Reviews Thread has a subscription model, and some really great testing that sits behind it.

Every now and then, someone posts asking for the review or comparison of something on it.

Bigcheese and his recent Torpedo7 philanthropy has inspired me to do something similar with Consumer. So if anyone would like a review of a product, an article, comparison etc then let me know exactly what you require and I'll reply. Probably best to post in the thread here so that the information is searchable by others in the future too.

Some examples of what is available are review of the Panasonic F-YWP33N dehumidifier

Reviews provided so far (updated 21/3/23):

Insurance & Finance
Car & contents insurance comparison
Pet insurance
Travel Insurance
- "What is Kiwisaver" guide
- Kiwisaver comparrison guide
- Growth Funds
- Defensive Funds
- Conservative Funds
- Balanced Funds
- Aggressive Funds

- 215/60 R16
- 225/60 R17
- Ecopia EP300 (185_55 R15)
Car reliability
- VW Golf
Electric and hybrid cars

High chairs

- Jumbuck Double Burner Portable BBQ JBPB219 and trolley
- Masport MB4000
- Electric mowers
- Petrol mowers
- Ride-on mowers
Line trimmers
Leaf blowers and blower vacuums

Heating / Cooling
Under 4kW - High Wall Heatpump
4kW and 6kW high wall
- Mitsubishi Electric MSZ-AP50VGKD
- Panasonic CS/CU-RZ42XKR
- Panasonic CS/CU-Z42XKR
- Daikin FTXM46U
Above 6kw high wall heatpumps
- Daikin FTXV20UVMA
- Fujitsu ASTG12KUCA
- Mitsubishi Electric MSZ-AP25VGKD
- Panasonic CS/CU-Z50XKR-1
Mitsubishi Heavy Industries models
- Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Avanti PLUS / SRK35ZSXA-W
- Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Bronte / SRK63ZRA-W
Freestanding wood burners
- Panasonic F-YWP33N
- Panasonic F-YCL27N
- Mitsubishi Oasis MJ-E22VX-A1-W

Ovens & Cooktops
- Benchtop ovens
- Built-in ovens
- Haier HWO60S8EPB2
- Induction Cooktops - Updated March 2023
- - Beko BCT603IG
- - Beko_BCT601IGN
- Gas Cooktops
- Haier HCE604TB3
- Westinghouse WSF6604WA
- Miele G 5000 SC dishwasher
- Haier HDW13V1W1
Fridges (french/sidebyside/top-mount/bottom mount)
Food dehydrators
Food mixers
- Kogan 1200W Premium Stand Mixer
Frying pans
Hand held blenders
Single serve blenders
- NutriBullet Pro 5pc set 900W NB9-0507
Rice Cookers
- Breville "The Smart Rice Box LRC480WHT"
Bread makers
Coffee Machines - Espresso

Appliances / Home
Air fryers
- Vortex Plus 5.7L Air Fryer
Air purifiers
- Kmart Anko KJ300GR-G1E
- Electrolux EDV605H3WB
Electric Toothbrushes
Jugs & Kettles - Updated April 2023
- Breville the TempSet Kettle LKE842
Robot vacuum cleaners
Steam stations
Stick vacuums
Vacuum cleaners
Washer Dryer Combos
- Bosch WNA254U1AU
Washing Machines also updated list
- Bosch WAN24121AU
- Fisher & Paykel WA8560P1
- LG WTG7520
- LG WV6-1409
- Electrolux EWF9042R7WB
- Ozito 1800W 2030psi High Pressure Washer HPW-2030
Carpet Cleaners
- Bissell CleanView PowerBrush 37E3G
- Bissell Power Clean Max Carpet Shampooer 3112F

Baby Thermometers
IP Securty Cameras

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Consumer NZ
Consumer NZ


      • Hey Tmurder, firstly thanks for the work so far mate, very helpful.
        Would you compare some 225/60 R17 please. Cheers

  • Hi @Tmurder91
    could you please share the vacuum cleaner reviews, specifically looking for the non-stick.
    Have the Bissel Poweforce but the OH is not happy with it - the pole is not long enough if you want to vacuum the top corner of the windows, and also it seems to throw out micro dust particles.

    • Here you are. Regular vacuum cleaners

      Note that they do the comparisons under the title "Standard vacuum cleaners" but it contains both canister and upright ones (ie the corded version of a stick)

      Crazy to see the top 6x spots all being Miele under $1000 and then the next 3 being other brands over $1000

      • Thank you, much appreciated. Now waiting for good deal on the Mieles

  • Hey OP, would love to see the comparisons/reviews between different food dehydrators. Much appreciated!

    • Here you go, Food Dehydrators

      Let me know if you want the detailed of a specific model

      • Of course Excalibur is at the top lol.. but good to see the one I’m looking at is second on the list.

        That’s a good enough reference, thanks!

  • Hey @Tmurder91, could i get dryers please? i saw you did washer/dryers but just after normal dryers:

  • Hi OP, may I please have the scores for Toasters

    • +1

      For some reason, I cannot upload in one file … The site have image dimension restriction ?

      • Thank you @thesla

      • Cheers for that. Much nicer looking than the one I posted a few weeks back.

        Weird that its not letting you upload in a single file though, I wasn't aware of a file size or resolution cap

  • Could you please share ebikes?

    I'm particularly interested in this one…

  • Can you please check review for sound bars

    Eyeing for Sonos Beam. But open for other options.


    • All sound bars

      The beam got pretty average.

      There has been some soundbar talk elsewhere on the site so perhaps search for that.

      Also, recommend finding something that seems a good price then checking out for some very very good reviews

      • Thanks. Beam 2 is not on the list. Looks like lots of other models are missing. That takes me back to my search for better/affordable soundbar. Hopefully Costco might get something to work with.

        • Beam 2 on rtings

          Seems like the Sonos Arc might be a good alternative

          Ottherwise stepping down to something like the Samsung A550 for a bit more of a budget option when you can pick a good sale

  • Any chance you could check strollers?

    Please and thanks!

    • +1

      Here are the strollers

      Let me know if you need details of a specifc one

  • Hi OP

    Could you please check Action Cameras for me please

    • I can’t see what review / article you mean.

      Can you please give me the link of the paywalled article

      • +1

        Sorry I just went to look again and realised i had misread it. I thought it was telling me I needed to login to view content but it was saying no content 😂🤦‍♀️

  • +1

    What an amazing thread !

  • +1

    I agree - whist I haven't requested anything myself (so far!) I would like to say a big 'Thank You' to Tmurder91 for the superb effort and assistance in providing the info.

  • Tmurder91 thank you very much for all your help here. I am actually in the process of purchasing a top loader (Mum's preference) washing machine for my folks and would love to see what has on it (top 10 of sort would be epic!).

    Thank you again.

  • Hi following a post on the main page for a dishwasher , could we please jave the details for this dishwasher :…

    How does it compare to the other one they have reviewed?

    Thank you

  • Hi @Tmurder91

    Can you please give me any information on non-stick pans?

    • +3

      Well bugger me, Kmart topped the list of frying pans haha

      • +2

        Wowie. That price difference between 1st and 2nd.

        "The $17 Kmart frying pan that topped our test" (2020)

        • Thankfully second place was cast iron rather than Teflon coated stainless steel which explains some of the cost difference

          I’m more shocked by 5th place

      • Wow

      • Thanks Tmurder91.

        Yeah, I have bought 2 or 3 of these Kmart pans because of this surprise ranking. They are adequate, but the non-stick coating wears away quickly in the area where the handle is connected to the pan.

        I don't think I will bother with them again.

      • If the second placed one lasted, say, thirty years (not likely, but maybe), you could buy the first placed one, replace it every eighteen months, and be in just about the same place, except you only had $19 invested, rather than $360. If you accrue 5% interest forgone / avoided, then you could replace the first placed one every year, and still be ahead financially.

        No doubt worse for the environment, but still….

        • Definitely a lot worse for the environment.

          And cast iron should last you a lot longer than 30 years. With maintenance, it’s easy to get 50+ years out of one.
          My cast iron was a poor quality one that I restored. Plenty of YouTube videos to show how it can be done.

          But they do serve slightly different purposes, I have Teflon, cast iron, enamelled cast iron, and stainless steel for various purposes

          • +1

            @Tmurder91: Economically though, if you buy the second best rated pan, you are spending the price of the best rated pan every year, literally, forever (even after the second best pan is long gone).

            Just bears considering for anyone that would struggle, but might be able to scrape up enough, to afford the $360 pan.

  • We are looking to buy a baby monitor but there are just too many products to choose from. Could someone please share the review please? Thank you.

    • +3

      Along with other baby monitors, keep Eufy 2k indoor pan & tilt in mind. It has baby monitoring feature as well. I have 2 of them indoor, haven't used it as baby monitor but one of my friend has. According to him it works fine and he has a cheap android tablet to view the video in case. Mine did capture my little one crying twice.…

      Cheaper via Aliexpress if you can wait for few days, I got mine in around 12-15days.

    • +1

      I would recommend going down the route of indoor security cameras rather than baby monitors too.

      I've got 2 baby monitors and quite a few security cameras, and the normal cameras are just better. Its easier to get multiple cameras using a single app (ie Eufy or Wyze) plus once baby is old enough to not need the camera, you can just move it somewhere else and have an additional security camera for your house.

      For baby monitors, also consider getting the really cheap audio only device that are both battery powered and have the transmitter and receiver units so you are not stuck using your camera or even wifi (makes it easy to go to other peoples houses and take it with you)

      If you are set on the idea of a baby monitor camera though, I have the Uniden BW150R - HD Pan & Tilt Smart Baby Camera and its fairly good. With the "CSCBG Main" code the price is $175.37
      It reviewed good on consumer and was easy to find (this was a rare case of me needing something at very short notice and going with a "good enough" option as it was in stock and available same day

      Otherwise here you go, Baby Monitors

      • Wonder they have all sorts of indoor camera as baby monitors, but no Eufy in the list even though it has special Sound detection for baby crying in the room.

        • I do often wonder how they do their product selection as its not how I personally would. I suspect they actually look at major whiteware and tech retailers like Noel Leeming & Harvey Norman, find what options they have available and then use that as their base

          • @Tmurder91: If so, Eufy is widely available at almost all major retailers like NL, Supercheap, Bunnings, pbtech etc. I also found that they don't cover Xiaomi much either like they don't have any robot vacuums

            • @ace310: Yeah my thoughts was just their starting point. They also seem to do some other weird decisions. Whiteware for example, many of the washers, dryers, fridges etc are not available anymore even though the articles show updated within a month or 2 of when I check

  • Hi @Tmurder91.

    Any chance you can grab the Subaru Impreza from this car reliability review. Cheers!!

    • +1

      Here you are, Subaru Impreza

      There are over 100 total cars in the list so its not the nicest thing to look at, but if anyone wants to look at a glace and ask for a specific model, here is the rest of the list"
      Part A
      Part B
      Part C

      • Cheers, really appreciate it!

  • Hi Tmurder91 , would it be possible to get the comparation for the electric mowers?

    Many, many thanks !

    • +2

      Here you are, Electric Lawnmowers

      • Hi @Tmurder91, could you please also provide the reviews for petrol mowers? Looking to make a purchase (still undecided between petrol and electric) within the month so would be nice to have all the available data. Thanks in advance!

  • Any chance you could put the irons and steamer review up? Looking at the steamers specifically. Thanks!

  • Could I please grab the report for Wall Ovens - Ta!

    • Here you go, Built-in ovens

      • Much appreciated, thanks!

      • This was a great help, thanks!

  • Looking at some wireless earpods, are you able to access this? Thanks in advance!

    • If you really want I'm happy to pull that one (82 items)

      But I'd really suggest checking out Rtings (pronounced ratings) if your desired models are on there. They do amazing detailed content

  • Hey Tmurder91, how about chest freezers? I don't think those have been asked for (just fridges with freezers on the bottom).

    • Not a huge selection so I included chest and upright


  • Could someone please share the reviews for line trimmers? Mine died the other day :-(…

    • +1

      I owned a Stilh petrol trimmer for 9 years and it was flawless - with one issue that quite recently it started 'bogging' when the throttle was pressed. - so I bought the updated model, (during a good discounted sale). Then the son'n'law who is a small engine mechanic told me the exhaust muffler thing was probably blocked. He was right it was very simple to fix - 5 mins with a wire brush and the old line trimmer was back to running perfectly. Anyway I sold it for $75 and so the new one only cost me about $130 ! Anyway I can say the Stihl one I had and now have seem to be good machines.

      • Thanks for the feedback. I have a petrol mower and it has started giving me grief so I'm thinking that I might make the switch to a battery powered one in future and with that in mind I plan to get a battery powered electric trimmer of the same make so that I can interchange the batteries.

    • +1
      • Thanks

  • Morning @Tmurder91

    Came across this one and was wondering if you’d be able to share this one…

    Many thanks!

    • +1
      • +1

        Looks like the data used is from Sep'2019. More than 3 years old. Lots have changed since then. Also, only Leaf is considered in the comparison which also might be a first gen leaf. There are so many EVs like Tesla, BYD, Kia, Hyundai etc now. I don't think this is a relevant article to be reviewed as of today.

      • Sorry dumb question, the files that I open appear blurry. Is there any trick to make them clearer to read? Thanks

        • Interesting. Not very good for me either. So it’s some compression going on. I didn’t actually check it out before uploading so could be my fault, or the site compression. Im on mobile currently so will try uploading again tomorrow from my PC

          • @Tmurder91: What mechanism are you using to generate the image from the website?

            • @Alan6984: Firefox print screen option as it has a single click to take a screenshot of the whole page (even stuff off screen)

              Gotta go back and check a previous article as I didn’t think they were blurry like this.

              • @Tmurder91: That's interesting - I've never gotten that to actually work for me. I only ever get the visible page, rather than the promised whole page, so you are doing better than me to get the whole page at all!

                If the original you get out of FireFox is not blurry when you open the file locally, you could try uploading to an external site ( for example, but there are plenty out there for free), and providing a link (as well as uploading here - no harm in doing both, except your time of course, and I do have to note you have been very generous with your time to provide reports for people!)

                The downside of uploading (only) to an external site is that if the site then disappears (or changes its offering with respect to retention and / or charging), so does the image.

  • Hi @Tmurder91 I'm looking for ice cream maker recommendations if any available?

    I'm mainly tossing up between the $150 freezer bowl model and the $450 compressor model from Cuisinart and also maybe the similar priced Ninja Creami.

    The goal is to make Halo Top like ice cream at home as those low sugar semi healthy ones are super expensive like $11 for half litre where regular 2L tubs are like just $5!

    I couldn't find dedicated ice cream maker page but only this page…

    • What you see is all they have. Just that little note stating to "use a blender instead" lol.

      I've made icecream without a maker a couple of times and its easy, just really labour intensive (make the ice cream base, put it in shallow container in freezer, take out and mix every 15-30 minutes for a few hours)

      So I'd say anything that does the mixing for you is a win haha.

      But nah, can't find anything on the consumer site sorry

      • +1

        We had an ice cream maker a few years ago - used it a couple of times, but it was way too much hassle, so sold it and just buy from the supermarket now.

        But then, I am lazy :-)

      • No probs, thanks heaps for looking :)

  • Hi @Tmurder91, thank you for your assistance, can you gather the articles on the following about Pet Insurance? Cheers…

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