General reminder that you can win prizes on Cheapies

In the two years I've been on here, I've noticed that quite a few people don't know that you can win prizes for having one of the better deals of the month. It encourages people to post more.

ChoiceCheapies Monthly Deal Posting Rewards

There are 5 prizes for the top 5 deal posters (number of upvotes) in a month GiftPay

  • 1x NZ$100
  • 2x NZ$75
  • 2x NZ$50

An individual can win up to 5 times in a calendar year. Me for example (2022):

That's me done for the year.

Most popular deals so far this month


  • Good point.
    The more people that post the better.
    First post is always the hardest but with eagle eyed Wakak around he has the ability to correct anything that's not quite as clear as should be or if it doesn't comply with Cheapies standards.

    This is why it's also important to vote for your favourite deals so that the most popular deals are reflected in the monthly rewards.

  • +2

    I agree. I was one of the said person who didn't know about it for more than 3 years. Probably came to know about it last year I think.

    And yes people please vote if you like the deal or have been beneficial to you. I might have missed out on those prices couple of times. But hey I have scored few great deals.

  • I was happily shocked when I won my first prize.
    But every great deal is like a prize in itself.

  • Umm….. Didn't know this. Thanks, it is an encouragement.

  • You deserve every cent IMO

  • Pro tip: freebies and really cheap deals under $10 usually get the most votes.

    exceptions being retailer "mistake" deals

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