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BOSS Iced Coffee 237ml, 2 for $5 @ PAK'n SAVE, Auckland Stores (Possibly $4.50 via Pricematch at The Warehouse)


Seems like all flavours in a lot if not all of the Auckland stores.
I note that Lincoln Road PNS seems to be slightly cheaper $1.99ea for the Vanilla Iced Latte flavour.


  • Iced Long Black Flash Brew
  • Iced Latte Coffee Rtd
  • Iced Vanilla Latte
  • Iced Double Espresso

Best of luck to those outside of Auckland wanting to price beat with The Warehouse :)

How to pricematch


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  • Did you successfully complete a pricebeat OP? Unsure if they would match a 2 for $5 deal.

    • He must of done it, but no live agents right now.

    • In my experience, they usually don't price beat multibuys - but it might depend on agents.

      I think they were also 99c last week at PnS Clarence St

    • I haven't given a go sorry.. Happy to remove the pricebeat part of the title. Never considered there would be an issue with a multibuy.

  • Have you guys tried crushing the cans with your bare hands? Great quality aluminium! Drink flavours are ok.

    • From memory they're not actually aluminium. They're steel cans. Hence why they are so hard to crush lol

  • -1

    Might be a controversial comment, but I’ve been buying the Nescafe Flat Whites and Mochas for $1 from Countdown this and last week instead of Boss, and they are actually super yum!


    • Also $1 at Pak n Save Moorhouse

    • +3

      Too sweet, I like my coffee healthy and black/bitter.

      • I agree 12grams of sugar

        • Yeah once you are off it its revolting
          so I guess it caters for the masses

      • Even if you put milk it still doesn't add up too 12 g
        but agree once you developed that cofee taste palettee

        • Servings:1
          Sugar per serving: 12.6g

          • @xxlren: I meant when you make it yourself with milk

  • One thing I learned in Japan. Despite no other food doing it to me, this stuff gives me zits!

    Just putting it out there;)

    • Red Bull gives you wiinngs.

      BOSS coffee gives you ziiitts.

      Not quite the slogan I think they're after 😄

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