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Borrow up to $80,000 at 1%pa Interest (for 3 Years) for Eligible Upgrades (e.g., Home Insulation, Electric/Hybrid Vehicle) @ BNZ


BNZ are now offering a similar deal to ANZ, 1 where you can borrow up to $80,000 for green initiatives like solar panels, heating or an EV. Rate is fixed at 1% for 3 years. Requires you to have a home loan with BNZ.

You can apply for a BNZ Green Home Loan top-up for eligible upgrades, such as home insulation, ventilation, and heating - or upgrading to an electric or hybrid vehicle. If you’re moving your home loan to us, you can apply for a BNZ home loan and the BNZ Green Home Loan top-up together.

Special pricing
The special pricing of 1% p.a. will only apply to the top-up for the initial 3-year fixed term period. After this time, the loan can be re-fixed, or our floating home loan rate will apply.

Maximum amount
You can apply to take out multiple BNZ Green Home Loan top-ups for further eligible upgrades, however, the amount you can borrow at the 1% p.a. rate will be capped at $80,000.

Upgrade your home
You could make your home warmer and more energy-efficient with these eligible upgrades.

Renewable energy
Solar panels, batteries, and inverters (including related costs for planning and installation).

Heating and insulation

  • Heat pumps - fixed or ducted heat pump systems.
  • Water heating - heat pump water heaters or solar water heaters.
  • Insulation - ceiling, wall, or underfloor insulation.
  • Window glazing - double, secondary or triple glazing.
  • Ventilation - positive or balanced pressure ventilation systems

Water tanks

  • Rainwater tanks - home water tanks (including related parts like pumps, connections, and filters).
  • Upgrade your transport options
  • You could reduce your carbon emissions with these eligible upgrades.

Electric or hybrid vehicles
New or used electric or plug-in hybrid vehicles. (You could also qualify for the government’s Clean Car Discount rebate to contribute towards your purchase.)

Electric chargers
Portable or wall mounted electric vehicle chargers.

Electric bikes
New or used electric bikes.

What you’ll need for your application
We’ll need to see proof that the loan will cover the cost of the upgrade (including the deposit, if applicable) as part of your application. Before we can approve the loan, we’ll need to be satisfied with the proof in all respects. Any quote must still be valid at the time it’s provided to us.

  • For solar panels and solar batteries: a quote provided by a member of the Sustainable Energy Association of New Zealand (SEANZ), and an installation date.
  • For hybrid and electric vehicles: a purchase agreement from a registered motor vehicle trader.
  • For e-bikes: a quote provided by a business that offers e-bikes as a normal part of their business.
  • For all other upgrades: a quote for both the supply and installation from a qualified business that supplies and installs the solution as a normal part of their business, and an installation date.

Small print

  • Subject to lending criteria (including minimum equity requirements), terms and fees. An establishment fee of up to $150 for new customers may apply. For existing customers, a top-up fee of $100 may apply. Fees may be different for non-personal lending. Residential Owner Occupied and Residential Investor Rate applies.
  • Minimum top-up amount of $5,000. Must be a BNZ Classic Home Loan. Not for business purposes, refinancing, or restructuring existing lending. Not eligible for any cashback. This rate may not apply to some packaged offers. Early repayment charges may apply. Offer, interest rate, and fees subject to change.
  • BNZ is not responsible for the quality of any eligible upgrade.
  • After the initial 3-year fixed rate term, the loan can be refixed, or BNZ’s home loan floating interest rate will apply.
  • Residential Owner Occupied and Residential Investor Rate applies.
  • Offer, interest rates and fees subject to change.
  • References to third party websites are provided for your convenience only. BNZ accepts no responsibility for the availability or content of such websites.

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  • +4

    C'mon Kiwibank, step up…

    • We moved from Kiwibank to ANZ for this deal. Kiwibanks offer is weak -…

      • Same here. We gave them the chance to match ANZ offer, but they said no. Good to see other banks offering the same thing.

        • Kiwibank is just a bunch of lunatics. Not sure how they still have customers.

    • +1

      I rang KB about this a month or two ago, they told they won't have anything in the near future
      but they did say it is in pipeline for sometime next year

  • Good to know thanks

  • +1

    Competitive to ASB: 1% 3 years…

    It is interesting looking at what the different banks consider eligible items.

  • Good to know this is going to be around for a bit longer. Ordered a phev earlier this year, and not scheduled to arrive until May2023…

    Was worried that they might stop doing this deal. Hopefully it stays until May next year :D

  • +1

    waiting for Kiwibank to do the same =/

    • It's not that hard to change your mortgage to a different bank. I moved from Kiwbank to ANZ a couple of months ago to take advantage of their Good Energy loan.

      Even though I was on a fixed rate, break fees were zero since mortgage rates had gone up. ANZ also covered the lawyer's fees, and offer some good discounts on their published rates, so overall moving was almost cost neutral.

  • You can 40k at westpac interest free for 5 years. You only need a quote to get the money and they don't check up on you to make sure you spend it on what was quoted. You do have to meet lending criteria though.

    • +1

      I feel like that could potentially come around to bite you in the rear. If they check up after a year or two and you have no evidence to prove it went towards something eligible, could they not demand the full amount back?

      • +1

        One would suspect there will be a contract or some T&C's attached - would be important to read them, hate to find out if you dont follow through you then owe them like credit card rate of interest or something. Especially when your mortgage is involved.

      • Yeah you could be right. I did use it for solar and a heat pump myself. Got a bit of interest off it until the invoices came through too.

      • I'm in no way asking you to lie. People however do the same thing every day when they say their property is owner occupied but they have actually rented out. You are supposed to inform the bank and be charged more interest. That is magnitudes more people that do this than ever sign up for this kind of low interest loan.

  • I wonder if i can use it on a hybrid car i bought 3 months ago? it doesnt say on the terms

    • Available for purchases from 1st December

  • Pissed would be an understatement!

    Just a week ago I topped up my BNZ home loan to buy an EV… the IR…. Over 6% and no mention of this offer coming, I even talked to the advisor about why BNZ didn’t have an offer similar to other bank.

    • Could have save $4k a year in interest if they had told you 😕

    • Same with me.. ASB started since 7th Nov and I bought on 23rd Oct… kept asking if there was something like these but no!! Ended up buying on higher rates

    • I’m with BNZ in exact situation. Make sure you make an official complaint and ask them to do it right or you will put it to ombudsman. They do not want you to go to ombudsman if it is worth few thousands I believe

      • To their credit BNZ have come to the party. They have offered a new loan at 1% to clear the current one. For those of you in the same situation, keep on them.

        When I spoke to them they claimed the advisor wouldn’t have known about the green top up at the point I signed for the loan and if they did they wouldn’t have been allowed to say anything at that point.

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