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Ryobi 18V ONE+ 4.0AH 3 Piece Combo Kit $196; Ryobi ONE+ 3 Piece Garden Care Kit $469 @ Bunnings


Just got the email from Bunnings, looks like Ryobi are doing 3 special deals again, same products as last years Black Friday.

Ryobi 18V ONE+ 4.0AH 3 Piece Combo Kit $196;
circular saw;
drill driver ;
palm sander;
1 x 4.0Ah battery;
1 x 1.5A charger.

Other kits:

Ryobi 18V ONE+ 4.0Ah 3 Piece Combo Kit $196;
recip saw;
palm sander;
1 x 4.0Ah battery;
1 x 1.5A charger.

Ryobi ONE+ 3 Piece Garden Care Kit $469;
33cm lawn mower;
25cm line trimmer;
200CFM Jet blower;
2 x 4.0Ah battery.
1 x 2A Fast charger;

This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals.

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  • Theres also an ozito bundle garden care kit that comes with a brushless mower at a more expensive price


    • Whats the diff between brushless and the ryobi? Is it smoother?

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  • is anyone able to successfully order? mine keeps getting cancelled.

    • Its not showing as available to order anymore :L

      • It still shows available for me. For some reason my online order keeps getting cancelled though so I just bought it in-store earlier today

        • I ended up getting it working by changing the store i wanted to pick it up from a few times.

  • Are the Ryobi mowers any good?

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      Great… If you have a small (<250 sqm) yard that's relatively flat without a huge amount of weeds or other shit growing. We don't have any of those and ours is still ok, just wouldn't recommend it over a petrol or 36v/40v one for a bigger area.

      • mine is about 350 sqm relatively flat but lots of weeds and shit, guess i need a bigger mower

    • +1

      Love mine, I have 100m of lawn and it works sweet. I got the combo last year, no regrets. No more petrol, heavy mower or excessive noise. If you have a big lawn you may want a bigger mower. If I keep on top of my lawn I'd get two mows to a battery.

    • My Ryobi 36v one has been used for 5 years, still going well.

  • Is $469 a good price for the Garden Care Kit? Bunnings site does not show what the usual price is… thanks!

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      I think they do the kits (garden at least) just for this sale. I hadn't seen the kit I got previous to the sales. The kit I got was a bit different to this years. But they tend to be good deals. You can check mower kit with battery, then add on the extras to see what sort of saving there is. They don't tend to discount the prices as they are exclusive sellers so don't need to compete.

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        Thanks for that. Seems an okay deal then, provided the mower has enough power for my lawn!

    • I brought the Ozito electric mower a couple of months ago for $399 so this looks a good deal to me- would have got this instead had it been available

  • Anyone had luck getting these delivered? I can understand not for the mower set. But I'm sure I've messed around with store locations and got it working before for the smaller kits
    Unfortunately I'm 1.5 hours from a store for click/collect.

  • For the one with sabre saw, In the big box are the tools placed in little boxes as if you were to buy them individually or all tools dumped in one massive box?

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    Just picked up the garden care kit.

    Its a good deal - mower alone is $389 RRP and the blower and trimmer is being sold for $299. So there is $200 extra value as a pack vs buying separately.

    Quite a few people already chose click and collect in Botany. Few boxes stacked up ready to roll 20 minutes ago.

  • Bunning is selling Ozito PXC 36V Brushless Steel Deck Lawn Mower Kit at $499 but their website doesn't show their usual price, any thoughts if this is a good deal than usual?

  • I picked the lawnmower combo kit up on Saturday. Got through my lawns, edging, and using the blower to tidy up all on one battery. The mower itself feels a bit cheap and flimsy, a lot of plastic, but it got through the job alright. Just not sure how long it will last.

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