I Need US Mobile Number - Advice Please

Hi everyone. I would like to cash out my US shop reward points but a new account verification check requires me to have a US mobile number.

Does anyone have any advice on a low cost way to obtain a US mobile number from New Zealand and how to use it (online?)?

I only need it to draw down the funds then happy to cancel. At the moment I am paying a monthly account fee and funds are diminishing.

Many thanks for your advice.
Merry Christmas


  • Ive heard of people using virtual US phone numbers (Zadarma/OpenPhone) which is probably your best bet - but I havent done any research etc.
    We used an NZ VOIP provider for work and added a US number to our account fairly cheaply.
    A travel sim wouldnt work as it would need to be activated in the US, and possibly wouldnt have roaming enabled.

    • Thank you for your help Elvino. Kate

  • Hi Kate, I am not sure if this would help and I haven't been able to fully research it yet, but try googling for 'How to Get a Google Phone Number'. Not sure if you'd need a VPN to activate it. I hope that helps to lead to something that works for you.

    • Thanks Asterix - I need a mobile number, I don't think that Google can issue 9ne.

      • Apologies, gave it a go just now and it seems it needs a US number to receive a call (and also to activate the service).

        Did you need the number to receive a txt message, or to receive a call?

  • Try TextNow app

  • I've used Mr Sim Card for US Sim cards many times: https://www.mrsimcard.com/

    He'll post a sim to you in NZ and set it to activate on the day you arrive. (Or a few days earlier and give you the phone number)

    Then pop it in on the flight and it just works.

    • I don't think the OP wants to actually go to the US - if they did, then it wouldn't be an issue to just purchase a prepay SIM upon arrival?

      I think they just need a US mobile number that they can get SMS (maybe calls) to from within NZ.

  • Hey OP, send me a message. I've got my us sim card and numbers that's active but with no plan attached at present.
    I haven't tried seeing if it works over here, only used it while travelling state side last month.

    • Hi icecold,

      I have a friend who is in the US next week for about a week, then again in about two months for another week, and they were asking if I knew what would be a good deal (something akin to, say, Skinny here - NZ$10 for a month or thereabouts they wouldn't mind if they paid NZ$30 over the entire two month period).

      I said I have no idea and they would probably be best just searching online, but perhaps you would know?



      • +1

        I used Tello, signed up online, had the sim delivered to a friend so when i arrived i just activated it.
        There was a discount code as well i found online

        • Thanks - I'll pass that on, but I am doubtful he will have a friend to deliver it to, so might just go for whatever is available in the airport shops.

          • @Alan6984: Tello has app and you can call USA number through the app when connected to wifi ( works internationally as well). Also look into Ultra mobile / lycamobile USA . These are cheap MVNOs and they provide data/ unlimited call/text which comes to 10USD/month

  • there are offers available by major networks like T mobile USA as off now ( 3 months free ) and verizon USA ( 1 month free ) . They will provide the US number after you download the app and activate it. Use any B&M store address/friends address to sign up . However you have to enable wifi calling in the phone to receive SMS/call for OTPs.

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