Free Dishwasher Magnets Delivered ('Cleaned Dishes' & 'Dishes For Cleaning') @ Service King


Just seen this on my FB feed. Got mine 1 week after filling out the form.

Here's the snippet from Service King:

Whether you’re a residential or commercial customer, labelling a clean vs a dirty dishwasher is a lifesaver!

So we’re giving away a simple solution to a common problem in everyday life.

Get your two FREE magnets (perfect for dish drawers) and solve this common kitchen battle today.

Fill out the form on our website to get yours

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  • Did someone from the company contact you in order to get the magnets?

    • +2

      No one contacted me. Just one spam email which I will unsubscribe in the future.

      • You think I can get away with a 10-minute email?

  • “One of our friendly team members will contact you soon to complete your request."

    Well, I hope not.

    Anyway, thanks. Might be able to convince my partner to get rid of the ugly laminated A4 paper on the front of ours.

  • +1

    Hope they have heaps of magnets. 700+ page clicks so far.

  • +1

    I just put in a fake phone number, hope they still arrive.

  • Fingers crossed!

  • Not sure if I willing to sell my information for $2?

  • This is a good idea if you have two dishwashers or drawers.

    • Yeah I’ll be taking mine to work if they arrive.

  • filled out the form a week ago, no any contact. How long does it take to receive them, if anyone has got theirs.

    • Still waiting for mine too.
      Not in a hurry though - it's just a magnet!

  • +1

    Got mine in the mail today (16th July). Would have most likely filled out the forms late on the 5th or early hours of the 6th, so 10-11 days from the time of form completion at this point in time with the demand (almost 1600 clicks from CC alone)

    What To Expect In Your Mailbox


    Yes that is a bonus keyring (with soft plastic flexible brand tag)! There was also an info card which I have omitted.

  • Yet to receive mine.

    • Still waiting too

  • Mine took a month to arrive. My wife ordered some and they arrived in a couple of days. It might depend on stock levels.

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