This was posted 8 months 23 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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300 Bonus Flybuys on a New Monthly Disney+ Subscription ($1.99 First Month Then $12.99 Per Month after) @ Disney+ via Flybuys


Offer starts 7pm tonight 8/9 and ends 2:59pm on 20/9

Get your first month of Disney+ for only $1.99 and collect 300 bonus Flybuys, when you sign up for a new monthly Disney+ subscription via Flybuys before 2:59PM (NZST) on 20 September 2022.*

After the first month, your Disney+ subscription auto-renews on a monthly basis at the then monthly price (currently $12.99 per month), unless cancelled prior. Eligibility criteria and T&Cs apply.*

How to sign up via Flybuys

  • Click the ‘Sign up now’ button below to access the Flybuys Disney+ Day offer site.
  • Enter your Flybuys member number and click ‘Continue’. (Your 16-digit Flybuys member number starts with 6014 and is on the back of your Flybuys card).
  • From here, you will be directed to the Disney+ site to sign up for a new monthly Disney+ subscription.
  • If eligible, you'll be allocated your 300 bonus Flybuys to your account within 25 days of offer end date.
  • Flybuys bonus points offer valid for eligible new or returning monthly Disney+ subscribers only who sign up to a new monthly subscription via Flybuys before 2:59 PM (NZST) on Tues 20 Sep 2022. Eligibility criteria and T&Cs apply.*

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          • @BDS: It worked for me. They tried to say it was OOS but found another store in stock and that worked

            • @Joshyss: Lucky one! They told me can't price match since the item is marked as clearance item and then shared me some T&C documents. But I managed to price match with TWH for approx. $22 as even Bunnings runs offer on those items.

            • @Joshyss: Which store still has stock and what's the agent's name please?

              • @xsolider: The Onehunga store. The agents name I think was Marilyn.

                • @Joshyss: Thanks. I got the impression that when @Wakrak posted this last night, the price was $20? It's $25 now.

                  • @xsolider: It was $25. Perhaps you may have been looking at my original comment where I said 20L.

  • consider Changing flybuys rewards to 'fuel discounts'. when the 300 points arrive is will be $2.25 / L (max of 50L of fuel)…. I have done this before with their previous promotions and very.. very happy several times
    • +5

      Something about using heading font in body text seems to be somehow a tad obnoxious. But good reminder for anyone who didn't know already.

  • Well I can see why they are happy to do a promotion like this. I've run a pihole + ublock origin setup and just trying to signup I've already hit 4 walls before even getting to enter my details on Disney+

    Guess i'm doing this on my work computer tomorrow haha

    • +1

      I guess no one likes to talk about or acknowledge the level of tracking and information we’re giving away to get promotions like this.

      I’m still going to signup for this anyway as it’s a great deal, but doesn’t change the fact of it having so much tracking built into it

      • Everything has that. No need to worry.

    • I couldn't even use my normal browser (Firefox) - kept getting blank pages on the Disney+ site. Had to use Chrome with adblocker disabled

      • That's strange - I had no issue with FireFox running on Win10.

      • No issues on Edge with uBlock Origin & AdGuard AdBlocker.

        • Wouldn't work on iPhone 13 Pro Max w Safari, iPad Pro 12.9 5 gen Safari, initially didn't work on Firefox Win10 until I had to disable adblocking on Disney sites with uBlock Origin

  • +1

    Might actually watch a Disney+ show this time around.

    • Last time this deal was around I watch the entire star wars movies in chronological order. Albeit was during the lockdown I believe, so it really came in handy.

      11 movies in total iirc.

    • Welcome to Wrexham has been wonderful so far.

    • Classic. Didn't watch a single show.

  • +1

    Anybody notice this in the T&Cs?

    "Cancelled, reactivated, or renewed current subscriptions will not be eligible to participate in this offer."

    Wonder if that means we can't cancel before points arrive? And if we can't "reactivate" an expired subscription?

    • oh no…want to know too!

    • That's why I suggest you sign up on the last day of the offer (20/09)

      • Shouldn't affect anything if last time is anything to go by

    • +1

      I think that is regarding if the subscription is active or not.

      IE. A subscription can be active even once canceled, or it may be a reactivated one or a renewed one.
      Once canceled you still get the time you paid for, it doesn't cut off access immediately.

      You interpreted it the wrong way. I should be relatively knowledgeable on the topic if you want to take my word for it.

      • I think you are right. They can't expect people to continue on with the service beyond the trial period if they decide they don't want it.

  • Anyone that has any further questions, you might be able to find your answer here:

  • When did you guys receive the flybuy points? Mine hasn't come through yet

    • +1

      It was weeks later when I received mine the first time around

  • +1

    Used Paypal to pay, that way the auto payment can be cancelled immediately!

    • Another alternative for people with a wise card is to pay with a virtual card, and then just delete it after.

  • Haha what do you do when you signed up 6 minutes before 7pm last night? Blame my head wasn't thinking straight. What would be the quickest way to try and rectify it?

    • +5

      People like you are the reason they may stop promos like this.

    • +2

      Wouldn't risk it. If you need another account, make a new member on flybuys and use their number.

      • Bonus Flybuys under this offer may only be earned once per eligible Flybuys member and you acknowledge and agree that any attempts to redeem bonus Flybuys under this offer more than once, will be ineligible and the offer will not be applied to any subsequent attempts to redeem such bonus Flybuys.

  • Awesome offer, thank you!

  • Wow, Flybuys AU is offering 4000 FlyBuys for DisneyPlus.

    In case anyone here is from AU,

    • Worth $20 only?

    • Worth ~$20 as opposed to ~$110, different points system.

      • Aah didn't realize that.

  • There is very little to really watch on Disney. Some of the start wars stuff. But that Beatles documentary is so long and boring. I guess it is fine as something to watch in the background. But how did it get a 9.

    • The same reason that some Bollywood movies getting a 9 or close to 10 on TMDB. Not many people watching them + some people propping up the score for whatever reason.

      • Wait till you see 3 idiots, or RRR (Ik it's tollywood)

  • +4

    Received my bonus points today! Thanks heaps @Martz5..

    ETA I had followed up to make sure I got them as I signed up a little early (by 6 minutes). Just got a email from Flybuys crediting my points so not entirely sure they're all getting processed as of yet.

    • Wow that's fast to get the points.
      I will wait….

    • Yes that's really fast. Let me know when you get it processed

      • Wasn't too clear above sorry. I received my processed 300 points. As above I was directly emailing from the night of promotion. Mine is ready to be used. This is not normal processing from what I have read.

  • has anyone received flybuy points after disney+ sign up this time? how soon would the points come through? Thanks.

    • +1

      If eligible, you'll be allocated your 300 bonus Flybuys to your account within 25 days of offer end date.

      The offer doesn't end until the 20th September so could still be up to 25 days days after that.
      This is pretty normal for Flybuys

  • -1

    Has anyone had any luck with a Wise Card? This is the first time I try Wise and the payment got declined by Disney+.

    • I paid with Wise on the 8th of September. No issues.

      • I'm new to Wise. Do I need to do anything extra after I generate the virtual card?

        • Is there enough money on your card, are all your details up to date, are you paying in NZD? @bigcheese might know the answer.

          • @Wakrak: Do you mean I need to top up my Wise account first? I thought it would just charge my linked BNZ credit card like what Paypal does?

            • @xsolider: Add $3 to your NZ wise account and have another go.

            • @xsolider: Wise is a debit card - not a credit card.
              You need to have funds on the account first for it to work, as it uses your own money.
              That will be the reason it is declining.
              As @Wakrak mentioned, add some funds to your account and double check all your details are correct before trying again.

        • As Wakrak says, if you have sufficient funds available, then just use it as you would a normal card online.

          Personally, I leave my cards frozen all the time, and only defrost when I am using it, then re-freeze after, but if you are using them all the time, that might be more hassle than you want to incur for the security.

  • Anyone had issues with Disney+ asking for a zip code on signup and then complaining about payment vs country mismatch? No VPNs here…

    • No problems at all.
      It simply asks for email address, password and then credit card information.

      Have you tried on a different device or incognito window?

  • +2

    For anyone who hasn’t signed up to this promo, remember it ends at 2.59pm today - not midnight like most do.

    • Oh no, I missed it then, thought it would have been midnight :(

      • +1

        Yep - too late.

      • +1

        yeah same :( assumed it was midnight

  • I have still not received flybuy points or Z fuel discount.
    New account and Disney+ subscription : 17th September

    • +2

      If eligible, you'll be allocated your 300 bonus Flybuys to your account within 25 days of offer end date.

      The offer didn’t end until the 20th September so there is still a lot of time left.
      Don’t be surprised if this doesn’t get credited until October some time.

  • My 300 points just rolled in

    • So has mine - bugger!
      I was hoping it would take a few more days so I had until the end of November to use my fuel up not end of October.

  • Good stuff just checked my account and in there too, I did the promo early on.

  • Mine has been added this avo… Again thank you Op

  • Got mine too! Thanks!

  • Mine is still showing zero.

  • For those of you that have received your points, were any of you ‘returning’ members to Disney+?

    • +1

      I got the 300 points last year for the Disney signup and then got them again this time with the same account.

    • nope, new account for me.

    • Yup both mine and my partners accounts were previous subscribers from the last flybuys/disney+ promo

    • Yes.

  • Nothing yet for me. New World dollars. Signed up on the 8th.

    • My points were for Z fuel so maybe they haven’t got to NW dollars yet?

      • Doesn't work like that, all points are flybuys.

    • Staggered rollout, most likely to reduce strain on support is my guess

  • Points came through today! $100 NW shop for us tomorrow 🙌🏼

  • None on mine so far, signed up 8:50pm on the first day

  • Got mine too

  • Those of you with Fuel discount, filling up on a Wednesday should net an additional 10c per litre discount bringing it up to $2.35 off a litre right? Assuming $2.50 a litre (south island) for 91, I could theoretically get the max 50L of petrol for $7.50 (plus the $2 disney plus fee), saving me around $115.50. Never been so excited about a tank of petrol haha.

    • Correct.
      It's a good feeling when a full tank comes out that cheap!

    • What happens when the discount is greater than the fuel price? Has anyone faced that before?

  • hmmm. haven't got mine. Signed up on 8th 8.28pm with a new account.

  • Haven't got mine yet. Signed up on 15th September.

  • Just checked and now received the points on both mine and my partner's accounts. Signed up the 16th.

  • Maybe it's LIFO. Resubscribed on 20/09/22. Processed on 28/09/22.

  • I just checked mine and I can see the fuel discount loaded. Thanks everyone :)

  • I've got my points a week ago but my wife's hasn't come through yet. We signed up on the same day using different credit cards. Is anyone still waiting for the points to turn up as well?

    • +2

      Yep still waiting for mine. I signed up on day one of the offer

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