Looking for Farmers Free Shipping Code


Googled this site and another. But don't know how to view the free shipping code or maybe these sites are attracting ads only.

Would someone know if Farmers have free shipping code? Only looking for some small items under $50

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  • This is a tough one. Never seen one, never had one emailed.
    It comes from a place that charged for C&C. I have only bought it once or twice because no matter what, I cannot find a code. Which is interesting, considering their delivery service is extremely slow given the costs they charge.

    Commenting also because I'm curious and want to see if there's one at all.

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    My own experience of those type of sites is that they are almost always useless for codes - they are just serving ads and want you to click to they get paid.

    There might be exceptions, and I would be delighted to find a similar site that actually provided useful coupons / codes reliably, but I remain sceptical.

    As for Farmers, I don't shop there unless there is a stunningly good deal for far lower than anywhere else, since they charge for click and collect, and quite a bit for delivery, so they'd have to cover those charges by selling for a lot less to cover my risk of them being out of stock if I am going to look to buy in store. There are no free lunches and, for me at least, Farmers have to cover the costs they pass on to me as a customer, else I'll just go elsewhere.

  • Note also in this age of online shopping the Farmers returns policy is positively draconian; they only offer a credit or exchange within 14 days. This alone has put me off proceeding with many online purchases from their website as it's too much of a risk if the product is not suitable. And agreed with above poster the delivery timescales on the couple of orders I have made have been very poor, over a week from ordering to delivery.

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      I refuse to shop in Farmers now because of their returns policy.

      I bought a child seat online for my daughter from Farmers, but as soon as it arrived, I found out it didn't fit safely in my car. We needed one in a hurry so asked my partner to buy one from the Warehouse on her way home.

      So next day returned this basically brand new car seat perfectly repacked in its original packaging and asked them for a refund.

      They refused, but I argued that a safety seat that doesn't properly fit in a car is not fit for purpose so much so that it would be unsafe to use.

      The assistant eventually offered a credit note and not a refund.

      I had my daughter with me and she was getting a little bit restless, so I asked to see the manager.

      After about 10 mins waiting the manager came down and I started to argue my case, but she still refused a refund. In the intense discussion that ensued I didn't notice my daughter run off and she basically then got lost somewhere in the shop.

      I was so annoyed with the situation I got really cross with them and promised really loudly that I would never shop with them again, so a credit note was useless to me. I think the manager was a little embarrassed at this point so eventually gave in and gave me a refund. It then took me another 20 mins with announcements over the tannoy to find my daughter who had almost walked out of the shop into the mall by this point.

      Contrast this with the Warehouse, who plenty of times have happily given me a refund for broken or faulty items months (and sometime even years) after I bought them.

      Farmers market themselves as some sort of upmarket shopping experience but their customer service is stuck in the dark ages and they are overpriced with a lot of actually quite poor quality products. They treat their staff like shit too. I hate them so much, and to this day haven't set foot in their stores and hope they go bust.

      Sorry for the rant.

      • Perfectly reasonable rant.

      • Nothing has changed then https://www.cheapies.nz/node/28773

        • Nope - just the year that’s changed!

      • Farmers: We are just like Smith & Caugheys!

        Also Farmers: we will hold on to your money because we almost went under once but we have learned nothing from it.

        Totally understandable.

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