Looking for a Chilly Bin Suitable for Camping

Hello. We need a chilly bin that will stay cold for at least 5 days camping. We've heard great reviews about Bunnings Esky 70L Blue Arctic Pro. At $300 we want to make sure it's going to be a good investment. Does anyone have any that they recommend? Ideally $300 would be the max that we would be looking to spend. It never seems to come up on sale unfortunately. Any recommendations on how to purchase cheaper appreciated. Thank you!


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    We just bought the high performance one from kmart. Havent tried it out for long term just grocery shopping so far and seems ok. Might be some reviews online for more longer term use but we thought good price. They have 2 sizes i think..https://www.kmart.co.nz/product/25l-high-performance-cooler-43159000/?sku=43159000&gclid=CjwKCAiAp7GcBhA0EiwA9U0mtlKNakDPQrMpAQhPuyMKRa9jjNwUOAG-JExT5SCS-kojE1Zf5hUFNxoCN9sQAvD_BwE&gclsrc=aw.ds

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      Pretty sure I saw this one but in a bigger size instore but not showing online.

      • Thanks! Maybe I need to head it and check them out. They're so much cheaper

        • Yeah, they are cheaper i think the bigger one was about $115 and about 50litre from memory.

    • The 50L is $99 on clearance at Kmart, not on the website but saw in-store today

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    I'm looking too, to replace a Coleman Extreme which has been excellent.

    Leaning towards this one


    • Wow that one has really good reviews. thanks for the recommendation!

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        Wouldn't give me a delivery cost to NZ, would only work on Aussie addresses?

        • Bummer - same here :( Sorry for getting your hopes up. They're expensive to get shipped around NZ. Extra $33 when purchasing from Trade Tested to get delivered to ChCh

    • Equip Outdoors will pricematch Trade Tested and they offer free shipping if you join their site. Earn points etc

    • How much ice do you need for the full 10 days, assuming it's kept indoors/in the shade at all times?

      Maybe 3 to 5 3KG bags from PaknSave?

      • How much do PaknSav charge for a bag of ice?

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    I bought a Pelican Chilly bin from BH Photo shipped from America about $700 all up. Very good quality. Been jumping on it and all that jazz. Takes a beating no problems. Even has a built in magnetic bottle opener

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    I am a huge fan of the dometic ice cool range - I have the little 21L, med 43L and bigger 71L for all occasions! Then the icey tec 115L for the big trips

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    I’ve seen loads of ads lately for the brass monkey range of battery powered fridge/freezer bins from jaycar: https://www.jaycar.co.nz/brass-monkey/brass-monkey-battery-s…

    Haven’t used, but looks like loads of options

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      Brass Monkey is basically Ali Express, I probably wouldn't buy one.

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    It would be interesting to hear if any of these suggestions actually hold things frozen for 5 days. It probably depends on what products are inside, and how many times you open it. I froze some bigger 1.5l / 2l water bottles and placed them inside. I also use those blue pak n save cooler bags https://www.paknsave.co.nz/shop/product/5005744_ea_000pns?na… inside my cooler to keep all the frozen items together and try and keep the cold air inside, and not escape every time I open the lid.

    I have the blue esky arctic one from Bunnings. Cant fault it, but definitely didn't keep things frozen for 5 days.

    • Great suggestions, thank you. I'm planning on purchasing it to use as a fridge - so will minimise the opening of the lid and get some of those cooler bags :)

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        We found if camping at a campground we used water bottles that we froze and at night time we would refreeze some in the campground freezer then rotate so there was always some frozen bottles in there to keep things cool.

  • Have you seen the motorized chilli bins? They just make everyone smile and I'd love an excuse to buy one. Probably not what you're after but it's a fun idea

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    When I was travelling about in oz a great tip for days on the road was to wrap the chilly bin in the duvet and blankets as an extra layer of insulation. It made a big difference in the Aussie heat. If you're really concerned in the daytime you could always throw sleeping bags or whatever over it to give it a bit of a helping hand with additional insulation.

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