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[Used] Dell P2417H (A-Grade off-Lease) 24" FHD Business Monitor $129 Delivered (RRP $218.50) @ PB Tech


Great price if anyones needing something cheap just to kick start.

1920x1080 - IPS - DisplayPort - HDMI - VGA - USB - Reconditioned by PB Tech - 3 Months Warranty

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    Thanks OP! The FREESHIP code still works too.

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      Updated it, thanks bud :)

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    I bought the p2219h last week - thought it was better value given the newer age (dell last digit generally denotes age - i.e. the p2417 is 2017MY)

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    I bought 2 of these yesterday for a colleague. Very thin border makes it great for dual screen setup. She has a small desk so the size works well. Got to say straight out the box they look fantastic, and it's the same price as the one OP listed here, but with a 12 month warranty instead of 3.

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      Cheers mate - I thought these were the best option too - got 2 to replace my two current ~10 year old monitors (one of which is getting yellow lines…)

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    Can I turn it into a tv for my room. Anybody know how

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      you could turn it into a TV with a freeview box (will need speakers).
      You could also chromecast.

      Probably cheaper to buy a $200 tv

    • Google TV

      • Good spot Matrixx!: :) I just ordered one for my home work desk. This PB Tech website page offer pricing seems extra good, as PB Tech have it listed on Trademe alot higher at $229 !. Done deal. :) Rob. (Although note the TM listing includes a no surcharge fee "Afterpay" option).

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    Thanks, ordered 2. Mine are super old!

  • What are people's thoughts on a FHD screen vs 4K? I'm planning on getting a new PC for home use (mostly used for surfing the net, word processing and light photo editing). Not so much into gaming. Not sure if I should be "future proofing" by going 4K or if a FHD screen will get my by for the next couple of years.

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      4K resolution is too high for 24" (perhaps except for very specific use cases).
      I got a 4k 27" Dell monitor and have to scale it to 150% for it to be comfortable for web browsing.
      … wish I'd gone with the 2K 🤷‍♂️

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      Depends on your screen size. At 24 inches or below FHD is just fine. At 27 inches 1440p is fine, 32 inches or above you might want 4K.

      The only issue is larger sizes with lower reslutions is you get the screen door effect where you can see the individual pixels like they are a screen door. As you sit closer to monitors this is more prominent at smaller screen sizes than you'd see in a tv.

      Going too far the other way you end up with stuff being unreadably small and needs to be scaled up. So how a full hd panel on a laptop doesn't display things like excel sheets very well because they are scaled for the smaller screen ti make it more usable.

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      I'd suggest trying both out at a store, friends house, or work if you get the chance.

      Second what is said below but add that use-case does make a big difference.
      I have a 27" 1440p for my personal computer. Mostly video games, with some light web browsing etc. 2K at 27" is perfect (24" @ 1080p, or 32" 4K are equivulents.)
      I also have a 27" 4K that I use for work. I have the resolution scaling set to 125% and its "almost" 4x full 1080p screens worth of real estate. For my work, it allows me to have 4x windows open at the same time which is important and so from a productivity perspective I would not want any less pixels than 4K

      So for me, work 4K 27" is perfect, and for home 2K 27" is perfect

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      all depends on the size you want and also the need for the PC.

      I run a 34" 1440p + 22" 1080p vertical (as PPI was closest) and it is a mint setup for gaming/productivity.

  • Can I please know if it's second handed?

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      It’s out of stock now but it’s in the description: “Reconditioned by PB Tech”

  • It's selling so fast!

  • The HP Elite monitor which says it is a touchscreen looks to be quite good value too.

    I personally like 1980 x 1200 for computer screens.

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    we use to have heaps of these just lying around at work. they still look modern even though it’s quite old. great for office work. used to be around $80 though a few years ago when pretty much all the big corp leases upgraded

    • PCs and parts seem to have a far longer life these days than they used to. I still have an LCD monitor that works from 2002ish that cost about 2k new.

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    You can often buy ex lease monitors cheaper on trademe. I got a 2016 1980 x 1200 IPS 24 inch LG for just $50 when an office was closing down. Also got a 24 inch Apple cinema display for just $20 so there are some good deals out there.

  • https://www.pbtech.co.nz/category/computers/exleased/monitor…

    Dell P2319 (B-Grade Off-Lease) 23" FHD Business Monitor $129
    (1920x1080 - IPS - DisplayPort - HDMI - VGA - USB - Height Adjustable Stand - Reconditioned by PB Tech - 3 Months Warranty)


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