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Complete Survey & Receive $10 Voucher (Works on Peripherals & Pre-Built Gaming PCs) @ Playtech


Received this email from Playtech.

The same link works everytime, so you can try fill out the form again using another email.


  • Things have been going great lately, we're shipping out hundreds of PC's systems and getting lots of great reviews - but we always wonder if there's something we could be doing better!
  • To figure out what we need to improve on, we've put together a fast 5 minute survey for our customers that will give us a bit more detail about where we should focus our efforts in our business!
  • Now, we know your time is valuable, so we've convinced the boss to agree to giving out a $10 Playtech Voucher for every person that fills out the survey*
  • The voucher codes will knock $10 off the price of any product in our PC Peripherals category, or any pre-built Playtech gaming PC!
    -The codes last 30 days, and are single use - they'll be delivered by automated email within 60 minutes of the survey being completed.
  • one voucher code per person, please don't try and exploit this!

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  • Any minimum on the voucher?

    • doesnt say's seems like keeps on working and ive already got my voucher come through. i guess the main catch is how many you can redeem online in a transaction?

  • thanks

  • 25-30 questions. Took me less than five minutes to complete.

  • +2

    I really don't shop there anymore, very small store prices aren't competitive with PB and range is way smaller than computer lounge.

    • Most definitely not the same store like yesteryears

  • +1

    Thanks done this and most likely get a mouse mat out of it.

  • the feeling of betrayal when i found out that the guys from viva la dirt league don't really work at playtech and only use there as a set :(

    • I thought it was pretty crazy they were kiwis when I found out.

  • -1

    Regular price$15.00 Sale price$10.00

    Shipping to Chch is 5.50 bugger.

    Pick up free if you're in Auckland. With BA5 doing the rounds not a bad idea getting this for the next lockdown.

    • Nope, peripherals and pc system only

      • Ah right, my dumb.

  • Nothing I really wanted so here is my voucher code if anyone wants it. Single use so first in gets it. GRQP28XM

  • Updated the link.

  • Does anyone happen to have a code that they won't be using? Please kindly PM me

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