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Weber Baby Q1000 Black Gas Barbecue $359.20 + Shipping ($0 for Urban North Island) @ Turfrey ($305.20 via Pricematch Mitre 10)


Utilising Mitre 10 price beat policy of 15%, I was able to get them to price beat turfrey - and weber q1000 - $359.20 bringing the price down to $305.20 despite their sale.


Turfrey has a physical store in hawks Bay and a few other offices throughout NZ. They also have other accessories that are cheaper than mitre10.

This is the cheapest I have seen the q1000 and perfect for the coming summer months. I also find mitre 10 one of the easier stores to price beat.

Purchase - https://ibb.co/5MLVvbj

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  • this is a great deal, the smaller one is great to take around, i have the bigger one but rather this size.

    • That's awesome to hear. I can't wait to use on road trips and camping. Have been looking at this for a while, contemplating which size was better.

      • 11 vs 20kg so my one just sits in one spot.

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    Has this model a couple years (bought for 409 just before first lockdown). Bloody brilliant, so easy to clean and well thought out design.

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      it might be the case for the smaller one , it fits directly over the council bin so you can scrape it down the waste hole.

  • Thank you for this OP.

    Had some airpoints to use up. Converted airpoints to M10 Giftcards, and pricematched a baby q, portable cart and a Weber cover.

    Takanini M10 did it for me, we’re a little iffy about the Weber babyq showing as “call or email us” to purchase it.

    Worked out at $492.26 all up :))

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      We are on the same wavelength. Also bought with airpoints converted to mitre 10 gift card. I wonder if I should have got the portable cart now.

      • The carts are good. Unfortunately if you live near the sea they can rust quite easily.

        I would struggle to justify buying a cart for retail, but with this discount it works out well.

    • Do U mind sharing your receipt? About to go there now…

      • My receipt is on the post.

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          Yes I noticed that thank you, was referring to the takanini branch as they have been difficult previously…

          This one specific sales person nearly didn't do it to match turfrey but lucky I spoke to another lady that had already had the sale waiting at the pos (we were waiting for M10 Airpoints conversion too)

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    Trouble with the Mitre 10 Webers is they don't have an inbuilt thermometer in the lid. I think this is essential for a lot of BBQing.

    • Yes unfortunately.

      Inkbird (a common cheapies poster) sell some great wireless thermometer solutions that are well worth the money. This for $45.99 - https://www.cheapies.nz/node/37536

      Is a great alternative to having an inbuilt hood thermo. Also alot more accurate.

      • the inbuild one is just a thermostat on the lid, if you want you could just drill a hole and fit one in, i still use my other one when cooking chicken.

    • Also essential to see if its still on, if you are one of those people who check twice/thrice if you did turn it off hence why i keep it visible from my window.

  • This is a good one, I've been looking at getting one for some time now already. I'm going to try pick it up tomorrow and show your receipt if I have to.

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      I bought it from Hastings M10 just now. It got a bit hairy, the lady called Turfreys and said she's doing a price match and just wondering if the item is in stock there. The Turfreys store is 2mins down the road. Luckily the Turfreys person said yes!

      What a great deal though.

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    Thanks for the sharing, I just bought another model of smoker via price match in M10.

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    Grabbed some accessories on price match at M10, pretty easy, cheers

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    Just managed to get this deal in Christchurch with only a little bit of hesitation. Thanks so much!!

    • Member since 40 mins ago, thanks for the message Geogirl!

    • Great to know! Which ChCh M10 store please? Thanks

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        It was at hornby

    • Papanui wouldn't. Bugger!

  • Mitre 10 Whanganui wouldn’t do it. all staff tell us we have to wait until the owner/manager is available, only for him to decline it. Seems to be a regular occurrence of them not matching let along beating these deals.

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