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Free Car Wash (x3), Free Hot Drink (x4), $0.10 off Per Litre of Fuel (x4) @ Z App


I've got another couple of codes to try at Z.

These two codes worked on three existing accounts we have in our household and one new one I made to test.
Thanks to wowbigdeal who was able to confirm that it worked on some of his accounts too.
I am based in Christchurch so not sure whether location (Christchurch or South Island maybe) are influencing factors.

Codes are:
THANKS - free hot drink + 10c off
THANKYOU - 3x Car Wash (although says expires in 1 day, 3x free hot drink, 3x 10c off!)

If both codes work you will end up with 3x car washes, 4 hot drinks and 4x 10c off per litre.
Note: The car washes all say 'Expires in 1 day' on my app but the drinks and 10c all have 90 day validity.

Update: If the codes don’t work for you today then try again tomorrow. There are many instances where they now seem to work after initially not being successful. It appears there are limits on the number of codes used in a day so don’t give up!

This is bound to not work for everybody but hoping it will work for at least some of you.

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  • Quick question. Can you use multiple 10 cents off voucher in one transaction ?? (ie. if you have 3 x 10 cents off, then 30 cents off ). thank you in advance.

    • +2

      No you can not. You can use one 10¢ voucher at a time. You can however use it and stack it with the regular 10¢ discount on Wednesday to make it 20¢ off per litre. Both discounts are only valid for up to 50 litres of fuel which means a maximum saving of $10 per fill.

      • Thanks for the clarifying !!!

      • How to use the 10c voucher via Z App? Tried pay by App/Plate and it didn't ask to enter voucher. Is it only through the counter?

  • +1

    THANKyou worked for me 🥰

  • +1

    Worked for me. Thank you @Bigcheese

  • +1

    THANKYOU works for me. Thank you.❣️

  • +1

    Thankyou wasn't working for me until right now when I tried "Thankyou" instead of all caps lol.. assume there's a time based limit on redemptions rather than some caps format

    • It could be time based on redemptions - not sure.
      Would make sense if it wasn’t working yesterday but is today.

  • +2

    Thanks OP - I tried last night and both didn’t work. Tried again this morning and THANKYOU did, also retried one of the Askmikes that didn’t and that also went through. Maybe timing based as well?

    • +2

      Same thing here. THANKYOU works this morning but not THANKS.

      • +1

        strange, yeah THANKYOU worked for me too

        • Same for me too!

  • +1

    Now I just need to make sure I claim all of these free coffees and carwashes before they expire. Unlike my Mevo credit 😄

    • 90 days is much more generous than 14 🤣

  • Which place has better car wash: BP or Z?

    • Yet to try Z but the BP carwash was alright (Tristram St, Hamilton). Main issue was that it left brush flicking marks on the rear spoiler of our Nissan Tiida.

      • I think both are same. Not that fond of either. Specially I will not go to any car wash with brushes. One of them left scratches on the roof of my wife's tiida. Other time it left scratches near the brake lights on the top of the rear door.

        • Same with those do-it-yourself car washes. Those foaming soap brooms are terrible for your car. Reason why I (99% of the time) do it at home instead with the foam cannon and pressure washer.

          • @Wakrak: Washing at home is always the best way to do it. I don't mind touchless washes but I'm not bringing our cars to a touch wash. Wash world is the worst since everyone just drops the brush on the ground after they're done

          • +1

            @Wakrak: Got mjjc cannon yesterday. Waiting for some deal on foam soap you recommended other day. Thanks.

          • +1

            @Wakrak: With DIY car washes, wash the soap broom with the spray gun before you brush the car.

  • +2

    Strange, THANKYOU is working for me on accounts it wasn't last night. Thanks bigcheese

    • +2

      Looks like the comments about a time based limit on redemptions could be valid.
      I managed to get your PIETEST code to be successful today when it wasn’t yesterday, just no voucher (yet?)

      • +2

        Fingers crossed the delay means you get 10 free pies

      • Didn't work for me yesterday and today. Not sure what is the check for any of this codes.

        Got THANKYOU working today. Thanks didn't work.

        • Yeah ASKMIKE7 didn’t work yesterday but worked today and I got the voucher

          • @Pandyplaz2: I didn't even think to retry the codes from my post. Got the same result as you; ASKMIKE7 worked this morning.

            • @Wakrak: ASKMIKE8 worked today, didn't yesterday

            • @Wakrak: Nice, wonder what the cashier will do what I say I want 7 free coffees and 3 free car washes 😂😂

              • @Pandyplaz2: And you pulled up on a Lime scooter 😄

                • @Wakrak: Just went through all the codes again but only ASKMIKE7 worked. I will try later though

      • Same here for the pietest code. Initially unsuccessful yesterday but successful today. No voucher also.

  • Thanks mate, ot worked for me and now heading to Z :)

    • Please confirm that the free car washes work thanks

      • They work, claimed all 3

        • Nice , will go to my local Z later

        • Do you know if the printed voucher codes only work at the store you got them from? (Or at any Z station)

  • +4

    Thanks - just filled up and washed both our cars. Brought home a coffee for the misses too!

    I’m in the good books..

  • +4

    13 coffees and 6 car washes in 24 hours. It’s a shame the 10c off don’t stack with each other then I’d be I heaven!

  • +1

    I tried to reedem 4 drinks at a time. The first one scanned fine. But the next scan a message flashes up for a microsecond when loading the code and then closes the code. I think it says one per transaction. Once they closed the transaction all the codes worked again suggesting it is one per time.

    Ironically the nice lady who saw i was having issues gave them to me free anyway.

  • I second what was said it won't work while one is loaded unless you do it separately or maybe preorders

  • +1

    Likewise, tried to redeem all the car washes at once but it didnt let me, so i had to do them in separate transactions

  • Hopefully the person wouldn't mind to do 9 seperate transactions to print out my car wash vouchers 😂

  • umm does anyone know what time does the Z app team start work on Monday morning???

    • +3

      Based on the success of the TEST and TEST1 codes, maybe one Monday a year?

    • +4

      They may not be welcome back to work on Monday…

  • THANKS did not work. But THANKYOU did. In South Island tho.

  • +3

    Semi-long line at the carwash in Tauranga today. Apparently ‘everyone has been coming in with vouchers today’ haha

    • Sorry Z! 😆

    • The ol' Tauranga Cheapies lurkers.

      Right now: Online 62 users 235 guests

  • Car wash worked for me - got 3 in single transactions. It also comes with a vacuum voucher.

    • +1

      Even better if you get the vacuum voucher too!

  • Does anyone know if there are any Z carwashes in auckland that are touchless?
    Visited point chev and sandringham and both are touch wash.

  • +1

    The 10c off vouchers loaded on to my account successfully but when I tried to redeem one it came up as expired on their screen. They couldn't work out why and so I wasn't able to use it. On my way to another Z to try out the carwash voucher.

    • +1

      Car wash and drink vouchers worked fine at another Z.

      • +1

        Good to hear.
        Bet they’ve never had such a run on car washes!

  • +1

    Thankyou did not work on me but on my wife app it was successful. Thanks for sharing!

    • This seems really common.
      Try again later or even tomorrow on your app.
      Codes that didn’t work yesterday are working for a lot of people today.

  • 3 free carwashes for me, one filthy car from driving gravel roads in the weekend, no Z carwashes in my area

  • Do you get the vacuum credits aswell with this car wash?

    • Yes according to this comment

    • Yep, can confirm vacuum voucher comes with it

  • +1

    THANKS didn't work but THANKYOU did. Waiting in a queue of 6 cars at Z Vic corner lower Hutt. Wonder how many other cheapies are here lol.

    • +1

      All Cheapies in the queue flash your hazards and beep your horn.

      There you go!

      • There was 4 cars in front of me at the Carwash when I went to Greenlane. Perhaps i never noticed but that seems unusual.

  • Hopefully they see its their fault and don't go on a banning spree but $1 sims are very accessible
    Cough sharetank users maybe dont use it on your main

    • I have a fuel card so go to Mobil anyway.. so not to worried. Reinstalled the app just for the cheapies freebies. :) doubt I was the only one.

      • Yeah I don't feel more for the staff with the huge influx of redemptions with no notice lol

  • Looks like car wash vouchers are only valid for 7 days at Z constellation, Auckland. Wonder if that's the same for everyone.

    • Should be 30 days according to the Z Website
      Wonder why they’re only doing 7 days?

    • Got 10 days on my one at Z Frankton

    • Whats the queue like?

      • Next in queue. I can see 7 -8 cars behind

  • Do you get a ticket when u redeem the free car wash?

  • At a Z in Christchurch, 2 people on front of me also redeeming 3 car washes at once lol. App seems to be glitching when you try redeem a second one, so the lady just scans your account QR code and applies vouchers from there. Try that if it glitches :)

    • Bugger! I just had this and I left it. I deleted and reinstalled the app and the other two vouchers were gone!

    • Same happened to me, if you wait a bit for the app to refresh you can see the remaining vouchers.
      I can see 7 cars in front of me lol.

      • How long did you wait, I’ve been waiting an hour now and still no luck!

        • 3 cars in front. Been here for 20 minutes now. Looks like each car takes around 10 minutes. Not worth the wait but kids enjoy car wash so fun afternoon for them

    • Can you redeem one by one at different Z stations

  • +1

    Went to the Frankton Z station in Hamilton - staff member said my car wash voucher was expired, and I argued it expires in 1 day. He scanned it again and it worked so he gave me the voucher without asking which one I wanted - just the $18 option. He said oh we better tell that other guy it works. Also asked where I got the voucher.

    Was planning to get 2 vouchers but he was already sus so I left it.

  • Both codes worked but I’m only interested in the car wash, once redeemed you get a code to use in 30 days, thanks

  • +2

    redeemed all 3 carwashes with no issues, also managed to grab the $5 vacuum for free too.

    thanks @bigcheese !

  • +2

    Got all 3 car washes with vacuum printed as vouchers while I waited for my 2 free coffees. The car wash line was ridiculously long about 7 cars so drove home with my vouchers & coffee. Lucky the vouchers last 30 days! Thanks OP planning on taking the kids through during the week for fun 😊💜

    • +1

      Never thought about the car wash as being entertainment for the kids, but hey why not? 😊

      • +2

        Entertainment for the adults when you tell the kids you're going to wind down the windows

  • +1

    Haha. Just went to Z constellation drive. There is at least 10 cars queued up. @10mins per wash that's fair wait. Due to the layout its causing a bit of a jam lol. Just went inside and there were 5 others collecting vouchers. Crazy. The poor lady who is by herself said it's been crazy all day and she doesn't know why.

    The vouchers here expire in 7 days not 30. Shame on the dick giving her shit about it.

    • Yup. Just finished mine there. Crazy. Kids enjoyed though.

    • +2

      Gets free carwash, still complains. Clown alright.

    • +1

      Yeah that annoys me when people complain about getting something for free.
      I really do feel for the staff at Z, particularly when they have no idea why.

      I thought these codes might work for a few people.
      Had no idea the entire nation would want to get their car cleaned today!

    • lol I went in there, saw the queue for the car wash, and drove straight out.

  • Ummm guys this is getting out of hand hahaha, I was just at Z albany and there are about 3 people in line ahead of me and 6 behind, with their phones out on the app waiting to redeem free car washes hahah.

    The car wash at albany is broken because it’s been in use non stop all day apparently. Feel bad for the man Joshua behind the till he’s all alone :(

    • Wow, judging by the activities on here, I never expected the response to be so overwhelming, looks like there are many lurkers here…haha

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