This was posted 3 months 8 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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Summit Club Members: $250 e-Gift Card for $150 / $150 e-Gift Card for $100 @ Kathmandu


Bit of an oversight.

$250 gift card for $150.
$150 gift card for $100.

Gift Card Options: Father's Day

Spend & save deal spotted on OzBargain but I haven't shared this loophole with them because it would get fixed fairly quickly I reckon.

SC Members 40% off regular price

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  • Got my e-gift card straight away. $250. Paid $150.

    • And then repeat?

      • spend the $250 e-gift card online but pay only $150
      • $100 still left over
      • +2

        Just tried:

        You cannot use this payment method while gift cards are in your cart.

        • 😞

        • Do you still get the 100 off 250 if you spend the egift for an item (not another egift)?

          • +1

            @KoolBananas: Yes because it's all about the price at checkout. $250 item will come down to $150.

          • +1

            @KoolBananas: Definitely a gift that keeps on giving! You'd better make use of it tonight because it will be fixed shortly after 9am tomorrow!

          • +1

            @KoolBananas: Also works in conjunction with the 40% off camping gear - makes some of the more expensive camping items a great deal I.e. save an additional $200 on something over $250

    • same! awesome tip!!

  • It's not coming up as discounted at checkout, what have I missed?

      1. Are you logged in as a Summit Club member
      2. Did you choose the Father's Day gift card

      • Nice find and it definitely works for me
        Just tested now on both gift cards.

      • Sorted, thanks.
        I was logged in but tried the $150 for $50 voucher which didn't work.
        $250 for $150 works. Thanks

  • $150 gift card is $100, typo in description

    • Cheers. Fixed.

  • Sweet! Great find as usual!

  • Grabbed one thanks OP

  • Got one thanks.

  • Grabbed one thanks.

  • What a legend.

  • Got two. Thank you

  • Wow.. Great deal.. 👍👌Thanks

  • $150 giftcard + $100 clearance item = $250.
    At checkout it says "spend $250 and Save $100" = $150 total for giftcard and $100 item. Stoked. Thanks OP

  • Will they honour it once they find out though?

  • whats the expiry?

    • +2

      There is no expiration date on the unused balance of an e-gift card. An e-gift card should be treated like cash.


  • +2

    Going to share elsewhere at midnight.

    • +10

      Nah bugger it. Cheapies for life. Just be aware:

      Kathmandu reserves the right to amend the terms and conditions of the e-gift card at any time and to take appropriate actions, including the cancellation of an e-gift card if, at its discretion, it deems such action necessary.

  • can you stack multiple $250 gift card to buy something?

    • +1

      Yes, they can be combined when checking out

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  • I suppose this is a good way to get products that do not get a high discount % during a sale. like good boots.

  • No Expiry Date. worth it.

  • +3

    One approach. Buy $250 voucher for $150.

    (order 1) $250 = $150 at checkout.
    (order 2) $250 = $150 ($100 with gift card + $50)
    You spend $200. Purchase worth, $500.

    (order 1) $250 = $150
    (order 2) $150 = $100
    You spend $150, Purchase worth, $400.

    • I think I'm missing something - in your second order, are you saying use the gift card to reduce the price further?

      • +1

        Both take advantage of the actual deal. Spend $250, save $100 etc. To maximize your savings, get as close as possible to that $150 or $250 minimum spend.

        (order 1) $250 - $100 (promotion) = $150
        (order 2) $150 - $50 (promotion) = $100
        = $250 gift card spent across two separate orders.

        • +1

          Great, thanks! I ended up getting the $250 gift card, and then used it on a pair of boots - made them half price once the full discount was applied, and good boots very rarely go that low. Great deal!

          • +2

            @joshtnz: I was thinking

            Buy $150 gift card for $100


            Put $250 worth of goods in basket, less discount, pay with the gift card.

            Total cost $100 for $250 worth of goods.

            • @kiwijunglist: tried the multiple gift card thing got this error on check out using my voucher

              You cannot use this payment method while gift cards are in your cart.

              • +2

                @starfishhunter9: Yes can't use voucher to buy voucher …

                But can get discount on voucher then discount on goods and pay with voucher

            • @kiwijunglist: Thanks for the tip. Used your buying method, got $280 clothes for $130.

    • +1

      Would be even better for the selected camping gear on sale at 40% off.

      Camping Sale 40% off plus promotion maximum another 40% off depending how close to $150 or $250 you get, plus the effective 40% off you get from e-gift card purchase prior

  • +5

    Oh man I should be going to work not scrolling deals I don't really need

  • +1

    I imagine this will be messy to try and clean up, someone will likely be having a rough Friday. Awesome deal though, cheers Wakrak!

    • +1

      I would have thought this would be easy to clean up.
      Just exclude gift cards from the promo? 🤷‍♂️

      This happens from time to time with other retailers too (The Warehouse have done it in the past).
      The key is to be as on the ball as Wakrak and spot it.

      • That would be the way to prevent it, absolutely. I meant to clean up in terms of deciding whether or not to honour the orders that have taken advantage of it, and if not how to figure that out when the gift card has been redeemed by someone other than the original purchaser.

  • What is everyone buying? I feel ripped off buying when there’s no sale, even with the gift card (might wait for the 50% off Kathmandu items at a later sale)

    • I bought some Salomon hiking boots which was already on clearance for $280 which is an added bonus

    • +1

      Got a new camping table and self inflating mattress to replace our current one. Got myself a new sleeping bag and some Keen sandals. Wife got the same Keen sandals and a jacket. Pretty happy with what we got so far.

  • Does this still work? Won't let me put in CC details….

    Keeps saying GraphQL error: No such entity with addressId = 4292661

    PayPal gives error too, or is it just me?

    • I tried with insufficient funds and didn't come across any error except insufficient funds. Logged in to PayPal with no issues too. I just didn't complete the order.

      • Damn must be my account, luckily I bought one last night

      • It fixed itself, must be something to do with cache… Thats for troubleshooting haha

  • I haven't shopped at Kathmandu in years but am very tempted by this

  • Damn got excited as had a couple on things that I was planning on getting and they were on sale yesterday.
    Do'h sale on those over!. Will keep this card for next time. Thanks Wakrak!

    • Same here. I thought the buy 3 clearance items, get lowest priced item free deal was still going. Was going to stock up on fleece pullovers.

      • You can still buy $250 worth of clearance items and only pay $150 with the gift card ;)

        • +2

          $250 of clearance items will only cost $100 cash right?

          Step 1: Spend $100 and get a $150 gift card (due to $50 discount)
          Step 2: Load $250 of items into your cart which drops to $150 due to the $100 discount
          Step 3: Use the $150 gift card to checkout

          That means you get $250 of clearance items for $100 spending money

          • +1

            @Tmurder91: I was referring to using the $250 gift card that was purchased for $150 and get a remaining balance of $100 left on the gift card after payment :)

  • Looks like they've fixed it, discount no longer applied in cart on gift cards, only items

    • Just added one to my cart just now (again) and it seems to still work for me

    • Still working

      • Yupp still working, got the gift card in the email. Cheers Wakrak!

    • +1

      Were you logged in as a member / selected the Father's Day gift card?

      • Doh! Overlooked the Fathers Day part

  • The only time I ever shop at Kathmandu is when I can get my hands on a Friends & Family voucher (60% off across the board) Their RRP pricing is absurd.

  • How do you pay with gift card in cart? don't see any option to enter gift card.

  • Does anyone know if you can buy vouchers with your voucher? i.e. buy $150 voucher for $100 then get a $250 voucher with that $150?

    • Nope. doesn't work

      • Bummer, thank you!

  • +1

    Don't forget 0.5% kiwiwallet cashback lol.

  • Great deal if you shop there. I just tried, works even for new sign up if anyone is interested. I don't shop there, will pass, but still upvoted…haha

  • Thanks man - awesome deal

  • Looks like they have fixed it - I had stuff in my bag I was going to order along with the $250 gift card, and now it is no longer showing the -$100 discount on my order :(

    • +1

      Gift card is still $150 at checkout for me.

      • Bizarre, the discount disappeared for me on both mobile and on computer - even after making sure I was logged in and refreshing.
        Refreshed again and the discount is showing again. You have the magic comment, Wakrak.

  • Just grabbed a $250 voucher! Cheers Wakrak.

  • doesn't seem like they are fixing it… probably means cancellation? with a strongly worded email like warehouse

  • I had a gift card in my cart and the discout had applied, then I decided to have a look at what to buy and it's no longer working. Looks like they have fixed it in the last couple of minutes.

    • +1

      Still works for me (all the way up to the payment screen).

    • +1

      Sorry I was wrong, it's still working. Weird it took a few goes for it to come down to $150.

  • Thanks Wakrak, you are awesome!

  • +1

    Thank you for this deal! I had my eye on the Zeolite shakedry jacket for trail running and it was on clearance for $280. Got it with my $250 voucher that cost $150. How awesome is that! I still have $70 left on my gift card. What a great saving.

  • Thanks still work for me. Bought $150 gift card for $100 then bought some stuffs for $250 with $100 discount using gift card.

    • Now they're going to be upset you didn't share with them!
      The countdown is on until this is closed down.

      • +4

        Just pretend we're not here. Like Homer disappearing into that bush.

        • Was only a matter of time. I've now posted it as a deal on OzBargain.

          • @Wakrak: You could have posted as a separate deal on OZ, maybe could have been one of the top post for the month lol. Still it is not a different deal maybe it won't get that much traction I think.

            On side note, I still can't believe it is working for so long.

  • Is it working for anyone else?

    • Looks like they fixed it…haha

    • Done and done.

      • Twas indeed another awesome party!

    • OZ bargain cheapied it.

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