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Oral-B Floss Action Refill 4 Pack $8.99 + Shipping / Pickup @ Chemist Warehouse


As advertised on the front page of the catalogue.

Managed to grab a few packs from the local

Not a bad price considering a 3 pack is $20.69 and 5 pack is $35.99

Does not fit:

  • Pulsonic.
  • Sonic Complete.

Non compatible con:

  • Vitality Sonic.
  • CrossAction Power.

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  • What store did you go to?

    • Lambton Quay in Wellington

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    Thanks OP.
    Bought two pack from st lukes store, heaps left full stock. No price tag on the shelf, strange hmm..

  • Flat Bush and Botany no stock as at 8:45pm 05 September 2022. Their website may still show as in stock, better ring the store before you go.

  • Bought the last three packs in Sylvia Park, Pakuranga doesn’t have any stock

    • I managed to nab the last few left at Pakuranga this morning

  • I managed to purchase these at the Hastings store. Don't think they had many as it's a new store with newly supplied stock. You will have more chance at CW stores that are a bit more established. This item is available so cheaply as they changed the packaging and it is now a 3-pack.

  • Still stock at St Lukes.

  • got the last 6 at Albany store, have saved $141 today ;)

  • +2

    Not stocked at Hamilton centre place - maybe I’ll try the base later unless anyone can confirm it’s not stocked there

    • There was none on the shelf but I asked the staff there and they got some out of the back for me. Got 4 last night

      • Hey thanks did it sound like they had any left in the back after yours?

        • I didn't check but there was still 2 left in the box (pack of 6) when i left & might be more there. They did ask me how many I wanted so might be worth checking in with them

  • Still stock at St Lukes - in the toothbrush aisle, the stock at the front of the store is gone.

    • Fully sold out when I went there at 5:30pm today..both front and aisle stock. Got a staff person to check the system/out back but none left. Wonder if they will get more in or if that's it?

  • I find the ones with the floss feature hard on the teeth, due to them having plastic hard bits. Maybe that is why they are selling them off cheaply.

    • I prefer them. They aren't plastic, they are silicon

    • Great for removing stucked food if you eat alot

  • None in stock at Onehunga

  • Check the top shelves where they put the spare stocks. Went to Westfield Newmarket around 1pm today. One last piece left on the shelf. Spent a few more minutes walking around the store and found my self back on the same aisle. I looked up and there I saw a whole box!

  • No stock at CW Rodwood Drive or Westfield Manukau mall.

  • OP

  • out of stock in Auckland CBD - stockist said people are hoarding these lol
    toilet paper karen vibes

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    These can be purchased on their website at this price now.

    • Cheers for the update. Just got me six packs for $53.94 delivered (free shipping over $50 spend).

    • Thanks.

      Bought a couple of these plus the facial tissue posted today, and some others to make it over $50

  • Hamilton The base has nothing left in stock.

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    Available in-store at certain The Warehousesss.

    Could try your luck pricematching.


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      Sorry we can't price match on these. Chemist Warehouse are using the non NZ standard of 47999 rotations per minute whereas ours are 48000. Also they have 'Warehouse' in their name, we have confirmed we are the only Warehouse in NZ, so more than likely an imitation or mirage.

      • +3

        "They stock theirs on the third shelf, whereas ours are on the second. Because it's not on the exact same shelf and not facing south-west like ours are, we cannot pricematch sorry."1

        1. Rule 180: Competitor product and The Warehouse product must be facing the same direction (within 15 degrees). 

  • Thanks for the tip - grabbed a couple of packs. Interestingly the regular shelf price was only $9.99 for these - not sure why they are so heavily discounted at an everyday price? Maybe because they are a parallel import or something. I just looked and the last pack I bought was $18.99 for 2 at Briscoes (no doubt there was 40% off or something) but still that was a 2 pack, so this is a great deal for a 4 pack, even at the regular CWS shelf price of $9.99. Thanks again.

  • My delivery order has been delayed. Low stock.

    We would like to inform you that your order has been delayed slightly.
    Unfortunately one of the products you ordered is currently out of stock. We expect to receive more stock shortly. Once received we will post your order asap.
    We thank you for your understanding.

    • You're getting better deal than me.

      Did a Click&Collect, processed the order, then get this:

      We apologise for the inconvenience, but it appears that one or more items are no longer in-stock. Stock may have been damaged, faulty or missing. Please note, if an >option is not chosen in 7 days your order will automatically be cancelled.

      Chose to cancel, then somehow online shopping shows the stock back on for the store. I'm not ordering them anymore. .

    • Thank you for your order with us.
      Unfortunately the product(s) you have purchased cannot be sourced due to a supplier issue.

      The product(s) we couldn't supply were:

      -Oral B Floss Action Refills 4 Pack

      Although every effort is taken to ensure products are in stock occasionally suppliers do not pass on stock information prior to a customer placing an order.

      As we could not source this product(s) we regrettably have to remove this item(s) from your order.

      We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause and have issued a refund which you should receive within 3-5 business days.

    • My order has been shipped.

      • My order has been delivered.

  • I've changed it back to in-store only.

    • I subsequently placed two Click & Collect orders at different stores with stock available and both resulted in zero stock available.

    • They must have found the stock. One order is Ready for Pickup.

    • Collected at lunchtime. Thank you.

  • They cancelled my order

  • Available online again

  • A bit hit and miss, I order within 10 minutes of the post advising it was online last week. The order was cancelled and refunded this morning but now its back online?

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