest. There is also itsu and osim. The difference between trash and good is a lot. Try it before you buy.

  • Costco sell them, could try asking on their facebook group page

  • Thanks all, great information. None of these in the south island. All new to me

  • I have one; I bought it off TradeMe for $3500, a new one was close to $10k. It is about 5 years old so not the fancy Bluetooth model.

    I hate the voice activation component of it - even though you have to wake it up by saying its name, it always gets triggered by the t.v. so I end up pulling the power plug until I am ready to use it.

    I find it really hard - there is limited ability to soften the intensity of the rollers - so I have put a sheepskin on it to provide relief (the camping compression mat got flattened in no time!)

    I do enjoy the chair and love the zero-g feature. But it is big, about the size of a two-seater sofa, so unless you have a decent amount of space, it will feel a bit out of place in a regular house.

    I go through phases of using it and not, but I do enjoy it. Would I spend 10k on one - no, but for what I did spend and knowing that I am likely to use it for 10+ years it will work out in the end.

  • Bought Ogawa Master Drive a couple of years ago for about $9000.
    Barely been used just sitting in the lounge taking up space and gathering dust!
    So if you plan on purchasing - make sure you will use it !

    In my case, it was the missus that wanted it, but I think I used it more than her, but still does not get used even once a month :(

  • Do you want to sell it? Lol

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