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30% off Annual Subscription Plans: Premium $62.97, Super $118.97 (New and Existing Customers) @ PocketSmith


Logged into my pocketsmith account and got a popup for 30% off annual plan. Currently paying $9.95 a month so $62.95 annual cost is a good deal

I have found pocketsmith to be really handy with merging multiple bank accounts/ spending accounts, credit cards, mortgages etc into a single budget, but you have to be somewhat technologically literate to get the benefits.

This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals.

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      I think if you click through the link it applies the code but I've updated the deal with the code

  • Is premium good enough?

  • I've used pocket smith before and 3 things that put me off is not being able to edit things like categories in the app, cannot trigger a manual sync in the app and bank transactions take time to reflect (eg. if I buy something now, it would take hours to reflect in pocket smith).

    I've since used buxfer because it allows edit and sync in the app and bank transactions reflect almost instantly. That is up until I had to contact their support which is close to if not totally non-existent so now I am in the hunt again for a reliable finance app to monitor my expenses.


    Do you know if the issues I've mentioned above for pocketsmith is still there? I am with ANZ bank. Not sure if that matters.

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    Bank accounts sync every time you open the app - but only if it's been at least an hour and 5 minutes since your last sync. You can manual sync via the web interface but again it needs be 1hr and 5 minutes (at least I think that is the right time) since your last sync. So I guess about an hour at most to get transactions through but instant if you haven't synced recently.

    Still can't edit categories in the app. App is pretty limited to categorizing transactions and can't do transaction splitting either which is a pain.
    Overall app functionality is poor and very limited, I primarily use the web interface. Hope that helps

  • Not sure how this is even a product tbh.
    Syncing your bank account to this breaks the terms and conditions of your bank…

    • I doubt this. There are other 3rd party apps that use the same syncing method… like Xero and MYOB for example. Just like pocketsmith, you don't sync to their site directly, but they use a platform like Akahu to do the syncing.

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        Banks have direct support to Xero and MYOB (you login to your bank and set it up from there).

        Third party services like Yodlee, Poli etc are still not actively supported.
        Their terms and conditions just say they should be read "in conjunction with the terms and conditions for your own Internet Banking services".

        It's one of the reasons we need the open banking API to be implemented.

        • Interesting. I did not know this. I wonder if that will cause issues with banks… like if they will refuse further services with you if they found out.

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            @Nikras: So far they have done little to enforce or discourage these things but in theory if you ever get hacked they could turn around and say, "hey that's on you - you broke the terms and conditions by giving out your login details to a third party so we won't cover you.

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        Xero and MYOB use direct feeds - all approved with banks. They pay for this privilege, and it is not something available to normal people/developers.

        Akahu, account2account and Poli scrape internet banking pages and use mobile app APIs - that is against t&c's of most (if not all) NZ banks.

        Open banking should solve this problem - can't wait for it to be live in NZ (govt saying 2 years?)

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