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Castrol Magnatec 10W-40 4L Engine Oil $33 @ Repco ($28.05 via Price Match at Mitre10)


This seems to be a popular engine oil based off previous posts.
Not something I use but hopefully of benefit to some of you.

Half price of Repco RRP - usually $67.
Note it is semi-synthetic, not full synthetic.

Mitre 10 have this for $65.99 if you want to try a price match and get it a further 15% off. Will make it $28.05.

The Warehouse is $55, so with their 10% PriceBeat it would come to $29.70.
Slightly more than matching with Mitre 10 but has the advantage that you can do it online.

Standard spiel…

  • 4L. 10W-40. API SN/CF. ACEA A3/B3, A3/B4
  • Semi Synthetic
  • Intelligent molecules dramatically reduce engine wear at start up
  • Protects during all driving conditions, styles & temperatures
  • Intelligent molecules dramatically reduce engine wear at start up
  • Protects during all driving conditions, styles & temperatures

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    Some other engine oils on sale

    • Castrol EDGE 5W-40 A3/B4 Engine Oil 5L - $52
    • Castrol Magnatec Diesel DX 5W-40 Engine Oil 5L - $65
  • Just tried to price beat this via The Warehouse chat online.
    Was denied because it's "on special"…. what?

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      The price promise doesn't mention anything about being on special.
      It states they will simply beat any competitor’s current advertised price by 10%.
      With this deal there are no quantity limits or BOGOF issues to get in the way so should be straightforward.

      I would just try again with a different operator and if you still struggle then ask them where the 'on special' clause is.

      • Heres my response from Eileen who was my 2nd agent

        "Here is the wording on our website for that particular issue :
        Products lowered in price cannot be combined with any other TWL or competitor’s promotion or credit offer, or with any trade terms, direct purchasing from the supplier, limited quantity offers or internet only retailers."

        Apparently I will get a call from the Manager who advised the agent, I could not price promise, so I could complain about both not knowing their policies lol. There are some terrible TWH online chat agents

        • The thing is there are no TWL offers currently on the product and no quantity limits or anything else for that matter.
          I would just go to another agent.
          Should be a very simple pricebeat.
          They really are being pedantic about non-applicable clauses.

          • @bigcheese: George, Eileen and Tenille all say no, its on special

            • @Ebzmyst: Oh and Tenille just told me for us to price promise, both items need to be at full price

              • @Ebzmyst: This seems highly sketch, considering the entire point of such a policy is to be competitive with competitors and their sales etc.

        • To add to this, I tried a price beat and declined for the same reason. Asked if their policy had changed recently as I’ve always been able to beat items on sale - no acknowledgement

          They replied further to me to say the ‘lowered price’ can’t be used with any other promotions and that the price promise is classified as one of their promotions. Please tell me how that makes any sense?

          With all the people without jobs due to Covid, I can’t understand how they’ve managed to hire some of the dumbest

          • @ThatKiwiFella: I spent half an hour on the chat yesterday trying to get a match with the same result and nonsensical answers as everybody else.
            Even took a copy of the chat transcript as it made no sense.
            It was more a proof of concept - I didn't actually need the oil.
            Following I sent an email to seek clarification of their policy as this meets all criteria from what I can tell.
            I'll update when I get a reply.

          • @ThatKiwiFella: So I have a reply now to my email.
            Apparently this is with their legal team and they are looking to clarify the wording in their terms & conditions.

            They have agreed to honour the price for me but have made it clear this may change in the future based on the outcome (of their review).

            If anyone else wants to have a go at a pricebeat I would love to know how you go and to see whether they have changed their stance on this for the moment.

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    Thanks Op. Just went instore to Mitre 10 and got it for $28.05.. excellent as needed oil

  • Just to add to others comments not in this instance but with Noel Leeming ( which are Warehouse group) I had a nightmare trying to get a staff member to price match via online chat. It met all terms and they tried to decline saying they don't match electronics with Eb games ( they for once had an item cheaper) I had to argue and argue with the staff member on the chat. It included me copying and pasting their own policy etc etc In the end I outlined they were breaching their own policy , fair trading act blah blah and I'd be making a formal complaint.

    After about 30 minutes ( not exaggerating) staff member then did a complete U turn in the chat , and apologized saying they were wrong…. Sigh , . I guess at least they owned that they were wrong .

    I got the price match but overall it was like getting blood out of a bloody stone

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