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OEM 256GB NVMe (2242 & 2280) M.2 SSD $19 ea. (+ Free Delivery with $20 Spend) @ PB Tech


256GB 2280 M.2 NVME SSD with single notch (Brand may very) for $19

OEM 256GB NVMe 2242 M.2 SSD with single notch (Brand may vary) $19

OEM Pack 4GB DDR4 3200Hz SODIMM brands may vary $8.99

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    Remember price in title and reference to the original coupon deal.

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    Buy that and a m2 ssd enclosure for <$20 on aliexpress and you have a pretty fast portable 256GB device. Much better write speeds than cheap USB sticks in that price range.

    • But limited to usb speeds?

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        USB 3.1 Gen2 (yes yes the names are now very stupid) has a data transfer rate of 1.2GB/s.

        Not that you can tell what your device has, but you can buy an enclosure that has it at least.

        Not that it even matters, plain jane USB 3.0 is a bit over 600MB/s. What do you use portable storage for where it even matters at those speeds?

        You could fill the whole thing in 7 minutes at 600MB/s.

        Oh no, my 10GB movie took 17 seconds to transfer instead of the drives potential 3.3 seconds. Now I don't have enough time to disarm the bomb and escape. Damn my wish to watch Harry Potter on the trip home from the bank vault.

        • Oh no, my 10GB movie took 17 seconds to transfer instead of the drives potential 3.3 seconds. Now I don't have enough time to disarm the bomb and escape.

          I just learned my MB has USB 3.1 Gen 2 slots, thanks for the help.

  • 2280 is for backorder only. Ships on 14/01/2023.

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      14/01/2023 date now removed.

    • Ordered yesterday, got both 2280 and 2242 today.

  • Nice, just ordered a set. At that price they're good to just sit around til I need them.

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      Hey, you seem knowledgable about this, do you mind if I ask you a quick question? If the 2280 fits my pc, cos I have one already, would the 2242 also work? providided that I have the screw hole to screw it at 2242.
      Thank you.

      • I would say you could use the 2242 form factor, but why would you? The 2242 typically has worse performance and thermals than the 2280.

        • Ahh, roger that, yeah, im not well versed on hardware performance. Thanks for that!

          • @kevinh89: Some motherboards can take both form factors and there are adapters that you can buy from Ebay or Aliexpress anyway. You can also get external cases to plug them in as a USB, just like you would with a standard SATA SSD. I purchased both to make use of the free shipping. It's just so cheap.

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        22 = 22mm wide.
        80 = 80mm long.
        42 = 42mm long.

        That's the only difference between them. If your board has the mount points for all three sizes, and you have the tools to move the mount point, then it will work fine.

        If they're the same model of just different size, there shouldn't be a performance or thermal difference. You can just fit fewer NAND chips on the smaller ones so the maximum capacity is much lower. The manufacturing process wants to keep costs down, so keeping things as identical as possible reduces manufacturing cost.

        The chip itself takes up X space (say 15mm), the NAND chips take up Y space along the length of the board (say another 15mm each). And for the same models that's unchanged between lengths.

        EG the 2242 may have a maximum of 256GB, while the 2280 could have a max of 1TB since it can fit 4x as many chips on the board.

        Of course this all goes out the window if the models are different, EG a model of 2242 designed to hold a maximum of 1TB will be a lot more compressed than a model of 2280 that is designed to hit a maximum of 512GB, and the former will likely run hotter (but then the chipsets are different, and the NAND, so maybe they're better quality and cooler etc etc).

        In any case it's not worth worrying about, if it fits it sits.

  • Nice, was it always "available on order" or was there stock at one point?

    • They were in stock at one point and available for click and collect.

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    Bought a 2242 along with a Phillip AAA battery to hit that $20 FREESHIP threshold

  • wow that is a great deal too bad they don't take paypal as i have no credit card :(

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      I used Online EFTPOS, really easy and no fees.

    • You can use online eftpos and pay directly from your bank account

      • cool thanks

      • only some banks unfortunately :(

        otherwise POLi (which is dangerous to use)

        • Why is POLI dangerous to use?

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            @ashnz: It requires you to give your online banking password to POLI to complete the transaction which is a bad idea

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            @ashnz: Sharing your bank username and password with a 3rd party is actually against the terms and conditions of most banks.

            So if you have used POLi and fraud happens and fraud happens as a result of that use, then it's on you.

            Avoid it like the plague.

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              @felixfurtak: I dont get why banks don't block it if it breaches rules.

            • @felixfurtak: Its very complicated use Online Eftpos its run by Paymark and endorsed by the banks.
              Ironically the NZ Goverment uses Poli (Cant remember what dept)

      • thanks again bought a ssd and ram will be a good upgrade for my laptop

  • Freeship code doesn't work unless the order is above $20, so just add something else to the cart.

  • Cheers OP.

  • Anyone want to tell me what this is lol?..sounds like something my son's mentioned but what's it for? gentle lmao

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      basically fast storage drives to use inside enclosures like this to have portable storage faster than usb drives

      • Ha so just like a external hard drive but smaller and bigger than usb? Does the same job? My bad if im way off and shot for that!

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          Pretty much

          basically build your own these for half the cost with more future upgrade-ability

          but you can also use them in laptops and pc's (non gaming) for running windows on.

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          It can be an external hard drive if you have an enclosure but it's not an external hard drive out of the box.

          If you plan to use this as an external drive, this should be way faster than a normal usb flash drive which means it will be good if you are planning to use it on big file transfers.

          If you just want to copy small files every now and then or you don't mind long duration file transfers then those usb flash drives should do just fine.

          • @ross: Shot Ross, definately got that lol. I wasn't sure if it it was internal use only or if external how in that state lol

            I was looking for my boy but it's not suited for what he's wanting to do .

            Nice price for this and if I had a decent device to use it on id buy it myself.

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    Thanks, got one of the 2280s and used the AAA battery tip above to then use the freeship code

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    For any of you who are wondering what the difference is between 2242 and 2280 in terms of performance, from what I have read, 2280 form factors should have a better performance and heat dissipation if you don't mind the bigger size.

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      Can't speak for all the OEM drives they send out, but I received 2242 and 2280 Samsung PM991a SSDs from this deal.
      They both have an identical tiny chip, on an otherwise empty board, and perform identically.
      And there's postings around the net where people have hacksawed the 2280 PM991a to 2242 size to make it fit.

      So in this limited case, you're probably fine to just grab the 2242 size (assuming you have mounting options for either).

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    Great timing! I'm opening up a friend's Surface Pro to replace a broken hinge and dodgy video cable. Worth upgrading the measly 128GB SSD in it while I have the screen detached…

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    So what external enclosures do people recommend? Just picked up a 2280, great deal!

      • Thanks that looks pretty good - would I need to check anything for compatibility? A few of the reviews talk about it only fitting certain types of drives….

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          You need to be wary of compatibility. If they ship you a newer and usually faster M.2 NVMe protocol SSD rather than an older SATA M.2 SSD, then devices like this might not work - it says its a JMicron JMS580 which appears to be SATA To USB.

          You can see this on this other listing in red text:

          Note: This product ONLY works with B KEY M.2 SSD.
          Not fit for M key / NVMe SSD

          Suggest waiting until it arrives to be sure.

          Here's an example of their cheapest unit that supports NVMe:

          Designed for NVMe PCIe M.2 SSD
          The NVMe M.2 Caddy features a sleek and compact size(L122W40H12mm), it is specially designed for M-Key and M+B Key PCIe NVMe M.2 SSD of 2230/2242/2260/2280 from factors up to 2TB
          Does not support NGFF SATA based B-Key and M&B-Key M.2 SSD, M.2 PCIe AHCI SSD, mSATA SSD.

        • The Orico appears to cater for most sizes (or at least the sizes of the m.2's stated in this post).

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            @Latex Fist: It's got nothing to do with size - both sata and nvme use the same form factors. It's about the support for M / B Key m.2 drives which correspond to the protocols that they support.

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    Worth it to use as a boot drive if I already have a Samsung SATA ssd? Price is too good to not pass up on, just wondering what I can use it for

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      Buy now think later…Cheapies moto… lol

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        Yep, did it just after posting the comment haha

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        FFS this always gets me here in Cheapies!

    • Should be fine - i'm going to consider throwing it into the lounge PC :)

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    all right, got 2, what enclosures are you buying for them?

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    That cheap ram stick. What size is it ? Is it a 19200 ddr4

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    Sick man - thank you for the deal! I only bought one

    • Got the a Western Digital one, happy with that, would have been nice to get a Samsung one

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    Thanks OP. Grabbed one

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    Bought both and have received them. They seem to be Samsung variants and are brand new. Both only had 1 hour use Checked on crystalmark info. Speeds are around 1600Mbs read and 1200Mbs write.

    • hope i get the same one this is a great deal for samsung ssd

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      Mine were delivered this morning.

      Both of the SSDs I received are Samsung PM991a.
      The memory is SK hynix.

      Very happy.

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      For the people who ask
      They are removed from New laptops we upgrade them in house with bigger ones hence these extras.
      The Brand varies by what we get and some are better than others its a lottery.
      I have a couple with Dram caches so they are great.

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    Ordered one of each yesterday and both arrived today, the 2023 ETA seems to be an error.
    2242 was a Samsung MZ-ALQ256B
    2280 was a Kingston OM8PDP3256B-A01

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      2242 was a SK Hynix BC711 HFM256GD3HX015N
      2280 was a Kingston OM8PDP3256B-A01

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    A good start point to build a diy nas, with the SSD and RAM (ideally x 2).

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    For anyone looking at enclosures after reading a bit

    Here's Some enclosures

    SABRENT USB 3.2 Type-C Tool-Free Enclosure for M.2 PCIe NVMe and SATA SSDs (EC-SNVE) :

    SSK M.2 NVME SATA Tool-Free SSD Enclosure Adapter Reader,RTL9210B Chips USB C 3.1/3.2 Gen 2 10Gbps PCIe,6Gbps SATA MKey/(B+M) Key,External Solid State Drive Case Support UASP Trim for 2242/2260/2280

    UGREEN M2 SSD Case NVME SATA Dual Protocol M.2 to USB Type C 3.1 SSD Adapter for NVME PCIE NGFF SATA SSD Disk Box M.2 SSD Case (CM400)

    It seems there are only 2 good chips that do things well RTL9210B>ASM2362>JM
    if anyone finds others please post

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    Wish they had 500gb ones as well. Wanting to upgrade my intel 256 m.2 since sometime on my server.

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      SSD's at higher capacities are still expensive and it seems to be taking longer than it should for prices to go down on higher capacities :(

      • if a 512gb M.2 ssd was $19 per 256gb it would cost $38nzd yet the cheapest 512gb M.2 ssd in nz i can find is $70nzd

        so if your pc can support 2x M.2 ssd your better off buying 1 of each and getting free shipping and save $32

        • I don't think I can have 2 m.2 drives as boot drives so am looking for bigger capacity as currently the 256 one is around 220gb full.

          • @ace310: Why do you need a big boot drive? Or 2 boot drives? You can install programs and save files and directories to other system drives.

            • @manual0103: I have few vms running and I prefer them sitting on nvme rather than regular drives just so it can have best possible speed. I have all the data on regular drives and backups. I don't need 2 boot drives.

              Having installed programs/software (not data) on regular drives makes the system slower.

  • thank you so much for posting amazing deal best ive seen for a really long time :)

  • What "key" is this? I am looking to purchase this but can't tell if it will fit or not because the listing on pbtech doesn't say what "key" it is and the enclosure on trademe is giving me mixed messages on what it supports?

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      looks like SATA, these are NVME, so dont think it will work

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      Don't worry about the keying. The keying is a physical stop that was "intended" to become the mainstream terms for determining compatibility. It still exists, it just serves a function now of making sure you can't put an incompatible drive into a slot.

      It literally just represents, "SATA or PCI-E or BOTH".

      Since mainstream users were already familiar with SATA, they just kept using that and initially vs PCI-E (there were AHCI PCI-E m.2 drives for a while, as well as SATA-Express). Eventually NVMe won, and it just became SATA vs NVMe.

      SATA and NVMe are now the mainstream terms, so just check the enclosures for whether it supports the same tech.

      As you can see on PB Tech the two drives are NVMe, so your enclosure must support NVMe or SATA/NVME.

      As mentioned by Kendo (and your TradeMe link) that enclosure is SATA, so it won't work.

  • turns out my laptop is slightly different to what i looked up and cant support 1 notch size M.2

    is there any cheap M.2 enclosures on aliexpress that will work with this as i have $6nzd on paypal and $6nzd off coupon for aliexpress

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    Did anyone buy an enclosure yet? If yes, which one?

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