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15 Pairs of Briefs/Boxers (Five 3-Packs) for $42.95 Delivered ($2.86 each) @ Bendon Lingerie


Bendon are having a fathers day sale with 5 pairs of boxers/briefs for $55.
They didn't exclude the 3 packs of boxers and briefs, making this deal much better.


There are briefs as well

Shipping is $7.95, or Free if spending over $100.

The $20 code seems to work even though the order total is $55
Still trying to wrap my head around it all.
Even cheaper than kmart

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    Nice find, ordered thanks

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      Please no, I still haven't even finished my order yet, if when I make my purchase it turns sold out I will be so sad.

      • Alright, I'm done. Let the floodgates open

        • lol, yeah some sizes already gone

          • @Huntakillaz: Wow, really? I just hope they don't cancel any orders.

            I think when you pick how many to add to the cart, you can see how many are left, some are quite low.

            • @Bill: Think they'd just be stoked to be selling this many undies. They've had similar deals in the past:


              So you could technically buy 10 x 3-packs for $110. Then apply the $20 off, although you would have to pay $8 for shipping. That's 30 pairs for $98. $3.25 each.

              Alternatively, 15 3-packs, apply $20 off, free shipping.That's 45 pairs for $145. $3.25 each.

              or 15 for $42.95 or $2.86 each

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            @Huntakillaz: There are still lots of the twin pack here which are also eligble.

            Cheers Wakrak. Picked up 14 pairs for $42.95
            Only $3 each, a bloody bargin

            • @Tmurder91: Why are we thanking Wakrak again? I thought it was I who posted the deal.

              • @Bill: My bad haha. I was trying to trying to reply with the 2-packs still available, thank you for posting the deal and thank wakrak for finding the previous similar deals

                Clearly too excited about the deal and not paying attention to what I was actually doing lol.

                • @Tmurder91: No problem. Hearing that these types of deals have been available in the past is quite useful.

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                  @Tmurder91: Also, rather than the 2-pack I think the modal ones are also a good choice. I was considering them even though they will be 3x the price.

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              @Tmurder91: You're welcome 😄

  • Wow, that's cheap. Where did you find the code?

    Are these comfortable to wear? Never heard of the brand before. I've ordered anyway. RIP my wallet.

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    No credit? :)

    • Yeah, I was wondering how angry you would be, but thanks for posting your deal.

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        How can I be angry at such an awesome doubledown! (or in this case triple)

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          I was originally just going to comment on your post, but then thought it would be better to just post as a new deal when I was able to stack the $20 off code. I hope you don't have buyer's remorse now.

    • Yeah I upvoted your post too

      Also gmail's + system works for making x acc's

  • Only 15 upvotes for this? Come on

    • Too many Calvin's on the way

      • I wasn't interested in those since they weren't cotton.
        Did you pick some up?

        • Yep, just the one pack. I got some recently as a gift and they're very comfortable, especially when playing sports. Not sure what style my current ones are. I usually wear Bonds organic cotton ribbed trunks (bought more in that recent Bonds / Cashrewards sale).

          I've had Heidi Klums in the past but they're just not for me.

          • @Wakrak: My order updated to international transit to NZ last night.

            And sidenote, I still like My Heidi Klums from that deal.

            • @Kaydubnz: Good to hear. Hopefully my Bonds order is here soon.

              Re: Heidi, don't get me wrong, I think they're great underwear (well constructed), just prefer the Bonds more.

              • @Wakrak: I got some CK's from onceit since there wasn't anything else on the site that interested me, arrived today and nothing special. A bit disappointing, nothing about them is "designer".

      • Yep, I bought some of those, but I couldn't pass up on this one either.

    • Thanks but too many good deals this month, not enough prizes

  • Thanks to both posters! Is it just me or does this not show on the main links home page but only on the side in smaller font? (excuse noobness)

    • I see it on the main page now. The deals don't go there until they have enough votes, default 4. I'm guessing the side one you mean is the new deals.

    • Yeah, I view the main page by new deals and I don't see this one. When I couldn't find it I thought it'd been deleted

  • Nice one. That $20 coupon working too is the icing on the cake.

  • Thanks Bill. I am late to the party, only blue ones left. But still bought 15 pairs.

  • +1


    Some of my things didnt get sent:

    Thank you for your email. Due to a high volume of enquiries, we ask customers to please allow 10 business days for a reply. We understand this is a long lead time, and we appreciate your understanding. Unfortunately, we are experiencing another wave of Covid within our teams and doing our best to get back to customers as soon as possible. You are a priority.

    If you are contacting us today regarding missing items from your order, please reply to this email with MISSING ITEMS and the following information:
    -Missing item description
    -Product name(s)
    -Style Code

    This information will help us significantly to process your query faster.

    Unfortunately, some products have appeared online when they are not in stock in our system. We have since found a fix for this but have a batch of orders still affected. Also, we understand some packing slips in this batch have shown items as shipped and in the order box when they are not, which has caused some concern for our customers.

    What happens next?
    We will process your refund automatically if we no longer have your items in stock. However, if we have these available we will attempt to have these reshipped as we would love to get these out to you.

    If you are contacting us today regarding online order cancellation, please reply to this message with the subject CANCEL and your order number.

    Thanks for your patience and bearing with us as we work through this. Your experience with Bendon is essential to us, and we want to ensure you feel supported and assisted by our team.

    The team at Bendon Lingerie x

    • Ah, that's a shame, but not too surprising.

    • Turns out my order shipped, so I wonder if it'll be complete

    • I had missing items too and an apology note! :( still got 8 trunks for $30. got $13 refunded.

  • yep i had missing items as well, no refund yet but i guess they'll get round to it

  • I contacted they, and this is their reply:

    "Unfortunately there has been an issue with your order. At the time of packing your order the item(s) was out of stock. To which we sincerely apologise.

    The item we cannot ship to you is:

    Cotton Stretch Three Pack Mens Trunk
    SKU: B186-603.NPCW.LGE x5

    We are very sorry about this error. We have been working through a system upgrade which unfortunately has not gone to plan and has greatly effected our stock on hand visibility."

    I really doubt anyone will receive it.

    • Did you receive a refund? I emailed them the other day but haven’t received a reply yet. Was expecting a refund to show up but still nothing (hence the email).

      • Curious if anyone else out there is still waiting?
        My order status is still “UNFULFILLED” with no comms since the order confirmation. A few comments above indicating they’ve confirmed they are out of stock, but wondering why they haven’t gone and refunded all the remaining orders..

        • +1

          They replied to my email yesterday and I got the same reply as above. It was followed by a “credit memo” outlining the amount to be refunded. If you’re still waiting, might be worth emailing them. Waited about a week and half for a reply.

  • Suppose im lucky as my complete order arrived fine

    • Same here. Seems like they are fulfilling in sequential order.

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