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Opas.com USA Freight Forwarding Service: US$20 Off First Shipment / US$10 Review Credit / Switch Credits


Reposting as the shipment coupon for $20USD off updated.

I was hunting around for alternatives for YouShop because of their Li-Ion policy. Also, their Economy tier is sea-freight so painfully slow. I've found Opas.com to be pretty reasonable.


Tax-Free Oregon Warehouse that does not require a subscription to use.
$20 USD off first shipment (Enter "FIRSTSHIP20P") - I can't recall if its right after you signup, or when you go to pay for the item, but it does work.
$10 USD if you leave them a review (https://opas.com/reviews/)
$100 USD Switch Credit - details here (https://opas.com/switch-to-opas/) - You get successive shipment credits if you can prove you have changed over.
They actually answer and oblige packing requests, if I have items I know won't get damaged, I tell them to pack as small as possible (to save cost) and they do.
Consolidation with full-retail packaging removal
Fairly linear pricing structure, no surprises
They do items with LI-ION batteries - no charge for small items, just email and double check with them before proceeding.

- Use USPS and UPS, so can get quite pricey quickly.

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  • I have used OPAS once, everything went smoothly and I received -$30 USD off my shipment.
    As OP mentioned shipping costs can be quite pricey, so probably only worth it for smaller items

  • Do they charge GST?

    • Yes but its self declared parcel value with no requirement for receipt

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