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NordVPN: 96% Cashback for New VPN Plan Customers, No Cap @ Cashrewards


Copied from OzBargain. Sorry about the formatting, done from my mobile. Also, if you change your location via a free vpn to USA, you'll bypass the 15% GST automatically applied.

Deal ends 11:59pm Tuesday, 28 June (Australian)

For those who decided to sit on it last time.

Please READ this before you purchase;
1. Use the Cashrewards mobile app for best tracking results. Personally, I never had an instances where it didn’t track with Cashrewards app. I learnt it hard way with the browsers.
2. Before you purchase NordVPN, make sure you scrolled down and Nord didn’t add any add-on products with additional costs (some add-ons are automatically ticked, ensure it is unticked)
3. To avoid GST, select non-GST countries such as US. Personally, I used post code/zip code ‘90210’. GST component is excluded from the cashback. At this point, your USD amount should be $78.96 for 2 years. If not, check again.
4. Use international/foreign-transaction-fee free card like Macq, Citi, 28 degrees etc.

* When do I get tracking email?
o Based on my previous experience, you will get cashreward tracking email within 1 hour. If you don’t get this within a day, something has gone wrong, enjoy for few more days and cancel for a full refund

  • When do I get paid?
    o Up to 90 days, should be 6 to 8 weeks.

  • How do they classify ‘New customer’
    o It is based on your email address, if you had one before even free trials, use new/another email address.

  • What are some of the things that I can use with VPN?
    o Youtube premium Argentina (only once off required during sign up) ~AUD$2.20 - please search for previous posting for more details
    o Netflix Turkey (only once off required during sign up) - please search for previous posting for more details
    o Netflix US or UK contents (VPN required at the time of viewing)
    o BBC iPlayer (VPN required at the time of viewing).
    o EPL / MLB / Golf / NFL / Tennis via Peacock. AUD ~$7.20 (VPN required at the time of viewing)

Also, refer to TA's comment from last time

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$10 for referee and $10 for referrer, after referee makes $20 purchase within 14 days.

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    Brought this deal earlier in the month, won't get the cashback till mid September according to my account status. Just FYI incase anyone is needing the cashback promptly.

    • Most cashback confirmations typically take 3+ months, which gives ample time for customers to no longer be eligible for refunds.

      • Yes just letting people know that it wont be "6 to 8 weeks" as per FAQ.

        • Yep, mine was definitely returned around the upper part of that 90 day time frame.

          • @Latex Fist: did you get your returns via bank account or paypal? i've tried to withdraw via paypal before but cashrewards doesn't allow nz paypal account for some reason before.

            • +1

              @bubbletea: PayPal. I had zero issues withdrawing, and I know others have withdrawn too. I don't know as to whether there's such a thing as a New Zealand PayPal account or anything, but my account is set up with my nz address and phone number.

              If anything it'll be that your PayPal account hasn't been verified.

              • +1

                @Latex Fist: Can also confirm, I've withdrawn from twice so far, both times to my NZ PayPal, had this PP account for years, and is also verified with my NZ address/CC/bank account. I can then transfer from PayPal to my bank account, but from what I recall there is a fee when transferring to bank account from PP, so I tend to spend the money on PayPal.

                I will say, after I've triggered the withdrawal from cashrewards, it takes a few days to a week before it shows in my PP.

                Also PayPal accounts in my experience are linked to a country, some sites will check and won't deal with a NZ PayPal account.

  • How do you download the cashrewards app if its not available to DL in NZ?

    • +1

      Use the website :) or if you have an Android, maybe you could sideload.

      Certainly can't use a VPN, ironically :D

  • Thanks! I just signed up.
    Very quick and easy sign up for Cash Rewards and Nord VPN

    Cash back says up to 95 days.

    Did standard for 2 years.
    $78.86 USD
    $106.03 AUD

    Took out $147.63 on my NZD card.

    • Excellent, so they'll give you 96% of the AUD back which will mean that you'll get back roughly $142.96 NZD. Of course +/- due to conversions. With the sign up of Cash Rewards though, you'll have effectively made $5 due to the $10 credit they give you lol.

      • Currently sign up bonus is $40 cashback from usual $10.

        • Oh, that's tasty!

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