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Casio Digital Illuminator Watch F-105W or W-89HB-5AV (Sold Out) $12.49 + Shipping / Pickup @ The Warehouse (Online Only)


The Casio watches are now on clearance for just $12.49 at the Warehouse.

Only two models to choose from but they can't be beat at this price.

Update: W-89HB-5AV out of stock.

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The Warehouse

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  • any free shipping codes?

    • No

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    Finishes Sunday according to Eureka

  • Whoa, nice find!

  • Two women's Timex watches back down in price. $27ish


  • Cheers!

    Really want the metal version of this, but was unsure of sizing, so this will be great to test out.

  • Has anyone got this already? Wanting to know if that suits for adult or children.

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      They're both in the men's watches category.

    • I grew up in india using this watch in metal i got F-105W for my kid it has lots of adjustment

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    Watch of the Taliban

  • Same price in theMarket
    10% off with code KIWI10 if you buy $75 or more

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    Oh wow that is a blast from the past.

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    Bugger I bought one from the last deal for $25. I guess I'll have to buy another as a backup.

    • Average down, that's the way!

      Actually if it's the same model, just return the new one with the receipt of the old (if it's within the return window)

  • Ordered thanks!

  • Will likely last longer than a smart watch too.

  • Loved the Casios with the backlight button on the bottom. Most other cheap watch manufacturers have the backlight button on the sides, which is hard to find if you have it on the bedside.

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    I don't need it, but… its 50% off from last week's clearance price omg!

  • +3

    If you guys ever see me wearing this outside know that I’m a Cheapie Waikato chapter 😂

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    Free in-store pickup

  • online only? would be good to get one to replace my fake one i got for $3.41

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      Correct. Online only. I've added it to the title.

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    YMMV but I bought one less than 2 years ago and both sides of the strap have cracked. Minimal wear on work days only. I've stayed away even though price is sooo tempting.

    • That was common with casio watches. you should be able to buy new straps, but probably costs about the same.

      • Got new straps but casing cracked trying to remove the pins. Seemed to be substandard plastic all round. Not sure if a bad batch (was genuine) as have seen 30 year old models without issues. Soured me to buying more Casio though.

        • That was also the problem with Swatch watches.

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    ah, sold out, but the white one looks good - only in store

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    Great deal, thanks for posting

  • How long willl it be ready to pick up? I ordered one on 23th, still processing, is it normal?

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      Pickup time depends on whether your local store has it in stock.
      I have had in-stock orders ready within an hour of ordering.
      If not in stock then it can take a few days to arrive.
      The 23rd was only on Friday so likely to go into next week before it’s ready to collect.
      Right now the website is stating pickup in 2-4 business days.
      This is normal.

  • Hello
    Please accept our apologies…
    We’ve been informed by The Warehouse that due to unforeseen circumstances they’re unable to fulfill the item below from your recent order.

    Just got the above email. Ordered from market place last week.

    • I ordered one W-89HB-5AV it let me add way more to the cart at the time but figured one was enough.

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