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I can’t seem to buy a pan that doesn’t lose its non stick really quickly. Any recommendations?

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    Lodge cast iron pans.

  • Get a circulon pan with lifetime warranty. Then get it replaced when the coating wears out. It's a bit of upfront cost but should be worth it in the long run.
    I got the tip from an FB group and I'm planning to do just this when my Kmart pan wears out. :D

    • Be aware that the lifetime here is what they define as the pan lifetime, not yours, so 10years. Still pretty long for a pan

      Not sure how successful can you claim against non sticky layer … That may fall under wear and tears … Or overheating …

      But they are in the top lasting non sticky pan.

      Otherwise old fashion cast iron pan with a seasoning for high usage is the best solution. But you need to learn to maintain it and it's heavier

    • Seems like Circulon is just a 2.5 on

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      Circulon is what I have at the moment. Lasted about 2 years and the non stick has worn out. I contacted Circulon about it and they said its not covered in the lifetime warranty

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        In times like these, you just have to step on the handle, rock back and forth a bit and then you can tell them the handle is wobbly now.

      • wow what a crock! I'll have to rethink the strategy then.

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    Cast iron. In saying that most modern cast iron pans are not very smooth in the finish. I have a cast iron pan that was owned by my grandmother it is non-stick because it is so smooth. I highly recommend these pans you can get them pretty cheaply at trash & treasure shops or markets and the old second-hand pans are very smooth normally you will not beat a cast iron pan

  • I have a mix of Le Creuset and Lodge cast iron pans

    • Do you use the Le Creuset non stick fry pan? Look great but super pricey

      • I have the Le Creuset cast iron skillet. I will never buy a pan with 'non stick' coating

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    K mart stainless nonstick are top quality.

    • They are, but they start peeling where the handle is joint to the pan unfortunately, doesn't take that long to occur, and then just keeps spreading.

      • huh, ive had one for a year and its still okay, nonstick works well also but not like new.. probably throw away time now but its still working okay.

        • Got 2,and both have the same issue

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          There's is no point to say how many year it last if you don't day how often you use it !
          One person use the pan every day may last for 1 year, while the other person, using the exact same pan, use it twice per week, the pan will last 3 year ! The exact same pan !

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            @thesla: Yep also depends on how hot the nonstick gets

  • Apart from the excess iron, cast iron pans are great once they've been well seasoned.

    They are heavy and require a bit of care to ensure they don't rust. Great for searing a steak.

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    One thing to consider is what you cook. Cast iron cannot beat non stick when it comes to eggs. Otherwise they're superior, but you'll want a non stick for an omelette or scramble.

  • I got Anolon Endurance+ pans in September last year after using my (well off) mother in law's ones and finding them amazing. Our old pans were cheapish nonstick ones that our scrambled eggs were sticking too. I bought a Skillet 20cm, Skillet 26cm and Sauteuse 28cm (high sided, very useful) for $231 from Kitchenware NZ (based in Australia). They also have a lifetime warranty, but as above, I'm not sure exactly what they means. They have been perfect so far, no sticking, and hopefully they will be for many years. Kitchenware NZ and The Market have some specials on them now.

  • Has anyone had experience with carbon "blue" steel skillets? I have heard they are seasoned like cast iron, but it is much lighter.

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