NZ's Best 15 Pak'nSaves for Bargains

This would be for monitoring via, then taking a low price to The Warehouse's online chat and seeing if they'll beat it.

It seems I'm only allowed 15, unless I've unchecked the boxes for my 5 nearby Countdowns, New Worlds and The Warehouse. These are the PNS stores I've currently got, and how they've priced 1.5kg of Chelsea white sugar:

Blenheim $2.69
Clendon $3.19
Glen Innes $2.89
Kilbirnie $2.99
Mangere $2.69
Manukau $3.69
Mt Albert $2.99
Napier City $3.59
Palmerston N $2.99
Petone $3.29
Porirua $2.89
Royal Oak $2.89
Silverdale $2.99
Sylvia Park $2.79
Taupo $2.05
Upper Hutt $2.49

Blenheim, Clendon, Royal Oak, Glen Innes, Silverdale, Sylvia Park and Upper Hutt are often seen carving it up in this game and I'd say should never be dropped from the 1st XV, but I'm always keen to hear about other good ones, or one that will never do anything special and should probably be given the axe.

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    Thanks for sharing!

    It's great has increased the limit…haha, but still not enough!

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    Thanks! Alot of people alway used to say they would drive past botany pnsave because Manukau was the cheapest around. But the last few years noticed the prices at Manukau are far from sharp.. Clendon's just down the road. Ever since they revamped Manukau few years ago.

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    PNS Moorhouse (Christchurch) I find has decent prices. Currently the 1.5kg Chelsea sugar is $2.69.

    Thanks for doing the price compare. Interesting to see how different the prices are!

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      I agree, they are often cheaper than the other ones in CHCH and have some good deals, but not all the time- They try and lull you into a false sense of security.

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      The 1.5kg Chelsea sugar will be $2.50 at Countdown from.tomorrow - Mon 20th June.

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    Henderson pns can also be considered one of the lowest around west Auckland. Currently Chelsea sugar is $2.69.

  • Taupo continuing to make quite a good impression on me, looking at the Dilmah Premium Tea Bags 200-pack. A screenshot of the $2.99 is right there for the taking on the PNS site, but The Warehouse only does Dilmah's Premium 100-packs online.

    Note that Henderson and Moorhouse have been subbed in so I can get more familiar with them, at Manukau and Palmerston North's expense.

    Blenheim $10.95
    Clendon $9.79
    Henderson n/a
    Kilbirnie n/a
    Mangere n/a
    Moorhouse $10.95
    Mt Albert $9.75
    Napier City $10.49
    Petone $9.89
    Porirua $9.79
    Royal Oak $9.99
    Silverdale $9.89
    Sylvia Park n/a
    Taupo $2.99
    Upper Hutt $9.19
    The Warehouse n/a

    1.5L Coca Cola (Classic):

    Blenheim $2.79
    Clendon n/a
    Henderson $2.99
    Kilbirnie $2.00
    Mangere $3.29
    Moorhouse $2.79
    Mt Albert $2.99
    Napier City $2.99
    Petone $3.29
    Porirua $3.69
    Royal Oak $3.89
    Silverdale $2.99
    Sylvia Park $2.00
    Taupo $3.48
    Upper Hutt $2.29
    The Warehouse $3.19

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      Auckland's Royal Oak store is doing well for the 180+ items in my list I was comparing, it has 49 items that's considered "cheapest", the next one is Glen Innes store with 34 items.

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    If only The Warehouse sold meat & veges. Imagine that eh. Five packs of rump pricematched with an extra $5 off $50.

    • Only time will time

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    Nongshim Shin Ramyun 5pk Instant Noodle 5pk - P&S Petone - $5.99

    Price matched with TWH - $5.39

    Store Price
    Countdown Lynnmall $6.75
    New World New Lynn $7.49
    PAK'nSAVE Blenheim $6.09
    PAK'nSAVE Clendon n/a
    PAK'nSAVE Glen Innes $6.89
    PAK'nSAVE Kilbirnie n/a
    PAK'nSAVE Mangere $7.09
    PAK'nSAVE Manukau n/a
    PAK'nSAVE Mt Albert n/a
    PAK'nSAVE Napier City $6.79
    PAK'nSAVE Palmerston N n/a
    PAK'nSAVE Papamoa n/a
    PAK'nSAVE Petone $5.99
    PAK'nSAVE Porirua n/a
    PAK'nSAVE Royal Oak n/a
    PAK'nSAVE Silverdale $7.09
    PAK'nSAVE Sylvia Park n/a
    PAK'nSAVE Taupo n/a
    PAK'nSAVE Upper Hutt n/a
    The Warehouse $6.99

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      $4.99 this week at PNS Moorehouse

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