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[Opt-in] 12 Days, 12 Deals in December: $5 Brekkie 6 Inch Sub & More @ Subway App (Subcard Members, Participating Stores Only)


No details as of yet. Just saw an ad as part of their 12 deals of Christmas

Go to the order tab and click offers in the Subway® app to claim your deal.

Perhaps similar deals to AUS:

Deals not available until the day after you opt-in. If you do it late in the day, deals would be available on 2nd day after opting in. -according to their customer service.

"The offers are queued in batches so by the time you had opted in it would have been too late for you to receive today’s offer. As these are automatically generated, we are unable to resend them."

Go to My Account>Edit my details
Tick emails and push (app only)

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    Offers have been average so far (prior to today). Some good ones coming up though. Good time to use that discounted gift-card. And as you pointed out, they've been the same as the Australian offers. Also bear in mind that it's for participating stores only.

    Upcoming Australian offers.

    Date Offer
    5/12 Free toastie with purchase
    6/12 Buy a drink and footlong, get a drink and footlong free
    7/12 Get a brekkie 6 inch sub for $4 with any purchase
    8/12 Get 2 footlong subs for $16 after 5pm
    9/12 Free Avacado on any sub, salad or wrap
    10/12 Free Double meat on any footlong sub
    11/12 Get a footlong Chicken schnitzel for $8
    12/12 Free 6 inch sub when another 6 inch and drink are purchased
    13/12 Any footlong for $8.50
  • Free snack with sub of the day a few days ago ain't too shabby either

  • Footlongs are usually about $15-18, right? How much does a drink and a footlong cost, is it under $20?

    • I think footlongs are around $12-16 and drinks $4-5, so depending on your choices you can definitely get them for under $20 :)

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      600ml Coke for $4.50, you have been warned

  • How do you see the offer on the app?
    I got nothing

      • Choose your store
      • Start order
      • Offers
      • Day 5 - Free Toastie with any purchase

      Either scan the code to redeem in restaurant or add to mobile order.

      • Nope not showing, in any wellly restaurant for me :(

        click on the 12 days banner does nothing either 😭

        • "Oh no! You don't currently have any offers available."

        • My local store is Silverdale Rd, Hamilton. See if that store works for you (just for testing purposes).

          Ōtaki, Wellington worked for me. Same with Tawa.

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            @Wakrak: still no go, chosen silverdale store, start order, click offers, nothing.
            I am logged onto the App, logged off and on, still nothing.
            installed App a few days ago if that makes any difference (saw the promotion which mentioned the app but couldnt see the offers then)
            maybe they have blacklisted me! I know a few companies that arent happy with me.
            tried a test user account and now i can see an offer but its only "triple reward dollars for 2 weeks" which i assume it what all new members see.

            • @nachos: I have the same issue, with my local store and Wakrak's Silverdale Road store too.

              • @flembots: looks like its targeted , my mate has it on his phone and he goes to subway way more than i do

                • @nachos: Offer is showing for me and I hardly ever go to Subway.

                  • @bigcheese: I think you will find if you create a new account you wont get the offer, if that is the case then not everyone will get

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                      @nachos: Just seems odd when it's advertised for all on their Facebook page
                      No mention of being targeted.

                    • @nachos: My card was created in 2019 and I also didn't get the offers. Feels bad because I just added $200 to my subway account.

        • Are you logged in?

          I see the offer when I check the Lambton Quay and Vivian street stores.

          • @Stoic: Yup logged in and tried those stores, and nothing shows

            Same for via the web browser

        • Exactly the same for me, also in Wellington

      • Not working for me either in Christchurch. Subcard since 2018.

  • Sweet, deal is on today in Dinsdale, Hamilton 😊 dinner sorted, thanks OP!

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      I'm starting to think this may be targeted… Selected the same store but "Oh no! You don't currently have any offers available." The wording below that also seems to imply the offers are for "you" and not the general public. Tried the other stores listed above but to no avail :(

      • Really, that’s a bit shit! Would’ve thought since it’s an advertised 12 days of Christmas promo that everyone with a subcard could get it.

        I’m happy to share my QR code if you want it? My sister is getting ours tonight

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    Wow, targeted promos suck. I have been using these subway promos for years, some are great, some are average. Nice to see that upcoming list though.. thanks for that!

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    Got my email this morning.. id say its targeted also.

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    I tried in all branches in Hamilton and none of them offered this when clicked on offers tab. Can OP put it ‘targeted’ in the title?

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    Subway is a waste of time now, i got this offer but i cant find a store that participates, just like any of their past deals. tried like 6 stores.
    henderson,lunn ave, ellerslie,glen innes,avondale.

    Edit - works for mission bay.

    • you can change the day of pickup in case you dont want it today,

  • Are these app only offers?

    • You need a QR code from either the app signed in with subcard or the email they sent out

  • Anyone figure out how to add a drink on the app? need to a drink to be able to get today's offer, but don't see any drinks on the menu…

    • its in the drinks box, in the bottom.

      • Browsed through the whole app and still wasn't able to find it…Seems like i was trying to order from a store that was not participating in the deal…maybe that's why.

        • From what I am seeing considering you are on the Subs page (to order), you need to scroll sideways where you see "Favourites, Offers, Recent….." at the top.

          • @Totto: When I was on my initially selected store (not participating in today's deal) I couldn't see any drinks. But after I changed stores I could see the drinks.. thanks anyway

  • Can someone share the QR code?

  • it wasn’t working for me on the app so i went in store to order. scanned my code like 5 times and it finally worked but they charged me for both drinks … only got 1x free sub and no free drink ??? contacted subway and they actually better refund me that drink and compensate my time with a free cookie -_-

    • Also had a not so pleasant experience today…wasn't working for me on the app either, so went in store to order, but when it was time to pay, they said their store wasn't participating in the deal.. (so i guess that's why it wasn't working on the app). So I tried to pay via the gift card (from this deal https://www.cheapies.nz/node/37604) which wasn't working for me either, sigh.

  • Would it be false advertising since they're putting it on their page but it's not for everyone?


    heres the ad:

    • yes it is, i just signed up using another phone and i didn't get it. in the comments subway tells you to sign up to access these deals.

  • Yesterday's one was misleading. It said free toastie with any purchase and even in the T&Cs it did not specify what that purchase had to be. So I bought two toasties but then at the counter the staff said the purchase had to include a sub or salad. Luckily they saw and agreed with the T&Cs on the app which had no mention of this but still really awkward.

  • Tried so many stores, pakaranga, botany, ormiston, manukau and a few others legit none of them work xd

  • The deal isn’t working in the app for me, says deal not applied when adding. Dinsdale store said they are participating but it’s not working in their system today. Victoria Street staff said it’s not working online, so I’ll go in person and hope it isn’t too busy lol

    • Victoria Street, Hamilton wasn’t busy when I went and the guy there was really lovely. He said it had been busy (he was the only one working) but a lot of people didn’t know about the deals. I have a feeling he was just putting it through for people even if they didn’t have the code. My receipt only shows 1 drink and footlong but I did scan my subcard and the QR code

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    Wasn't working for me either. Have to opt-in to their offers first and then you would get offers from the next day (if you do it early in the day).

    My account>edit my details
    Tick email and push

    "As you didn’t opt in to receiving emails until yesterday 5.12.22, you probably won’t receive any offers until tomorrow. The offers are queued in batches so by the time you had opted in it would have been too late for you to receive today’s offer. As these are automatically generated, we are unable to resend them."

    • Did that yesterday still doesn't work

      • What time did you do it? I did it yesterday and today they said it "probably won't show until tomorrow"

  • been told by the FB Subway New Zealand team
    "If you are still having issues, we’d recommend reaching out to our Subcard® team at ([email protected]) so that they can investigate this issue for you."

  • Here in Nelson, even though the offer appears under both Tahuna and Richmond subway, seems like it only applies at Richmond. Guessing this means Tahuna would be excluded? I was thinking of going in person to see if the qr code would work, but guess I'll give it a miss.

  • Just ordered from Westgate. Offer showed up in the app and had to activate it to get discounts in cart.

    Also received email about it.

  • Thanks OP
    just ordered from Pitt Street. 2 melted steak footlong + 2 coke 600ml for $20.40. Dinner sorted!

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    Todays deal on my app shows two footlong subs for $20, not $16 after 5pm

    • There's going to be a slight price disparity with the Australian Offers table that @Wakrak posted above when it comes to NZ deals. Given the prices of the NZ deals yesterday and today, for every AUD$4, you'd want to add on another $1 to reflect the NZ prices.

      7/12 [AU] Get a brekkie 6 inch sub for $4 with any purchase = [NZ] Get a brekkie 6 inch sub for $5 with any purchase.
      8/12 [AU] Get 2 footlong subs for $16 after 5pm = [NZ] Get 2 footlong subs for $20 after 5pm


      11/12 [AU] Get a footlong Chicken schnitzel for $8 = [NZ] Get a footlong Chicken schnitzel for $10 (we don't have Chicken Schnitzel in NZ so expect a different item)
      13/12 [AU] Any footlong for $8.50 = [NZ] Any footlong for $10-$11

      • ahh I thought I needed to goto Specsavers when I saw yesterday's brekkie deal for $5 which I thought was for $4 (AUD)

      • Well the answer to the lack of the chicken schnitzel seems to be that today's NZ deal is the free 6-inch with any 6-inch and drink which is scheduled for the the 12th in Australia. Are we getting the same deal two days in a row or is tomorrow's deal going to be different? Also why are the 13 deals? Is the last deal some sort of special bonus deal 'we said 12 but we're giving you one more deal' sort of thing?

  • It's a pain as there's no list of participating stores, so I'm having to continuously try different stores. None of the subways near me seem to be participating.

    • What stores have you tried?

    • I rang up the 5 nearest branches where I live and not a single one is participating lmao.

      What is even the point of this promo.

  • Okay seems instead of doing the deal on Sunday it's on Monday instead
    Day 12 - Meatball Melt Footlong sub for $8

  • No offer today? Might be done.

    • Yeah. Looks like we skipped "Get a footlong Chicken schnitzel for $8" instead of having another offer in NZ.

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