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16L Flexi Tub $2.24, Selleys Sugar Soap 1L $4, 5pk Microfiber cloths $4, Wild Bird Seed Mix 5kg $12 @ Mitre10


Number 8 Flexible Tub 16 litre Assorted Colours

Selleys Sugar Soap Wall And Surface Cleaner 1 litre

Spick N Span All Purpose Microfibre Cloths 5 Pack 350 x 300mm Assorted

Topflite Wild Bird Seed Mix 5kg

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Mitre 10
Mitre 10

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  • Did someone say Bunnings ….sugersoap….price beat

  • Bunnings for when they eventually match the price:

    16L Flexi Tub

    Selleys Sugar Soap

    Also at The Warehouse

    • Yep, looks like Bunnings has dropped their price on flexi tub to $2.20 and sugar soap to $3.90 now.

      • That makes the Flexi Tub $1.87 and the Sugar Soap $3.32 using the price beat back at Mitre 10.
        Always a fun game of cat and mouse between the two.

        Be interesting to see if anyone gets the price beat on the Flexi Tub.
        Looks the same but labelled exclusive Number 8 brand at M10.

        • Would they price beat the flexi tub? Different brands.

          • +1

            @akrotohur: Technically doesn't qualify because of that reason but no harm in trying.

      • I successfully got a price beat at TWH for $3.51.

  • $4 is a pretty good deal for sugar soap, I don't care what time it was posted. 👍

  • +1

    @bhushan has been consistently posting Mitre10 deals every Saturday, i look forward to it every-time. Big thank you for the efforts!

  • Can never have enough mini flexi tubs…. Better than Buckets for soaking wet/muddy football gear!

  • sugar soap photo shows it makes upto 80 litres while the description says makes upto 30 litres. That's quite a difference.

    • It is correct but a very confusing way they do it like that.
      The 80L is when used as a general cleaner.
      The 30L is when prepping surfaces for painting/wallpapering or stubborn grime removal.

  • Doea anyone know if the sugar soap is septic tank safe?

    • Should be.
      Here is a response from Selleys in regards to that question.

      And here is the safety data sheet for what it’s worth.

      • Thank you!

  • Fuller 34 Piece Screwdriver set $9.98 (Was $32.90) seems alright.

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