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Updated Hospitality Code @ Torpedo7


Once again the Torpedo7 Hospitality Code has expired πŸ₯Ί
It's been a run that's spanned over 8 months!

Last time my inbox went into overdrive with requests for the code - so far 521 of them to be exact!
The Hospitality Code offers a generous discount on a large range of Torpedo7 product lines, but not everything. Some things like bikes get little to no discount.

For the Hospitality Code, like last time, I'll not publish this to keep the bots away and hopefully extend the life of the code.

To those of you I sent the code to last time here is the new code:

  • Take the code you got off me last time in the forum post ……i.e. HNZ*******
  • Keep the HNZ at the beginning and add 288 to the 7 digit number that follows.**
  • For example if the last code was HNZ1234567 then adding 288 would make it HNZ1234855

If all this seems too much (or my riddle is too confusing!) then send me a Private Message and I will give it to you.
It was great to see so many new signups and people voting on deals, making comments and even posting.This is fantastic and I hope that those that I gave the code to last time continue this.

Please note the following before messaging me:

  • You need to be a contributing member of Cheapies
  • By contributing I mean: At least voted on a deal in the last month - There are so many great deals that Cheapies have put effort into creating and a vote is really good recognition of that.
    If you don't know how to vote - it's as easy as clicking on the '+' button on the top left of the deal when you're logged in.

  • Please don't put a comment saying 'does anyone have the code?'

  • Note: If you have just signed up then you will need to wait 24 hours before you are able to send a Private Message. This should allow plenty of time to start voting on some of the great deals being posted on Cheapies and start putting some comments on posts too.

Remember, make sure you are logged in for discounted club $5.99 standard shipping or free standard shipping over $99 (excluding large items).

I'm happy to respond to anyone that wants the code as long as meet the above conditions.
This does take a lot of time to respond individually so please be patient. I will get to you as soon as I can!

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      Please read the post and then send me a private message

      The Hospitality Code offers a generous discount on a large range of Torpedo 7 product lines, but not everything.
      Some things like bikes get little to no discount.

      There is a sale with T7 on bikes at the moment which will likely get you a greater discount than the hospo code but it ends tonight at 6pm so don't muck around!

      • Hey mateπŸ‘‹πŸ»,

        I got that.

        Thanks heaps! πŸ‘πŸ»

  • Am I able to get the code?

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    Expecting a flurry of people asking for the code, so thought I'd make a comment.


  • Hi @bigcheese. I would be really grateful for the code. Thanks your contribution to the community!

  • Two more votes to hit 500

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        This is going to be a hard one to top. Congratulations.

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        Yeee nice

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    Congrats on hitting 500 upvotes.

    Now you are truly a Grande Fromage!

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      Though it's hard to not read it as cheese pies.

      • Please, don't start everyone on cheesy jokes.

  • thanks for the updated description. had to re-read to work it out and now it works lol i guess it's a good iQ screening test!

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