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Enjoy 3 Hours Free Parking Mon-Fri (2 Hours Free on Weekends) with Westfield Plus (App) @ Westfield Newmarket (Auckland)


I've not tried this personally, have never been to Westfield Newmarket.

According to the website, the non member rates are $4 per 0.5 hrs


How to unlock this exclusive offer

  1. Not a Westfield Plus member yet? Download the free Westfield Plus App today >

  2. Head to the ‘Parking’ tab in the app and enter your number plate information

  3. That’s it! If your stay is under 3 hours Mon – Fri you will get free parking, plus 2 hours free on weekends

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    this works and has been around for a while, we've never had to pay for parking in newmarket using this :)

  • +5

    Just need to remember the second you go over the free time it charges for the full duration.

    • -1

      The rate it charges you if you go over is significantly lower than the non-member rate, so I wouldn't say it's for the 'full duration'. Far to high yes, but still lower than if you weren't a westfield plus member.

    • Going over 5 hrs of free parking cost $3. Not a huge deal like in the CBD where it might be $18.

  • +3

    Can confirm it works - just need to make sure you've got the right vehicle and entered your rego/number plate correctly.

    • +1

      You also need to open up the Westfield Plus app and make sure your car is showing up that it has entered carpark. At least that is what I was told by customer services when the mall opened some 2 years ago. Not sure about that requirement now.

  • One good thing about the recession.
    Malls desperate for customers offering free parking

  • Nah they’ve been offering free parking since they opened

    • And was completely free during level 4 and 3 lockdowns.

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    FYI, if you leave and re-enter the car park it doesn’t reset the free parking period. You have to give it 30 minutes before you enter again to get another 2/3h block.

  • +1

    I've been using this for a while. Pro tip: park on the green side. You will lose your car on the orange side. And when you enter the top level on the green side, immediately go down two more levels to park. More parks, better access to shops.

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