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Spin & Win Free Fuel ($2, $5, $10, $20, $50 or $100) @ Waitomo Fuel


It's back again….
Spin for your chance to win.
Every spin is a winner - $2, $5, $10, $20, $50 or even $100!

With petrol at such a high price these days this is a welcome gift from Waitomo who are celebrating 75 years in New Zealand this month.

Note: The app has been recently updated. When you login for the first time now you will be sent a One Time Code to your mobile number for verification.
You do not need to verify the number again unless you log out of the app or login on a different device.

  • Go to Waitomo.
  • Pick a lane and open the app. Make sure data and location services are on.
  • Click ‘pay from your vehicle’.
  • Select pump no. & fuel type.
  • Choose amount you'd like to spend - either preset amount, 'Fill', or 'Set' to choose your own amount (between $10 and $300)
  • Add a payment card or choose 'Just use my Moolah' if you already have some on the account
  • Fill your vehicle.

Receipt will be sent through email.
You do not need to load a card onto your account if you have sufficient Moolah to cover your purchase.

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  • Thanks, $10 on first spin

  • I sat at Waitomo and used up $35 of credit from previous spins, thanks!
    Then I got another spin, and filled up $20 less $5 - then $20 less $2…e.t.c.

  • +1

    $2, $2, $50 (😯),$5,$2

  • +7

    Just won $50! Thank's for posting this OP!

  • Thanks OP. Got $2, $5 and $10s.

    Did not know that Waitomo was that old.

    • Me neither.
      Saw it in a Facebook post that they turn 75 this week.

  • $20! Chur OP

  • 4x $5

  • Thanks OP! Seems like this round of free fuel is more generous than the previous ones.

    • Yeah they don't do the $50 very often.
      Usuallly $20 is the highest.

      They are dishing out $75,000 worth of fuel as part of the promo so hopefully it will go over a few days in case anyone misses out today.

  • Thanks OP! Got 3x $5

  • $2 & $20 Fabulous - thanks OP !!!

  • I don’t have a Waitomo near by. But hopefully I can use the accumulation $37 on a road trip some time

    • +1

      Just remember that Moolah lasts for 12 months so make sure you use it in the next year.

  • +1

    I got lucky this time, $5, $5, $5, $10 and $50. Thanks OP!

    Edit: Oh they removed the option to login with your phone number and a 4 digit pin (as mentioned in the post).
    Annoying as I have multiple numbers that I used before but I don't have to sim card anymore.

  • Thanks bigcheese.

  • What’s the minimum you have to spend to get a spin?

    And when does this end?

    • Every $20 spent will give you an extra spin at the pump. This includes using your free moolah.
      This will end at some stage today, possibly midnight

    • Probably tomorrow (but that's a guess).

      Every time you spend $20 or more in a single transaction using in-app payment at our Waitomo Fuel Stops, you’ll unlock our spinning wheel. Give it your best spin for the chance to win a prize.


    • For this promo you don't need to spend anything - just enter your mobile number, download the app and get set up.
      You are guaranteed to at least win $2 and possibly $50.
      As the others have said you need to spend $20 to get another free spin.

      They don't publish when it will end. It will be at least midnight tonight but could be tomorrow.
      If you want to be sure then spin today.

  • +1

    Sweet $50! thanks OP!

  • Thanks bigcheese, didn't get any $50's but got 10x $20's .

    • How did you do it multiple times??

      • Mutiple sim cards/numbers. Not sure how long it takes to do though. Seems to me you would be better off working for ya money but if you are on a benefit I guess ya time don't really matter. I got 1 x $5 instead of the usual $2 but waitomo prices are not competitive anymore anyway.

        • +2

          Took me roughly 7 minutes this morning to do 16 SIM cards, got 3x $20 9x $5 and 4 X $2

          So maybe the problem is that you're just slow rather than it taking a long time, because to me $510/hour is a pretty good return :)

          • @Rowjo: Do you still have all 16 cards? As you need the sim card now to log into your account (you can't do the number and the 4 digit pin anymore).

            • +2

              @Dutch-Guy: Yeah, I name the Sims + keep the shells for easy finding :) plus keep excel for easy tallies + know what trials are with what SIM cards

          • @Rowjo: Thats at this end but when buying the fuel how does that work?. At the petrol station swapping out sim cards for of $2 gas?

            • +1

              @Robbert: Clearly I wouldn't bother, with anything less than $15, and it doesn't need to be done all at once. The $510/HR was based only on $20 spins.

              To carry on I have two dual SIM phones so swapping SIM takes a whole of 30 sec and doesn't disrupt me.

              Doubling down my Xiaomi allows dual apps meaning I can be logged into two different accounts at once and swap as fast as change to any other app on my phone

              Sounds like you just don't have the cheapies mentality ;)

  • Can you respin before claiming to get a different prize? Or is it the same prize no matter how many times you try?

    • +1

      Same prize.
      Once you spin that's what you will get.

      • Thanks for confirming. Tried 4 numbers and all got $2 lol. Was wondering if there is a trick to this or pure luck

    • If you try too many times it won't let you try anymore. I kept getting $2 so kept trying to see if it would change and now it says too many requests and won't let me spin again and now I can't claim my $2 haha


      • Can you try from a different device or browser?
        I knew that it limited the number of requests before it locked you out but not sure if this is per number or device.

        • Yeah I've tried 3 different browsers and 2 devices.

          • @Stoic: Oh bugger.
            At least it's only a $2 learning and not a $100 one!

  • Got a $20, $2 & $2.

  • Thanks OP!! I was really expecting $2 but got a huge $20! Chur!

    • It's definitely more generous this time around!

  • Thanks! Got $10

  • $50! Thanks OP.

  • $1.00 Sims available from The Warehouse if anyone wants to pick some up. I'm about to go and grab a few. They are available in-store throughout the entire country.

    • They also come with $5 credit and any credit you load is good for a full year now.

      • This looks good, too. Buy this for $1 and use it to spin the Waitomo wheel, and also get 5GB if you transfer your other number to it (if you have those Kogan SIMs lying around, like I do).


        • Do you have to be on a "plan" to be able to use the bonus 5GB?

          • @sunshinenz: No.
            It comes with $5 of credit that you can use for whatever you want - data, calls, txt.
            You can buy a bundle using the $5 credit or just go on casual rates.

            • @bigcheese: Cool, thanks. Sounds like a good option for visitors.

              • @sunshinenz: Yes the one year validity is great.
                However if your visitors are here for up to a month and will be using their phone a bit then I think the best value is actually the $5 starter pack from Kogan.
                Gives unlimited calls, unlimited txt and 15GB of data including the sim card valid for 30 days.

                • @bigcheese: Ah, thanks for reminding. However visitors (grandparents) won't use the phone much and will stay for a few months, so the $5 credit + 5GB data might be enough to last them the entire visit?

      • I got a spare Spark sim, do you know I have to activate the sim before I spin? Can I use the number to do a few spins before I activate it and still got all the credits?

        • +1

          No, you don't need to activate it before you spin.
          You can only spin once per promo so once you get a reward that is it - you need to claim it as it won't change.
          However, you can accumulate what you spin over different promos and then redeem the total on fuel.

          Just make sure the sim doesn't expire as you will need it to very the OTC when it is sent to your phone.

          • @bigcheese: Thank you Bigcheese! All my spare skinny sims are expired now think I will leave this one unactivate until I ready to claim!

    • +1

      Recommend getting them in 10's as you'll get them in a plastic sleeve and they'll be consecutive numbers :)

  • Thanks OP. got $20, $10, $5, $2 for the whole family.

  • +2

    Got $50. Couldn’t believe, thought it was $5 lol

  • $5 for both me and my other half. Thanks for sharing!

  • Got $5, $20, $2…thanks!

  • How do a spin second time ? I spend $20 today at waitamo using my $5 credit .

    • If you spent $20 on fuel then the app will give you an opportunity to spin again.
      You can only get one free spin in this promo per mobile number.

  • $2, $2, $2

  • +7

    Wow some people are taking the mickey a bit.. Couple Sims fair enough but ten Sims really??

  • First try $20

  • +5

    First spin got $100
    Wired thought $50 biggest

    • +1

      I saw someone post on Facebook they got $100 and I thought they were kidding.
      Waitomo don't state what the amounts you can win - it's usually just $2,$5,$10 or $20. This time a few got $50 but you are the first Cheapie I have heard of to get $100.

      Well done.

    • That's awesome!

  • +1

    Used my friends number and got her $100 😯


  • Did anyone else get the text from Waitomo saying the top up is valid until 29 June?
    I thought it never expires?

    • +1

      It doesn't expire as long as you have used the app at Waitomo in the past year.
      I would just put $10 worth of fuel in your car using the app (doesn't matter whether you pay or use Moolah) and you will be fine.

      From the FAQ page - Waitomo Moolah

      Q:When does my Waitomo Moolah expire?
      A. Waitomo Moolah will never expire, as long as you’ve used the app to make an in-app purchase at a Waitomo Fuel Stop within the last 12 months.

      • That's what I thought as well but when I asked Waitomo on Facebook I was told the moolah from the current promo will expire on 29 June. Weird

        • I never got any text so not sure.
          Maybe they meant the current spin the wheel promo goes until the 29th June? (which would be a record to last two weeks.)
          Other than that I have no idea - Moolah is definitely meant to last 12 months as long as you use the app to make a purchase as per their FAQ page.

          • @bigcheese: I also got the text saying it’s only valid until 29 June 2022

            • @Samantha: Have you used the app to purchase fuel in the last 12 months from Waitomo (using that mobile number)?
              That is the only thing I can think of as to why you would get that message.

  • When is this end?

    • +1

      I am guessing midnight tonight but they don't specifically say.
      It ends when they have given away the $75,000 worth of fuel to celebrate their 75th birthday.
      They made a Facebook post this morning to say it was going fast and to get in quick but that could just be marketing spin.
      It might continue tomorrow - I wouldn't take my chances though. Do it now just in case.

      • Cheers!!

  • Does anyone have problems with signing in their Waitomo account? 2 of my spare SIMs have accumulated about $20 each (since December) so I want to use them but I just can't log in. I get the verification SMS but the app keeps saying there's a problem, and can't log in. I can sign in my main account, but it got only $2 from this spin haha.

    • Is your APP the latest version?

      • Yes.

        • I had problem before when I didn't update the APP, I think I can login but it won't let me proceed to buy fuel, so I have to update to use it, maybe they cracking down on us 😂. I also tested with my expired skinny sims (gone inactive 3 weeks ago) last night to spin, I got all the $2 from the spin, they must be tracking our numbers now, seem to be the new numbers got better amount from the spin.

        • Have you got another phone with the updated app you can try it on?
          Failing that you could try contacting Waitomo.

          All contact details are at the bottom of their webpage.

          • @bigcheese: Tried both phones we have in the house. Both our main accounts work, and worked when trying 2 numbers from my extended family too, but not on those spare numbers. Tried uninstalling and clearing cache and clearing data etc, but the problem persisted. Very strange.

            • @sunshinenz: Must be something to do with those specific numbers then. Bit weird as to why they are being blocked.
              The only thing I can think to try is contacting them to ask what's going on

  • Not sure if it’ll work but here’s $5 http://onelink.to/qepmsm

  • Is there a way to gfit moolah to whanau and friends?

    • You can only gift Moolah to someone else by purchasing it with a saved credit/debit card.
      Moolah that you have on your account can't be gifted.

  • +1

    And it’s finished now.
    Hope you all got some Moolah!

  • +2

    Just saw this posted on their Facebook page. This week might be a good time to redeem some of these credits for guaranteed winnings on the wheel

    • Particularly for anyone who had the text saying their Moolah is expiring at the end of this month as per some of the comments above.
      My guess is that this is for Moolah that was won in June of last year and the app hasn't been used to date.
      May as well stop it from expiring and be guaranteed to get something back as long as you spend $20.

    • You almost always get 1 or 2 bucks after spinning unless they are saying they will be more generous this week..

      • I get a mix of the $1 or $2 but also the 'Sorry not this time' message or whatever it says.
        This looks like you're guaranteed to at least get something this week.

        • Is this what you just got from the pump spinning? The FB post sound like we gonna get $20 $50 $100 from the spin..

          • @Geoffgo: No the Facebook post just means that when you spend $20 or more and get to spin the wheel you will be guaranteed to get some Moolah, rather than just the second chance draw or nothing at all.
            Normally if you win something at the pump it's just $1,$2,$3, $5. Not the big amounts like you can win on the promo in my post.

  • +1

    I took a special trip to fill up today. Got 7 spins in total, $10 x 2, $5, $3 x 3, and $2. Seems like they are giving more Moolah than usual. Can also confirm they take Amex for payment too. Thanks again OP for posting this awesome deal.

    • 👍

    • You managed to use all 7 accounts in one trip?

      • No, I used two accounts to fill up both my partners car and mine. We had about $80 Moolah all together in two accounts. So used them up and paid the rest by Amex. Just make sure you only fill $20 each time to get more free spins.

        • I went earlier this week, 50 litres for almost $150, minus $16 Moolah (accumulated since December), got another spin which gave $3 Moolah :D.

  • My friend just told me her Moolah expires on 28th June. This is her first time spin. So maybe this is a new thing with new mobile number?

    • +1

      The only way to know for sure that I can think of is to go into the ‘transaction history’ on the app.
      This shows when any Moolah was received by date.
      Is there any chance she received some Moolah a year ago - even if this is the first time she’s actually logged in?

      These promos started about 12 months ago and I’m wondering if people don’t realise they actually had Moolah from that long ago that is now due to expire.

      I’m only guessing - just trying to rule out all options!

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