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[Sharetank] 91 & Diesel: $2.39 Per Litre @ Z, Hewletts Rd (Mount Maunganui)


Unusual that Z would drop for a Gull Promotion day.

However if you are within 30km of Z Hewletts Road, might pay to TopUp your Sharetank fuel.

While it might not be the cheapest fuel in New Zealand, it is a very good price once Gull 12cpl finishes tomorrow @ Midday.

Don't forget that a further 25/28cpl will be added back to ALL fuel in 2023.

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  • +4

    That's the strangest deal title I've seen in a while.

    • Im always uncertain 🤣

  • +1

    Can you change title to something like this: $2.39 Per Litre @ Z, Hewletts Rd (Sharetank)

  • +1

    Just checked gaspy, NPD has dropped the price to the same level as Gull.

  • Could do use a gps locator to get there and top up. Its 2.63 here so decent savings

    • You mean spoof your location?
      Tried on android, no go (yet). Z app 'knows' if you are running a spoofer.

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