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Flour 1.5kg (Plain, High Grade, Self Raising - Market Kitchen Brand) $0.75 @ The Warehouse App (MarketClub Required)


Part of the Weekly MarketClub deals - 25% off Market Kitchen

Most of the deals are pretty ordinary this week but this is a good one.
All three flours in 1.5Kg Market Kitchen brand - Plain, High Grade, Self Raising are included for $0.75c each.
No limits indicated

Update: Looks like The Warehouse have now reverted the shelf price back to $1.79 for Plain & High Grade Flour and $1.89 for Self Raising.
Still 25% off the shelf price but no longer down to $0.75.
As such, I've expired this deal.

Other deals this week include include:

  • Spend $50, Get $5 off (Excluding Shipping)
  • $4 Tararua Butter
  • $5 Bunch O Balloons (Limit 4 per customer - usually $12)

How to get these offers: - Thanks Wakrak for the instructions.

  • Download The Warehouse app and login/register.
  • You should now see a MarketClub banner on your home screen, follow the prompts to join.
  • Make sure you have latest version of the app.
  • Offers can be used in any The Warehouse store and online through the app.

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  • I'm guessing flour is their new 'loss leader' for the moment.
    Looks like the everyday price on the flour is now $1 which is still the cheapest I've seen it, let alone at 75c.

    • +1

      Imagine when they get a cheese contract, might actually see competition in the market.

      • +4

        Anything with cheese in it is good in my unbiased opinion.

  • just need some good priced buckets to store. Recalling the start of covid and not being able to find flour blew my mind lol. Thanks

    • +1

      Indian grocery stores were the go-to in Hamilton. The store I went to in Frankton, bloke always had flour (though not always the same type) during covid. + good place to pick up nuts and spices.

      • +1

        Thanks Wakrak they were my go to also, out at Chartwell and Hillcrest.

    • +2

      Free buckets from people on FB Marketplace who work for food companies. I got some with lids as general house use.

      • Smart indeed

      • Use a heavy duty bin liner as well as you don't know what those free buckets were used for.

    • There were always flour, but not of the consumer packaged variety. Restaurants closed down and a ton of foodservice produce end up going to waste.

      As Wakrak has said go to some ethnic grocers, they'll have flour in bulk quantities.

  • That's a great deal at 50c/kg. I was in store picking up another order and tried to buy but it was an 'app only' price so I had to come home and order it for click and collect - now they'll have to package it up and I'll have to drive back (to be fair, it's less than a km) but just doesn't seem very eco friendly shopping when I was already there. Thanks for the tip!

    • +1

      It's a really good price.
      You should have been able to just scan the MarketClub QR code at the checkout to get the price?
      The only time you run into issues in-store is when you want to combine multiple coupons (eg.The 25% off flour and the $5 off $50 offer). Then you need to do it via click & collect but if it's just the flour then it should have worked.

      • I got them to scan the MarketClub QR code at checkout but it only took 25% of the in store price of $1.89 - I showed the the app price of $1.00 but they said it’s an ‘app only’ price and they couldn’t process it at that price at the checkout.

        • +1

          They have definitely got it wrong - but not the first time.
          This is the link to the Plain Flour on the website - no app needed to view the $1 price with the wording for Market Club listed below it for the extra 25% discount.

          25% off Market Kitchen in-store or in the app. Download our app and join MarketClub Offer ends 19/07/2022

        • Yeah they stitched you

        • Same thing happened to my wife.
          They sorted it out.
          9 Bags for $6.75

  • High grade and self raising are now marked as find in store. Is it worth waiting for them to bring it back in stock or online or should I just go in store?

    • I would just be inclined to go in store and buy it.
      You never know if it will return to stock online and you can also check the best before dates.

  • All the plain flour I checked at 2 branches here in Christchurch have an best before date for next month. But the high grade flour was March 2023.

  • +1

    As an aside, the weetbix has gone from $5 to $6 for 1.2kg FYI.

  • All the flours are now showing up as $1.79 for me.

    • +1

      Surprised they left this one up for 24 hours if it was a pricing error.
      I've now expired the deal.
      Good while it lasted and for anyone that managed to grab some!

  • +2

    Damn, I was thinking this was going to be the standard price, like the $4 butter

    • Really annoying when they do that.
      It had every indication that the $1 price was the new shelf price and then the 25% off was just an extra.

  • Ahh…so it's a pricing error…haha

    • Christo said their local store BB was Aug 2022 so it may have just been to sell the short dated stock.

      • I can confirm I bought some and it has a BB of 14th Aug ‘22 - so one month from now.
        However, the fact that it only lasted 24 hours and it looks like they didn’t change the price in-store based on others comments (I did C&C) makes me think it was a pricing error.

        • The Riccarton branch here in Christchurch had a big raise pallet of the plain and high grade flour on display near the entrance with the $1 price clearly advertised. So because of that I'm not sure it was a pricing error, maybe it was just a 1 or 2 day special.

          • @Christo: We got ours from Northlands in Christchurch.
            Didn’t notice any pallet displays there but wasn’t looking to be honest.
            It was a click & collect order so just went in & out.

            • @bigcheese: I picked up my 15 packs today (high grade flour) - all with dating of March 2023! Well pleased with that!

              • @Shaz: I think 22.5kg of flour for $11.25 is not too bad!
                In my case I got 8 packs which is more than enough for us.

                • @bigcheese: my click and collect been cancelled, and payment refund back to me…. was 3 high grade flour

                  • +1

                    @budget: That's disappointing.
                    Hope they at least gave you a free shipping code?

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