Online Asian Supermarket Recommendations

Looking for recommendations of online asian supermakets, not fussed if overseas or in NZ.
Mostly wanting interesting instant ramen flavours, sauces, oils etc


  • Haven't tried myself yet but there are panda mart: and japan mart:

    I've shopped at Japan mart store but haven't tried their online shop yet.

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    Ken’s Mart -
    Asian Grocer - (run by Soung Yueen & Co who supply a lot of South East Asian products)

    • Ken's Mart is our local and located in Christchurch. The guy who runs the shop (not sure if his name is Ken) is really helpful. Good for calling to find out if they have something niche.

  • this is Wellington based

  • Any website i can find cheaper Korean instant noodle/ramen? I usually bought them from Kosco Christchurch

    • "Kosco" haha nice name. :D

  • What rice are you guys normally buying?

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      That depends on whether you are particular about taste, texture, etc. Sometimes the rice cooker plays a part too. I'm not particular, so I'm buying the cheapest long grain rice I can find now at CD, 5kg for $8.80.

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      as akrotohur mentioned, depends on your taste. For us southeast asian, our daily rice is jasmine rice. Whatever the brand doesn't really matter I find as long as it is jasmine rice type. The brand only matters if you want fragrant rice and the amount of water you need.
      I normally buy the check brand at paknsave and find it is fine for our daily one.

      Bought a sack of medium grain rice and couldn't finish it lol. Only use them for fried rice and porridge.

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      Broken rice. But unfortunately it's hard to get good broken rice in NZ

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      Calrose for us or any medium grain rice. I find it's a good balance between the stickiness of short grain and the firmness of long grain. Usually we can find it on sale at $10/5kg. The alternative if we can't find it on sale is Jasmine.

    • Partner is Japanese so buys the stupidly expensive bags from Japan Mart. Personally I'm a fan of Jasmine rice and it works with anything.

  • NJK has been my go to place since lockdown.

    They are offering same day by cutoff or overnight delivery within central Auckland region.

    English URL -

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