This was posted 9 months 18 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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Buy One Get One Free 365 Day Prepay Plans (Small 1.5GB $160, Med 4GB $250, Large 15GB $330) @ Kogan Mobile


Kogan's birthday buy one get one free deal is back.

There are two copies of each plan in the store, one for a single voucher, the other for the bogof version, make sure you choose the right one.

SMALL (365 Days | 1.5GB Per 30 Days) - $160
MEDIUM (365 Days | 4GB Per 30 Days) - $250
LARGE (365 Days | 15GB Per 30 Days) - $330

Valid for new and existing Kogan Mobile customers.

Voucher needs to be purchased by the 31/8/22 but you have until the 30/9/22 to redeem.

Valid for new and existing Kogan Mobile customers. Personal use only. Offer available on Kogan Mobile Prepay SMALL, MEDIUM and LARGE 365 Day plans purchased before 11:59pm NZST 31/08/2022 unless sold out prior or extended. Not available for commercial or resale purposes. After purchasing a buy one get one free offer, customers will be sent two 365 day Kogan Mobile vouchers via email for their chosen plan. Vouchers expire at 11:59pm NZST on 30/09/2022. Activation or recharge must be made before the voucher expiry date. Only one voucher can be used per activation or recharge. Vouchers do not stack. Vouchers cannot be used in conjunction with any other promotional offers. Vouchers are not transferable for cash. The full amount of each Plan must be paid upon activation, recharge or purchase of a voucher. A Kogan Mobile SIM card must be ordered from or before a Prepaid Plan can be activated. SIM delivery takes up to 10 working days, after which you can activate your Plan.

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    A couple of additional points for the post OP

    • Valid for new and existing Kogan Mobile customers.
    • Voucher needs to be purchased by the 31/8/22 but you have until the 30/9/22 to redeem.
    • Thanks, added

    • wait where did you see that? All I can find is they expire on 31/12/2022?

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    I just wish they would have a proper app/website that displays the data usage correctly and easily.

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      It is appalling isn't it?
      The fact you can only see your usage in weekly blocks is pointless.

      • +3

        yeah and no start and end dates for the data month.

        • Seems pretty accurate to me when logging on to Shows daily data usage with renewal dates.

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            @cwoo: not plan renewal, the data reset date for each month

            • @Huntakillaz: On the Kogan dashboard there are 2 bars, one showing your usage for the month and the other showing how much of your total plan you've used. On the second one where it says "359 days remaining" or something you can hover your mouse over the little "i" icon beside that and it says "Renews 23 Aug 2023" or whatever date you started

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    Awesome timing for those that took advantage of this deal last year

  • Thanks OP. Purchased and have already found someone to split it with. 15GB for 13.75 a month. Not bad.

  • Can you reply to premium text services or message overseas with Kogan yet?

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      Partner got a text from the doctors (short number) the other day. Could not respond. Unsure about overseas texts.

      • Does having a credit balance on the account allow txts to short numbers?
        Or Kogan doesn't allow it at all?

        • Not sure sorry. Hopefully someone else has the answer.

        • +1

          No credit is possible so can't reply

  • Would it be an idea, for new customers, to buy both the $5 prepay starter pack and the buy one get one free offer and combine them? Just wondering if this would work?

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      One would replace the other I think.

      • Thanks. I thought maybe the $5 starter pack could be used first and then the BOGOF one activated following that, 13 months all up.

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          I think that's doable. Use the $5 starter pack up until 29/9/2022, and then activate this offer. I thought you meant use both codes at once.

          • @Wakrak: Sorry, yes, I wasn't very clear in my initial question. Thank you :)

  • Took 10 minutes for the codes to come through.

  • Is it still an issue replying to short codes text messages?

    • Yes.

  • Happy to buy a code for half from someone :)

    • +1

      Might want to turn your private messaging on.

  • Do you have to add 2x Plans to your cart, or do you purchase 1x and they send you 2x codes?

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      Buy 1 plan = receive 2 codes

      Got both my codes at the same time.

  • I'm looking at buying a Large plan if anyone wants to split with me?

  • Also after a large plan if someone had purchased and got 2 codes would be happy to buy one

    • Hey we split the large plan last year haha. I've flicked you a PM.

  • Can you redeem both on the same number now, and have the next 2 years prepaid?

    • +1

      No - definitely don't do that.
      Only one code can be used at a time so you will end up wasting a code.
      Effectively the second code will override the first code.

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    Anyone wants to split on large plans?

    • Might know someone who is. Just trying to find out how long it takes to get the sim as they're wanting a new plan asap.

      • I got a spare sim around. Come pick up for free if you are interested. Based in Auckland

        • Thank you but unfortunately Christchurch based.

  • +1

    link not working?

  • Have split the Large deal with someone 4 months ago. No issues so far.

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    Their ios app sucks. It won't keep you signing in. I use the app 2-3 times per month to check the usage, and every time, I have to manually sign in.

  • Keen to split with someone - PM me (Large)

  • Is the link broken? The site is inaccessible. Im trying to buy large

  • Thanks, was waiting for it as my last years order is about to end by end of September.

  • Thank you! I was waiting for this as last year's just about to expire

  • Presume they send a sim card with the voucher?

    • +1

      Sim cards will be sent out separately - previously this has taken up to a couple of weeks based on my experience.
      Your voucher code will arrive via email. Mine arrived this morning only about 10 minutes after ordering.

  • Anyone keen to split for a medium or large plan?

    • Have you got it sorted yet? I'm looking for someone to split a medium.

  • Cheers OP. Was hoping this deal would pop up again. I purchased last year BOGOF & it expires tomorrow.

  • I have purchased a large plan and looking for someone to split it. Please DM me if interested.

    • Keen. Can you PM me? New account so I cant PM you

      • You'll need to enable PM in account setting

    • Still available

      • Did you manage to find someone? I missed it and keen on a large plan!

  • What happens after 365 days?

    • +3

      The plan ends.

      By default Kogan plans are set to auto-renew, so if this is not turned off you will be charged for the same 365 day plan (at normal prices).
      Really important to turn this off before renewal if this is not what you want - you can do this straight away so you don't forget.

      Otherwise, just buy another voucher and apply it or port to a different provider.
      If you apply a new voucher code prior to the plan ending you will forfeit any remaining time left on your current plan. It does not extend it.

  • Anyone want to split a large plan. CHCH based. Thanks

    • Hey I've sent you a PM

  • Hi, Im purchasing the Large - looking to split, pick up tauranga (sim) will email

  • +1

    Time to make a change from skinny. Skinny no good now you cant roll over the data.

    • Data doesn't roll over on Kogan either.

    • Wow just saw that. Too bad I still have $45 in credit. Do anyone know if I cancel, can I get the credit back?

    • What's changed with Skinny?
      I don't use them so it doesn't affect me but their website still refers to rolling over data for up to 12 months?

      • App is showing no rollover data.

      • Stopped a while back but used be able to roll over the data on all the $16 and above plans. Once or twice a year I would get the 40gb plan and roll that over and the other 10/11 months just pay the $16. Can't do that anymore. Even better when they had double data for Christmas as would buy the 40g at Christmas and get 80g rolled over for the year whole paying only 16 for the other months

        • Got it.
          I see it's available for the $16 & $26 plans still but nothing else.

          • @bigcheese: App is not showing rollover for $16 & $26 plan. I am pretty certain, I could see it last month. Website is still showing it so it's conflicting information.

            • @ace310: I think they might be in the process of removing it for all plans as we speak.

              • @Robbert: Finally looks like I will switch just cause of no rollover.

        • I'm on a $16 Skinny plan, data still show as rollover for me.

  • Anyone else is looking to split on the large plan? :)in Auckland

    • Me! Please PM me, you don't have private messages installed. Cheers!

      • PMed you

        • Let me know if you’re still keen or not please

  • Anyone in Auckland keen on the Large Plan? Excuse the new account, created just to post this :)

    • Hey I've sent you a PM 🙂

  • Hey! anyone in Auckland keen for the Large Plan? :) PM me

  • Anyone to split Small one. Auckland. Pm please

  • Anyone interested in sharing medium plan. Pm me

    • Meant to say large plan

  • Excuse my ignorance but when the plan says unlimited standard calls is that to ALL NZ cellphones and landlines, or just to cellphones? Thanks.

    • +1

      All nz numbers inc landline. Landlines don't cost more than mobiles.

  • Looking to split a medium plan and a small plan. Would prefer to be the purchaser and receive payment through bank transfer before sending the code. You can have the sims and I will just send them to your address. Pm or reply if interested.

    • Hi Bill, I am interested in small one. How can we arrange it?

      • Preferably, you just trust me and send me the money and I'll send you the code.

        Does that work for you?

        • And how about Sim card?

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