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Panasonic SC-HTB600 2.1 Soundbar (Supports Dolby Atmos) $399 + Shipping / Pickup @ Smiths City ($299 after Cashback)


This is probably the cheapest 2.1 soundbar that you could get that supports dolby atmos. Most of them are north of $350. You can get a JBL/Kogan one for $299 which is the same price after cashback but they are only 2 channel meaning, no subwoofer.

$399 is the cheapest ever according to pricespy/priceme. Cheapest before that was around $460ish. Reduce it further with $100 panasonic cashback promotion and you get it for $299.

There's no smiths city store in Auckland so you can have noel leeming or JB-hifi price match it for you. I successfully did one at noel's through their online chat.

Panasonic cashback link:…

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  • if you have a Sony soundbar already that does not have Dolby Atmos is this really worth impluse buying ?

    • Tough question. I guess it depends on how you watch your movies like for example netflix, not all their movies/shows support dolby atmos. I can't say for other streaming services as I don't have them.

      If you download your movies from torrent, you just have to make sure that it supports atmos. I think your TV has to support it too unless your are using another playback device which supports dolby atmos that feeds the video to your tv.

      I assume that it will all boil down to how good your current sony soundbar is compared to this soundbar if the video that you are watching does not support atmos and if you want to future proof your sound system to have dolby atmos which I think will become a more commonly used audio tech for future movies.

      These are all based on my limited knowledge by the way and I am not a soundbar expert at all, so you might want to wait for other opinions first before you decide on anything.

      • thank you I think it would be good to get as my soundbar is basic and is a few years old now, and I guess I could just sell it for a few dollars.

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      True Dolby Atmos speakers are in the ceiling, which I have. Upward firing cheap soundbar speakers would have little effect and more about marketing. The sensation is three-dimensional, an object flying directly over your head or directly at you which requires front middle and rear speakers and Dolby Atmos speakers in the ceiling which are slightly forward of your head. Soundbars are more about simulation.

      • I agree, but that setup would cost more than a grand. I myself would like to get that kind of setup in the future but for now, this soundbar works for me until I will be able to afford the 7.1 or above setup. Better faux atmos for this price than no atmos at all I guess.

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    I really wish they would add multiple inputs to soundbars. Unless your TV supports eARC or you've only got one device to connect to your TV you miss out on half the features.

  • Does anyone know if a Bluetooth enabled soundbar like this one can broadcast the audio from its source to a pair of Bluetooth headphones?

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      No, it'd be input only.

  • Hi, does anyone know if this Panasonic sound bar would work on a LG 4K TV? Thanks !

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      What’s your TV model? Most TVs have a optical port for audio or an HDMI ARC port so you should be fine

    • Should work just fine. Any 4K TV should absolutely at the very least have an optical port, and more likely an ARC HDMI (or even eARC if it’s a newer model) to interface with this sound bar regardless of brand/manufacturer.

  • Any reviews on this soundbar? Was thinking of splurging on a Sonos / Bose to complement my LG C1 but this one looks excellent and at a steal.

  • I don't have a soundbar yet but tempted to get this. Just bought a LG C1 and not sure whether to wait for a better deal on a better soundbar (obviously will cost more) or just to go ahead and get this?

    • Do you mind me asking when/where/what size C1 you got and how much you paid? I have my eye out for a 65” one but none of the NZ retailers seem to be carrying them anymore - it looks to be all C2 all the time now…

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        I paid around $2300 for my 55” in April from The Market. I see Smith City has a display model going for around the same price (55) but can’t find any 65”.

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