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Vitasoy Milky Range 1L (Oat, Almond, Soy Milk) $1.98 ea. @ The Warehouse (Instore Only, Requires MarketClub)


New offer on The Warehouse App. Requires the Market Club.

Normally $3 at The Warehouse and $4+ at other major supermarkets.

Limit is 6 per customer.

Ranges available: Oat, Almond, Soy Mlik

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      Only reason I decided to make scones in our hour of free power yesterday XD

  • Yeah was surprised when I found them and saw they were only $3 anyway, Countdown charge $5 for them, probably $5.50 by now…

  • How does the 6 limit work? Would it be 6 per marketclub member or 6/day? Anybody know? Thanks

    • I would say 6 per transaction? You could ask the staff as you checkout with 6 whether the limit is per account or per transaction. If you get round to it before me, please let us know. Cheers :)

      • I'm at the store now, operator says "I think it's per customer".. I'm at the Riccarton store but they can't find any physically but system says love 150 in stock.. Been here like half hour! May have to click and collect for later.

        • It seems that many branches are like that - system showing stock but none on the shelf (sometimes for days). They have it at the back but restocking is slow probably due to staff shortage or they're trying to control the stock for the promotion etc. "Per customer" is fairly vague. I hope it's per transaction. Thanks for that anyway :)

          • @Totto: They said its per 'marketclub' account.. very vague indeed!

            • @brownie1: I wonder if it really won't work if you try to checkout with more after the first 6 in a different transaction

              • @Totto: I"ll find out and let you know :)

                • @brownie1: Cheers :)

                • @brownie1: Hey did you ever attempt to buy a second lot of 6 in a different transaction using the same MarketCub account since your last post?

                  • @CheapieSniper: Pretty sure it will work if the voucher doesn't disappear after the first use, ie. it's a multi use voucher, not single use voucher.

                  • @CheapieSniper: Hey I did sorry forgot to reply. I went back there both on Saturday and Sunday but they were fully sold out of the almond range unfortunately.

    • I've bought 4 a number of time in the last few weeks. Always $2 each. Use self checkout.

  • It looks like "6 per transaction" as the offer automatically popped back up on the app after purchase.
    Mind you, some staff may be reluctant or give you the look if you redeem multiple times one after the other at once, or even refuse with the "6 per customer" rule. Should be fine if you claim it once daily.

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