This was posted 11 months 2 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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Free McCafé Coffee @ McDonald’s App


Get a free coffee from the Maccas app. The deal says “Mc café rewards have ended, enjoy any size coffee on us”

The free coffee is in offers
Expires 31st July
Another coffee to add to the pile lol

Update: I claimed mine today, you cannot get iced coffees but you can get a Mc café hot chocolate. May be different in other stores.

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    Thanks for heads up! Just go to offers in your app

  • haha if we didn't have enough free coffees already, thanks op

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      I got 9 now 😂

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    Caffeine overload. Hahaha thank you!

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      What number do I call if I OD on caffeine? Tell me NOW

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        There are a few numbers, all toll free.

        • 0800 TESTTEST1
        • 0800 ASKMIKE
        • 0800 THANKYOU
        • 0800 WHEREMYPIESAT
  • Thanks OP.

  • Wonder if they are changing the reward system to the one currently being trialed in Aus, Can earn points on anything instead of just coffee

    • Yes I think it’s going to be like the one in the us

    • Possibly, it was presented quite a while ago, but my feedback and I assume many others were negative.

      It wasn't very generous, and I'm not a fan of these incentive programs for fast food.

      • I saw a sticker in a store saying every dollar spent was 100 points like the us one

        • I don't think it has rolled out yet though.

          • @Bill: Yeah they gave this was because the McCafé rewards thing ended

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    I have free McCafe every day for a year ending in September and I don't even drink coffee 😅

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      How? Can we switch apps please

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        I think they may have won some kind of promotion prize.

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          Wasnt a prize..there was some error where the offer was in my app when it shouldn't have been and then it disappeared but they reinstated it.

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            @Chanelle: Lucky you. There have been prizes in the past for a year of free coffee. Is the offer just a repeating free coffee and how do you know it's valid for a year?

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              @Bill: Yeah just a repeating offer and every 5 free ones I redeemed I ended up getting another free one with the rewards. It says free McCafe for a year with sept 6 as end date. Usually just my teenager that uses them.
              The email said this
              Earlier in August, we were testing out some new offers and, by accident, we placed some offers in the app that should not have been there.

              We’ve now removed this offer from your app, but we can see that you’ve already redeemed one of the coffees. At Macca’s, we believe in delivering on a promise, so we are returning the offer of free coffees for a year to your app.

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                @Chanelle: That is hilarious.

                They see you've already redeemed a free coffee you weren't meant to get and they punish you by giving you another 364 free ones

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                  @Bill: Yeah I should have sold my app log in for a few hundred bucks as was nearly 2k worth of coffee 😅

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                  @Bill: meh, us regular folks can get BOGOF coffee anyways at maccas (each new account gets you 4 out of 5 stamps already ahem..) Plus they regular do that $3 coffee promo.

                  • @The Hound: Unfortunately that ended yesterday but we got this deal as compensation

                  • @The Hound: I don't buy at mccafe so I haven't tried that but what I have tried is getting those new signup offers and to my surprise when I was redeeming it, it told me the offer has already been redeemed by a different user on the device. Disappointed, but I'm pretty sure I can get around it now.

                    • @Bill: Yeah that happened when you tried to redeem the weekly deals they had on a different account but same device

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                        @Pandyplaz2: The McDonald's app is built like Fort Knox, with a ton of security features.

                        • @Avantime: Yes, they ain't messing around with their $4 big Mac offers.

                          How do you know of this?

                          • @Bill: I had enough grief trying to get it to work with a rooted phone. At one time I had to use LuckyPatcher (please don't use that, it triggers antivirus and it's no longer needed now) to disable the security features.

                            Unlike the Aussie MyMaccas app, the app we use is the international app, and I guess there are plenty of hackers around the world trying to hack the app for free food. AFAIK mobile orders are available in other overseas markets.

                    • @Bill: Coffee rewards was fine, but other stuff won't work.

    • I had that same deal at the time but they removed mine, Said sorry and replaced it with around 10 free coffees I think, possibly because I hadnt already used the voucher, just added it to my account

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    Can we also get Free Iced Latte/Mocha on this? Or just the hot coffee ones?

    • I will test tomorrow but I think you won’t be able to as most of their free coffee’s don’t allow iced coffe and stuff

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      I could order iced coffee via those self service kiosk using the old coffee rewards system. Not sure of this deal tho. Will let you know by the end of week (after going thru Z and BP first lol)

      • I didn’t know you could get iced coffee from the McCafé stamp reward thing as in the terms and conditions it said the you couldn’t earn or use stamps from iced coffees

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      Tested this morning you can’t get iced coffee with this but you can get hot chocolate

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    Their prices for some things have risen a lot since covid and imo it is expensive for what you get. Also their two cheeseburger deal has gradually gone up in price. Think it started at $4.50, then has gradually gone up by 50 cents and was $5.50 a few weeks ago. Now $6. I only buy from there if they have deals.

  • Is this a free coupon per account or is it only per device if you login to another account on the same device?

    • I think it is one per account and one per device

  • Any Milk alternatives?

    • In some stores you can get soy for an additional cost

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        Self service Kiosk : I have got coffee with soy milk (+50c extra) even when I used coupon(2500 PTS - any size cup coffee) but when I went on payment page I didn't have to pay for 50c.

        Can someone test using coupon can they customise order for burger and add extra patty and validate the amount on checkout page using self kiosk.

        • You get charged extra as normal, for any extras added to burgers

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