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Oleo Martos Extra Virgin Olive Oil 1L $5.97 @ The Warehouse (Instore Only)


Looks like they're getting rid of it to make way for their new brand Market Kitchen Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Price drop just happened this morning. Might be best to call before going?

Albany, Auckland Airport, Henderson West City, Mt Roskill, Newmarket, St Lukes, Hamilton, Matamata, Morrinsville, Te Kuiti, Tokoroa, Rotorua, Levin, Palmerston North, Richmond, Barrington, Oamaru.

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    Just bought 9 bottles for $48.73 ($5 off $50) at The Warehouse, Hamilton.

    The expiry date on mine is 20/12/2023.

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      How much oil do you use? We use about 1.5l olive oil a year (no other oil is used).

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        Yeah quite a bit. A bottle every three months maybe.

    • were there many on the shelves left when you got yours?

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        There were around 7 in the bin by checkout. 18 or so on the shelf in the groceries section. I took 9 from the groceries section (groceries section was chocka so they might have more out the back).

        |__________| < This represents the row where the oils are. Oleo Martos was on the end display, bottom shelf.

        I was there around 820am this morning. Been tracking this product for the last month.

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          Thank you. If I could nominate you for New Zealander of the year, I would. Not for this post, but for your generous spirit and all the good you have shared and done for others.

          • @imphee: Thank you for the kind words. Glad I could help.

        • You would be a great investor if you applied the same skills from your couponing.

  • Any Wellington stores?

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      Website says out of stock at all Wellington stores.

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    If you are planning on getting a few bottles I'd recommend storing at the back of your cupboard where it's good a dark. It's good practice for oils in general but particularly for the amount of chlorophyll in EVOO

  • I have did pricebeat a few things and leave in the cart before, just login and have have a look seem like they refresh my cart and deleted all the items in it lol

  • no more in Mt Roskill branch. I just checked.

  • The Warehouse, Hamilton had em in two locations: groceries section and by the checkout.

  • Dunedin is all out of stock.

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    Thanks for the post. I got 4 from the Albany store early afternoon.

  • According to their website it is out of stock everywhere in Canterbury… 😏🤷🏻‍♂️😂

  • Out of stock most places, so I'm going to expire the deal.

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      I managed to get 12 bottles at the Hamilton city warehouse at about 730pm last night (3/10/22). They seem to have at least another 60 bottles for sale, but I believe that is because they have not updated their displayed price which still showed $9 or $10. The price check did confirm a price of $5.97 with an expiry date of Dec 2023. So Hamiltonians, you still can buy some.

  • Did you know it is almost impossible to buy NZ olive oil in the supermarkets? Some brands try to trick you, but, unless the label says NZ olives and made in NZ you can't assume it is NZ olive oil. We like NZ oil as usually it is 'fresher'. Newer is best for olive oil.

    Never buy seed oils (eg canola). They are simply terrible for your health. We stick to olive/avocado oil.

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