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50 Bonus Flybuys Points with $40 Minimum Spend @ Z or Caltex


May be targeted but I found this on my Flybuys App under the ‘Extras’ category.

Scan your Flybys and you'll recieve 50 bonus Flybuys! Simply spend $40 or more at your local Z or participating Caltex between 25 August and 3 September.^

At Z and Caltex, you can save 6c off per litre every day, or 10c off per litre every Wednesday, so head to the pump and make the most of the savings today! Discount applies on up to 50L per transaction.*

Terms and conditions

  • Get 50 bonus Flybuys when you spend at least $40 (after the application of any Pumped or Z & Caltex Fuel Discount) on petrol or diesel ("Fuel") in a single transaction at any participating Caltex station/any Z service station nationwide until 2 September 2022 ("Promotion Period") and scan your Flybuys ("Flybuys Offer").
  • Flybuys Offer only available to recipients of this communication.
  • Flybuys Offer cannot be combined with any other bonus Flybuys promotion or offer and is not available with Z Sharetank or Z Business.
  • Bonus Flybuys will not appear on your receipt and will be loaded to your account within 10 business days of the end of the promotion period.
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  • +2

    Targeted ..

    I had the same offer recently. It was great

    • Yeah, I saw this last time and I couldn't find it on my app or account. It was for 100 points back in June, I believe.

      I still did it and kept the receipt. Then I emailed them and the points were granted then. No questions asked.

      It helps if we have a screenshot - OP or anyone could you pm me one? Just in case I have to ask again?

      • I was going to send it to you but it's now disappeared from my app!
        Was definitely there yesterday.

        • The same happen to me! Maybe it's expired today?

          • @zajnic: Pretty sure it was good for another 8-9 days which ties in with the expiry in the post.

            Does anyone else who had it previously still have it visible?

            • @bigcheese: Maybe they hadn't realised it could turn into a $18.75 discount off of $40.00 spend, and pulled it.

        • That was the problem I had. I saw it, I went and got it and then when I needed to prove, it disappeared.

          That's not the first time it happened! But thank you though!

  • That's worth about $9.00 I reckon - nice!

    • +1

      $18.75 in fact if you reedem them on max 50L.

      • +1

        Yes - if you use it for fuel discount, and assuming you spend enough on Fuel to maximise it.

  • Thanks. Used it a couple weeks ago after they mentioned it in the email. In my app for this new deal so will do again

  • Nice, another one, i had 2 of these in recent months, and this help to fight with the high petrol price

  • Thanks OP wasn't aware of this before you post!

  • +4

    I also had this offer a couple of months ago. It was 50 Flybuys for each $40 spend. I had an empty tank when I got the email so filled up that day and filled up again the final day. Spent $200 (5x $40 fills) and got 250 bonus Flybuys. Last week I cashed them in and got a full tank of petrol for $3.

    • So we can do as many as we can fills and stack the savings? From rough estimate, we can do 7-8 $40 transaction between family members

  • How can I effectively spend 150 points? Some are expiring and I don't think I can do the New World swap except during promotional periods?

    • 150 points are worth around $27 if you are using them for 'rewards'. I haven't looked recently, but are there any rewards for low points? I think they used to do cinema tickets for example, which might be under 150 points?

  • +1

    Does it work in caltex and Z apps?

  • I have to use up my flybuy PTS earned from Disney plus subscription by the end of this month.

    • When did you get the points? I had it in the back of my head that they last for 36 months, but now you have me concerned.

      • If you have your reward set to fuel then you need to use it by the end of the following month.
        If you just earn Flybuys then they last 36 months.

        • Phew! Thanks :-)

          • @Alan6984: True, I had converted my flybuy PTS to z fuel discount need to redeem it by EOM otherwise they expire. Looking out for 10-20 litres fuel can as my car still has about 20-30 litre of fuel.

            • @BDS: yep, I had this same problem, actually car only takes 35 L (and our other cars were full), so also filled one 10L container I had, and also a 2nd 10L container that came with our diesel heater for our campervan, which I wasnt using. (and still only got to 48.5L, but close enough!)

  • Hi guys, i can't find this under my "Extras" category, refreshed the website and also tried finding in the app.
    Is this a glitch or the deal is not for everyone?

    • The offer is targeted so not available to everyone.

      • Thanks @bigcheese. Now I know what targeted means.

  • Looks like the offer is not available anymore on the App. i could see it yesterday with an expiry date in Sep.

    • Same here! Just checked and it was gone. I wonder if it’s still valid

  • Same here. Took screenshots (inc t&c) yesterday but the deal disappeared today. Flybuys must be on to the cheapies 😂 I was going to fill $40 today, but since it has disappeared, I will go somewhere else cheaper instead.

  • Can we not make a complaint about this, just about to fill up tomorrow and found out they end the promo before expiry date they stated!

    • You can most certainly lodge a complaint.

  • Just recieved an email about this offer today. Can you use it multiple times per $40 of fuel.

    From the email
    Remember, you have until 2 September to get 50 bonus Flybuys when you spend over $40 on fuel at your local Z or Caltex.*

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