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NVIDIA Shield TV Pro 4K (2019) A$249.86 (NZ$271.05 Approx.) Delivered @ Amazon AU


Update: click quick look and then add to basket

I think this is the cheapest it has ever been. Makes me regret not waiting for black friday but I did need it a few months back to be able to stream quality content to my TV.

This is probably the best android tv box you can get. Supports DV and DA.

Link to specs

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • Damn, that's a fab deal. Cheers OP.

  • This is one of the items on my shopping list for Black Friday. Cheers OP!

  • Good price.
    Great find OP.

  • thanks OP

    Does anyone know if the 2019 model is the latest?

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      Yes, the 2019 is the newest version.

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        thank you very much :)

  • Not really sure if I need one but given the rave reviews here and on ozb I'll give it a go

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    Are you sure this is the cheapest, I thought I had seen it closer to 250nzd a few months back?

    • Almost the same price then, NZ$270 approx.

    • I think that was the non-Pro that was cheaper


    • @kiwijunglist

      The next cheapest was https://www.cheapies.nz/node/36609 which was NZ$283 and you needed prime subscription.

      If you can point me to a previous post with a cheaper price, I will gladly change my description.

      • https://www.cheapies.nz/node/34562

        Almost same price inc delivery charges.

        • That's AU$270 not NZD.

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            @ross: Oops you are right. I should have gone to Specsavers! :D

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              @Banto: Do they have BF deals though? :D

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        Sorry wasn't meaning to say you are wrong I was asking a question.

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          All good mate. I think I might have written it like I was a little bit edgy or defensive but I wasn't. I was just saying that I am open to changing it if you indeed can find a previous post that's cheaper and there's nothing wrong with that.

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    silly question so sorry in advance but but what are these used for exactly? I can see people say it has un matched upscaling capabilities but I'm thinking that the apps built into my smart tv can do the same things?

    • I mostly use it to stream my own content with Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos as the TV itself can't stream files straight out of the box with those format. I think you could use plex as well for that if it's available in your TV app's store. It's also good for streaming games as far as I know but I don't really use it for that.

      The upscaling happens when a content you're streaming to the box is below the set resolution. Eg. if you've set it to 4k, and you watch 1080p then it will upscale it to look like 4k. My TV doesn't have that kind of feature so I am not sure if you are talking about the same upscaling technology.

      • As you know about plex, let me ask you this. I have native plex app on my samsung qled. Will there be any difference in terms of picture quality with nvidia? Will it be better or same using native app on tv.

        I am mostly after plex & netflix only. Don't do gaming. might be useful for other apps, but don't care much.


        • I have the same question

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          Aside from the 4k upscaling I've mentioned above, here's a reddit post about it. It seems like in most cases, nvidia shield has more power to handle higher bit rate which would mean better quality videos/audios.

  • who bit the bullet last time, any feedback?

    • I got the Pro 4K version on this deal.

      I think it's brilliant, although I definitely don't use it anywhere near its full potential.
      Really easy to use and everything I want to watch (Netflix, Disney+, Neon, TV1/3 On Demand in one easy to access menu.
      The original menu I did find a little cluttered but it was easy enough to change the menu launcher to a simple interface and sideload apps like Kodi to watch Spark Sport etc.
      Loads fast as well.

      • I'm going through FOMO lol

  • Hi, a general question on buying things off amazon au, how does the warranty work for us in NZ?

    • It seems like you need to pay for shipping back to them and then they will refund it when they receive the item. See this link.

      If you are purchasing a product/brand that has an office here in NZ, you may try your luck contacting them and returning it to them instead for repairs or refund but I am not very sure about this.

      • Just had to return a monitor arm that wasnt suitable, there was no return cost on shipping, 1 month from date of delivery for free return, i think this only applies to certain items or items u get free shipping on though

  • Any one run this with IP TV and if so which provider?

  • $287.62nz for me, not sure what the price diff is for but still a great deal. What NZ price were other buyers charged?

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      How'd you pay? Wise is NZ$272.33. Westpac is NZ$273.36.

      • Kiwibank Visa Debit.

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          Does the Kiwibank Visa Debit Card transaction show the Australian dollar amount and exchange rate?

          Does it include the Overseas Currency Conversion Commission at 2.5% of the New Zealand dollar amount once converted?

          • @Peter Wyngarde: I just finished chatting with Amazon & I was charged the correct AU amount $249.86 so I'll call kiwibank tomorrow about the extra $14-ish charge.

            • @MyFriendAutism: I suspect NZ$271.05 is wholesale rate without fee. I calculate NZ$280.19 = 102.5% × NZ$273.36 is closer.

            • @MyFriendAutism: Have you been charged for Expedited International Delivery not FREE Standard International Delivery?

              • @Peter Wyngarde: The error was at Kiwibanks end, not sure why but before I could call in the morning the charge had been corrected to $273.

  • I'm confused, this doesn't link to the pro?

    • It did at time of posting, must be sold out with only non pro edition left.

    • It did earlier. Most likely OOS. Don't understand redirect.

      • ok I guess I no longer need to debate if I want one or not given it's sold out :-P

        • They'll most likely come back into stock before Black Friday promotion ends.

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          Wakrak has posted a link to workaround.

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    Updated with new instructions

    • Thanks just bought one.

      239 AUD delivered if you order in amazon app and apply the code "10off".

      • LOL! I need to refresh more often or comment more quickly.

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      my wife just blew $270 on the Jamie Kay sale, so I think I can get away with this one.

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    What’s the need for this if you say have an Apple TV 4K?

  • Can someone please tell me I don't need this… I really don't need this

    • You don't need it.

      But buy it anyway because that's what cheapies do when they see stuff with the cheapest price ever.

    • buy it

  • I was aware of the Nvidia Shield since forever ago.I knew that they were pricey but I also knew they were the best.
    Since then I've gone through many different media playing options and none of them did it all… Samsung tvs don't play DTS sound, cheap (but powerful) android boxes have a terrible UI and don't update and next gen consoles don't read any of the common codecs.
    A couple of years ago I decided to bite the bullet and just go for the newest Nvidia Shield Pro (which was just released at the time) and I'm so glad I did. I paid over $450 but it was worth it.
    This little beast plays everything I throw at it and bypasses all audio to my receiver, but it can also decode everything if you have a simpler setup.
    With a 300gbps fibre connection, a real debrid sub and syncler+ (or other program) you can stream the biggest files all with lossless audio.

    I just wish I did it sooner

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      That's a freaking fast connection you have. :D

  • Mine just arrived today and it was sealed but…some smart arse in the factory/packaging cut the power cord Photo

    If any else is the same please post…thanks.

    • According to Amazon Chat: No replacement; just return for full refund which is a bummer so I'll hold on to it for a week & hunt online.

      • Found a 19V 2.1A 40W adaptor on Aliexpress :)

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      Wow. That's a bummer. I hope you sort it out.

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    Anyone else seeing a pricing increase to AU$288.73 from AU$249.86?

    • Yep. Will mark as expired.

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