What's the best way to use up ASB TrueRewards?

I forgot they existed and now have $300 worth.

I used to be able to use them as payment at Mobil but that stopped, and seemed like the most economical usage of them since they displaced money I would otherwise have spent from my cash balance.

I don't really need rando junk from their shop unless there's a particular deal, but the last time I looked it was just normal pricing but with a TrueRewards currency sign.


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    They stopped Mobile because they moved to a partnership with BP instead, so you can use them there.

    Otherwise you can use them at partner stores

    For example Farmers, Mitre10, Noel Leeming, Torpedo7 etc all accept them.

    You will need to have the true rewards card to do this (just order a new through the app if you've lost yours)

    Great chance to stack one of the Torpedo7 CSC codes and pay using True Rewards instead of a credit card

    • Oh, cool, I guess I didn't bother to look again after Mobil stopped taking them.

      No real interest in those other stores but Mitre10 is useful to know. Regularly getting bits and pieces from them.

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    Can buy prezzy card at BP but costs 5.95 to load a card.. Then you can use it any place that accepts credit card.

  • Buy something at Noel Leeming and then flip it on Trade Me?

    • Not as good as buying fuel unless ASB are offering something on the TrueRewards shop that sells well below normal market rates (as opposed to RRP).

      If I buy $50 of fuel, I offset $50 of cash I would have spent otherwise. Full dollar to dollar value.

      Whereas if I buy $50 of item, and sell it for $40, I'm out $10. Or only 80c in every dollar in value.

      When I was turned down at Mobil I thought they just stopped offering fuel, and the rare time I looked at TrueRewards store there was nothing more compelling than fuel.

      Now I know that fuel is available, I'll just go to BP unless someone pops out with "they've negotiated X contract with Y vendor that makes it cheaper than anywhere else", eg hotel rates that are 30% cheaper than TripAdvisor or something.

      • Following. I am in the same boat as you, looking to spend my TrueRewards $ (most of it from the $300 free TR promotion back then) but didn't feel enticed to spend it on the TR shop.

        I don't quite like to spend it at BP - my local Z is cheaper than BP.

        Anyone knows of any credit card deals around? Thinking to spend my TR $, then ditch the card.

        • Did you get the $300 rewards as soon as you spent the minimum spend? I met that requirement ages ago but haven't been paid out yet and T&Cs say paid by October. So not sure if been accidentally not paid or will eventually get paid

          • @sam01: Yup I think I got it as soon as the minimum spend was hit. Started using the card end of March this year and got the $300 bonus by end of June. Wouldn't hurt to call them if you suspect that the bonus is missing.

  • I'm following this as well. I was looking at getting warehouse giftcard. Put off by $8 card handling charge. Would rather get Prezzy card from BP as mentioned in this thread unless something more compelling comes up!

    • Where does it say $8 fee please?

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        Once you add the gift card to cart and go to checkout you'll be able to see the Gift card courier and handling fee which is $4.5 for gift cards below $60 and $8 for card value over $60.

  • I bought 3 bottles of whisky from Fine Wine Delivery with my $300 bonus points

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    Put the money into your kiwisaver rather than use the points on items which you could buy normally to earn more points.

    • Sensible option if one is planning to cash out from kiwisaver, but needs to factor in that none of the asb kiwisaver funds are performing the best over the long term compared to other providers

      • Any recommendations on other KiwiSaver providers please?

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          It may be better to start a new forum to discuss how to figure out which ones are likely to be best performing kiwisaver funds with a bit more detail. I would be keen to focus on the reasons why to invest with a (chosen) kiwisaver company (along with disadvantages) as opposed to making a recommendation for a "abc" provider per se..

          For starters, worth looking at the Morningstar reports, on performance and "risk" charts, it's clear there was an outlier (over the long term) that perform better without taking undue risk.

          There are also personal circumstances to consider as well, and I am not a financial advisor. This is just a chat forum.
          It would be fair to say there are a number of factors to consider some of which I felt is not well documented, i.e. fees is a factor but not the only consideration.

          Nevertheless, even if statements of fact are well documented, that does not mean that people will act on the information, e.g. well documented that Trust Power is one of the most expensive electricity retailers, and yet they seem to have lots of loyal customers that are happy to pay a much higher premium for a long time.

          Well documented that smoking is bad for health.. etc..

          so documentation is only part of the journey but may help the cheapies community who are more likely to seek out things that are better valued.

  • There are True Reward partner stores where you just use it like Cash. I use mine up at Mitre10 and moreso Torpedo7

    • A true cheapie, stacking 'free' money with discount codes to make it go further, where would we be without the Torpedo7 hospitality code!

      • Haha was gonna mention that but kinda implied around these parts!

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