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Xbox Series X 1TB Console $719.10 Shipped (Requires MarketClub, $759.05 + Shipping with Code SAVE5) @ The Warehouse, The Market


Code BONUS requires MarketClub membership.

Alternatively, with code SAVE5

Order Summary

Subtotal    $799.00
Shipping Total    $0
MarketClub+ Shipping Discount - $6.00
Total (GST Inclusive)    $799.00
GST $104.22
Coupon Savings    - $39.95
Payment Total    $759.05

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Both referrer and referee receive $20 off purchases of $99 or more.

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  • Got one thanks

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    $719.10 with code TMXLK524 if you haven't already used it.

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  • Or 10% off with this one (apparently tomorrow)

    • Don't hold me to that!
      I'm not confident that their online chat has got it correct but I'll wait in hope.

  • They got new stock pretty quick eh

    • more just allocations between TWH/The Market/NL
      Also can you update this to add "$719.10 with code TMXLK524 "

      • You should be able to do it yourself or is it locked in for some reason?

        • with market links, us plebs can't edit always comes up with something like this:

          "Cannot change deal from The Warehouse to a different store. If it really needs to be done, please contact a moderator."

          • @Huntakillaz: Weird. You're not changing links though. Just the code. I'll sort it now.

            • @Wakrak: yeah regardless it always comes up with TheMarket stuff

              try it with a test account and you'll see

              • @Huntakillaz: Add both codes pls.

                Credit: TheDealMan
                Original Coupon Deal

                Using Save5 Code:
                Original Coupon Deal

                Order Summary

                Subtotal    $799.00
                Shipping Total    $0
                MarketClub+ Shipping Discount - $6.00
                Total (GST Inclusive)    $799.00
                GST $104.22
                Coupon Savings    - $39.95
                Payment Total    $759.05
                • @Huntakillaz: What does it say when you edit your deal and can't add SAVE5 yourself to the coupon box? (provide a screenshot if possible)

                  • @Wakrak: Same thing, can't edit any aspect even if you don't touch the link box

                    • @Huntakillaz: Must be something wrong with your account then, because I've never heard of that happening before (and see people change codes on their posts quite often).

                      • +1

                        @Wakrak: I can change it for any other type just not TheMarket

                        hmmm 🤔

                        • @Huntakillaz: Good to know. I'll see what the mods reckon.

                        • @Huntakillaz: Just did a test on my SAVE5 post with The Market.
                          Managed to add the 10% code no worries.

                          test only - I've reverted it back now.

                          • @bigcheese: Interesting, so I have a restriction 😅

                            • @Huntakillaz: Try it on a different device.
                              I have had some issues occasionally with modifying a post on my laptop and then it works on the phone.
                              Either that or you've offended the mods!

                              • @bigcheese: Nope same thing on different device

                                Desktop - > Firefox
                                Mobile - > Chrome

                                So it means I've 'offended the mods!" 😮🤣 most likely

                                • @Huntakillaz: Try reporting your deal to them to see if they have any ideas.
                                  Seems odd that you can change other deals just not The Market.

                                  • @bigcheese: Wakrak's on the case, and if not i just do what i usually do and update it in the comments or report/delete my post if its urgent

  • 10% off also using Bonus:

  • Thanks all for sharing. Just wanted your opinion. I'm sitting on the fence on whether to get an Xbox or a PS5. I've had both in the past. XBox 360 was good because it had Kinect (something PS doesn't have). But looking at it, seems like kinect is now discontinued.

    • PSVR2 coming 1st half 2023

    • The fact you can buy the Xbox x for less than the RRP has got to be a positive.

      I can't say the same for PS5 and seem to be only able to buy bundles from the nz retailers now, also all indications are pointing to the fact that the price on the PS5 are likely to go up another €30 ($80nzd)

      Personally I have always been Playstation over Xbox. The dearer price point didn't stop me ordering one when there was an option to =)

      • I had a PS1, PS2 then switched to Xbox 360 because it had Kinect which is actually really good and unique. I've also seen PS as having more games than XBox does in the past. Haven't had the need to go to console for a few years now as I just game on a PC computer instead.

        • +1

          If you have a PC then you dont need Xbox since you can just get a Xbox gamepass and hookup your controller to the pc

  • Code TMXLK524 finishes today. Code BONUS gives the same discount but requires MarketClub membership.

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