Outdoor Furniture Recommendations

Oh, you want to sit outside? That'll be $2000.

Like a lot of people I've been noticing the weather improving and am wanting to get some outdoor furniture for the coming summer.

However am just gobsmacked and absolutely dismayed by just how expensive every piece of 'outdoor furniture' appears to be. Especially considering how long it doesn't seem to last - e.g. lots of rattan/woven stuff on marketplace that is falling apart after just a couple of years.

If anyone has any recommendations of outdoor furniture (table+chairs and sofa/seating area) that isn't massively overpriced and/or terrible quality I'd love to hear them. Cheers!


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    Bought this one a couple of years ago for the bargain price of $799 and it's been through a ton of weather the past two years and still going strong. All aluminium construction, very lightweight so best to weigh it down or put in a sheltered place. The fabric has barely faded even though it's largely sat in the sun the whole time. No mould either, and it dries out in the sun pretty quickly.

    I'd call it moderately comfortable, cushions are soft but the base pad is a little firm, I suppose like most outdoor sets. Only other complaint would be that the back rests (detachable, to transform the corner couch into a couple of sun beds) seem a little on the flimsy side, but having said that, none have bent or broken yet.

    Would definitely buy again, probably even at the higher price.

    • Sorry, I should add, it's under a covered verandah which has probably helped with longevity, but it still gets the sun and a lot of rain on it, especially when windy. We love it, perfect for eating breakfast in your pyjamas on a warm Sunday morning :)

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    Not the cheapest, but https://www.cintesi.co.nz/ have good quality gear for what I would argue is a resonable price. They reguarly have 20% off too

    • Thanks for this - I am strongly considering one of the aluminium picnic tables from here. A lot of money but seems like a better idea than a wood picnic table with warping and restaining and resanding every few years?

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        We got the Karaka recently. The aluminum seems to be good quality and all stainless fittings.
        Had a wooden table before (pine, not teak) and it lasted about 18 months before it was destroyed by the elements.
        But for sure wait for a 20% sale.
        Oh and they had free delivery in Auckland

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          Nice, the Karaka looks amazing! Just bit the bullet and ordered the Tahoe Picnic table - should be a perfect fit for our small deck. It's currently 20% off, free shipping even to South Island rural and got an extra $10 off for joining the newsletter. Hoping it will last 10 years. Can't wait!

          Ironically given my original post we have now spent $2K in total haha

  • Could try iFurniture too. Not that cheap but at least cheaper than others, I think.

    • Well they are cheap in price & quality. I would not recommend most of the items.

  • I really like Keter furniture, it’s very durable. Not that cheap though and expensive shipping if you aren’t in Auckland.

  • I would like umbrella recommendations if anyone has one. Would like a good one for over a table that'll last more than one summer.

  • Thanks all for the ideas and recommendations. From these and from my own research, it seems like some aluminum framed stuff might be worth the investment for longevity.

    I've taken the plunge and ordered this nice looking outdoor sofa that folds down into a sun lounger / day bed : https://www.mitre10.co.nz/shop/nouveau-lorca-folding-sun-lou…

    Currently $499 down from $999. Will report back this weekend on how it seems!

  • Hope it's okay to hijack this! I was looking for something similar to this: https://www.tsbliving.co.nz/collections/outdoor-furnitures/p… but ideally better quality. Has anyone bought something similar and can provide recommendations?

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