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Cadbury Boysenberry Ripple 180g $0.50 (Was $3.80) @ Countdown, Dunedin Central (Instore Only)


In-store deal - $0.50 for a block of Cadbury’s Boysenberry Ripple Chocolate!

Absolute bargain and it’s not short dated.

Might be worth checking your local Countdown Store elsewhere in the country.

Countdown website link

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  • It’s showing up as $3.80 online from the Dunedin store? Might be an instore only price?

  • I’m trying to add a photo to the deal but it’s not uploading?

  • This price has been rectified online and shows now as $3.80 - not sure if is available instore or not

  • Wow, someone please grab 100 and send them my way. I'll pay you and you can keep a few for your time 😁

  • Must be sold out, I just arrived home from doing some shopping there and while I did see the clearance sign for 50c on the empty shelf I didn't see any bin of them floating around anywhere.

  • Cheap… yes. But do they taste any good?

    • +2

      Paid full price a while back and probably one of my favourite flavours from them

      • +7

        Never pay full price (or at least never admit it).
        You'll get banned from Cheapies!

        • Correction: paid more much more than this, but still not full price*** hahahahaha too damn true

    • They’re good, comparable to the Jelly Tip one bit different

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