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Vegemite 150g $0.99 @ PAK'n SAVE, Westgate


Using my first post to declare Vegemite superior to Marmite.

Unfortunately can’t price match with Warehouse as they don’t sell the small 150g jars so sorry to those outside of Auckland!

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    First post and such wrong information! No way is Vegemite superior to Marmite 😂😂

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      I don't really have marmite these days but vegemite is a definite no for me!
      Vote for the first post though OP.

      • Guys, guys there's no need to fight.

        They're both equally foul.

        Good deal for Pak'N'Save, though. People are paying them to take out their trash.

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          I think they are both equally delicious, not sure why everyone has to pick sides.

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    You are very lucky your post is not getting downvoted hard!

    I think you'll have more luck posting in the correct place

  • Okay but promite is better

  • First post.
    Good deal.
    Up vote from me.

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    Folks, I came from Brazil and we don't have marmite there. So… I noticed people make a big deal of it here in New Zealand, decided to try a sample. I think it's the worst taste I ever tried in my 36 years of life. Can someone put me in the direction of what I've done wrong? I don't really get it how can this even be sold in the supermarket.

    • It's just what you get used to.
      No different to going to South East Asia and seeing all the tourists vomiting over the smell/taste of durian while the locals can't get enough of it.

    • You must not be spreading it thick enough. Spread it like you're spreading peanut butter. (Joking btw).

      • I actually thought I spread too much an I wasn't supposed to have spread it that thick :(

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          He was being sarcastic. The best way to get used to it is on toasted white bread. Spread a good amount of butter and a small amount marmite. More butter than marmite.

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            @Christo: Never ever put it on toast - untoasted white bread, with butter (or whatever), and a very very thin layer of Marmite.

            However, the Marmite you can get in NZ seems very poor, compared to the one you get in the UK. Probably something to do with beer vs water lager.

            • @Alan6984: Ohhhhh so it's actually to mix with some other thing, like peanut butter?!
              I see!
              Yeah, I thought I should just use it like peanut butter and spread heaps on the white bread. Hahaha, silly me

              • -2

                @Neotk: Mix it with peanut butter???? Where did you get that idea from????

                Peanut butter is the devil's excretion!

                • @Alan6984: Alan, you're rubbishing our Marmite and now Peanut Butter.. they're is something terribly wrong with you! 😂

                  • @pdkm: No, no, no - I am rubbishing ALL peanut butter!


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      marmite + cheese in between 2 slices. sandwich press the bread

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        Marmite & potato chip sandwich. I used to froth on those.

        • chicken chips only for me.

        • I can't disagree with that combination :-)

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      It's like workplace bullying in NZ, you'll get used to it. On a serious note though, any lawyer recommendations?

    • I don't use it on bread but as an ingredient in cooking.
      use it as part of the rub/marinade for your next churrasco. :) It's savoury as heck. mar/vege-mite + honey + mustard + smoked paprika.

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      You're not meant to eat it, you dab it behind your ears to attract Kiwi women

      • Actually made me LOL for real!

    • A seedy Vogels toasted with it pissing with butter, then thin layer. Brilliant.

    • On toast with butter or margarine melting into the toast. Thin layer, increase as you like.

      Some things to try:
      Vegemite on toaster with cold thin slice of cheese.
      Vegemite and medium slice of block cut cheese in microwave nuked. Flip it and Let sit for 1 minute. It's presentation isn't great, but the inner cheesey goo is.
      Vegemite and peanut butter, when the ratio is right, kids love this in lunches.
      Vegemite in cooking spaghetti Bolognese or any tomato based sauces.
      Vegemite, sour cream, fresh lettuce, Doritos or corn chips(this is actually epic)

      Vegemite or marmite.

    • Vegemite on toast with avocado could be a good start, the avo mellows it out

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    Think I have to agree OP. I've been converted. I see the light. And it is vegemighty.

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  • Cheesy-mite scrolls. Works equally well with Marmite and Vegemite. Wife makes them regularly with dough from the breadmaker and they never last long!

  • Marmite and scramble eggs on toast.

  • Oh and mouse traps (vegemite with cheese on toast). equally yum and a kids party fav

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    Don’t like Vegemite, but +1 for the ballsy attitude.

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    If you're living in the opposite side of Auckland, PaknSave Botany is doing 1.5 litre Coke vanilla & decaffeinated for $1.09

  • Get in in ya.

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    Another for team Vegemite here.

  • He just smiled

  • Marmite FTW

  • Is it a good bate for rats?

    • +1

      Vegemite would likely fall under 'cruelty to animals'.

    • Might get possums instead.

      • Fair dinkum Sheila!

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